Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Spanko Census

Which of the Following Best Describes Your Orientation?

Straight Male Spanker
Straight Male Switch
Straight Male Spankee
Gay Male Spanker
Gay Male Switch
Gay Male Spankee
Bi Male Spanker
Bi Male Switch
Bi Male Spankee
Straight Female Spanker
Straight Female Switch
Straight Female Spankee
Lesbian Female Spanker
Lesbian Female Switch
Lesbian Female Spankee
Bi Female Spanker
Bi Female Switch
Bi Female Spankee


urs0us said...

It's definitely "Straight Male Switch". I have fantasies both as top and as bottom and I like to play out both sides too. And since I only like to spank female or being spanked by women, it has to be straight...

Anonymous said...

you forgot spank curious...

A.S.S. said...

We often sit down in the evening and check out blogs together while we watch TV. Often find topics at MBS that stimulate a conversation too... which is one of the reasons we like to read blogs together. So, we'll write-in our answer.

(list 18 options... and it's not enough... lol)

~Todd and Suzy

S.N.M. said...

Hetero male switch.

It continues to distress me how few girls there are who like to top guys. Ah well...

Anonymous said...

I think that maybe SNM that this site draws girls who like to be spanked - it speaks to us. I am sure there are lots of lady Tops out there but maybe not so many here.

I have always been just as I am. I am a girl who gets spanked. Couldn't do anything else.

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