Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bonnie's Mailbag

The mailbag provides a glimpse into the not-so-glamorous life of a busy blogger. I receive a lot more mail than this, but I've pulled out these messages because they are either representative or simply too strange not to share.

Question: My husband and I have been married for 18 years and he has always spanked me when I need it. I am writing to ask if you can tell me how I could connect with other couples in ________ who are of like mind.

Response: I did some research for this reader and wrote a fairly lengthy response where I listed half a dozen groups in their region. I also talked about forums, personal ads, and the like. My message bounced back as undeliverable. Ugh!

Request: ______ wants to keep up with you on Twitter

Response: If I had the time, energy, and inclination to tweet, I suspect the result would be a mighty boring stream. Most of my life is just not that interesting or unusual. Does anyone really care to know that I am making a grocery list?

Request: Will you link my new D/s blog?

Response: I will if there is substantial spanking content. I had 330 links at last count. I have to draw the line somewhere. Right now, I feel the need as a practical matter to focus upon blogs that deal with consensual adult spanking. There are lots of splendid blogs that fall outside this boundary. I don't mean to snub them in any way, but I simply cannot manage a blogroll with a thousand links.

Comment: Thank you for mentioning my blog. My hits went through the roof!

Response: That's wonderful. I'm pleased to be able to help.

Question: Would you be interested in writing any how-to's for my newsletter?

Response: I feel honored that you would think of me as a source of authoritative information. But if when I get the chance to write, my first obligation is to the readers of this blog.

Comment: I felt the need and apologize if a bit bold, but you have a fantastic ass :)

Response: OK, write this down: If you feel the need to begin with an apology, what follows might be better not said.

Request: I just finally started a spanko blog of my own and was wondering if you might consider including it as a part of your next installment of your "In With the New" series.

Response: Absolutely, as long it has original spanking-oriented content, is not graphic, offensive, or purely commercial, and does not depict children or other non-consenting participants.

Question: Are you seeing a regular spanker?

Response: Yes, my husband spanks me. However, I have no idea about his regularity.

Question: Will you remove my link from your blogroll?

Response: Yes.

Question: What is MBS? I live in your area and haven't heard of the brunch

Response: MBS is an acronym for the name of this blog. The brunch is virtual. In other words, it happens here in cyberspace.

Comment: a fanny like that would qualify you as the poster girl for the spanking of adult women. from your comments I am sure that those jeans and whatever else covers that ample well rounded bottom of yours spend considerable time mid thigh. if I were your husband a paddle and hairbrush would be used regularily aftera good hand warmup. that is an ideal bottom your husband is a luck man. As a lifetime Top would love to have the pleasure. that fanny is one of the reasons a hairbrush has an alternative use.

Response: Thanks, I think. Sometimes I wonder whether these fellows have ever considered that women might be more than slabs of meat to be used for their pleasure. Other times, I stop wondering because I know the answer.

Request: IM me on my yahoo IM _______. Where are you from?

Response: Can you give me a single reason why I would want to talk with you? Do we have any common interests or common friends? Do you read my blog? Do I visit your blog? Have we talked before? Would you like my help? Can you help me? Have you anything interesting to share?

Comment: how are you doing wow you look nice you don,t have the butt or body of a 52 year old take care have a nice day

Response: This is 52. Realign your expectations.

Comment: Sweet looking Ass baby Girl!! Daddy would love to pack it!!!

Response: I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that no woman on the planet will fall for that line. Some of you guys could improve your chances by assembling random dictionary words (and if you use a dictionary, you will be more likely to spell them correctly).

Question: Will you be my friend on [obscure social networking service]?

Response: I'm sorry, but I haven't time to join every forum and social network. I struggle to follow the blogs I link. Some weeks, I lack even the time required to update this blog. I have to prioritize and make smart choices with my time.

Question: When are you going to post another spanking story?

Response: I have no immediate plans, but I do feel a need to get back to writing. It's ironic that I started this blog to share my writing, but today, I seldom write because blogging consumes all of my free time.

Comment: Bonnie your jean-clad ass is so spank- tac- u- lur in this pic...DAMN WERE'S MY STRAP?

Response: I think this guy's message was meant as a compliment. But, come on, it's always bad form to discuss whipping someone with whom you've never spoken.

Comment: Love your blog. :) Thanks for writing it...

Response: Thank you, and I'm glad you enjoy it!

Comment: I can see the outline of your pantys I thinks that's real sxy!

Response: Guilty as charged. I wear underwear.

Question: What happened to the SpankingArt Wiki?

Response: I have no idea, but the community spanking Wiki does appear to be gone.

Question: Do U have use 4 but plugs ?

Response: Yes, dogs adore them as chew toys.

That's all, folks!


Hermione said...

Bonnie, those are wonderful responses. It always boggles my mind that complete strangers want me to IM them without giving me any idea of who they are.

Oh, and thanks for the warning about the but [sic] plugs. I'll keep the dogs out of our toy box.



I can answer one of the pertinent questions.

*puts on his smuggest grin*

SpankingArt Wiki is alive and well and living at the subtly changed address of http://spankingartwiki.animeotk.com

Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

"This is 52. Realign your expectations."

Brilliant, Bonnie. Mind if I borrow that?? LOL

Prefect is correct -- the Spanking Wiki still around, thank goodness. -- Erica

Jane said...

I will enjoy anticipating some new stories! Thanks for all you do.

ronnie said...

Thanks for sharing these Bnnie, great responses.


ronnie said...

Bonnie, I am so sorry, I hate it when I don't spell a name correctly.


oatmeal girl said...

I laughed and sympathized all the way through.

I the early days of my relationship with the sadist, I would periodically get messages through FetLife from young men who hungered to do assorted things to my aging ass. Which wasn't even pictured. My Master said: "If all they are interested in is your ass, then they don't deserve to have it."

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