Saturday, February 20, 2010

MBS Spanko Brunch #214

Hi! It's the weekend and time again to discuss this favorite subject of ours. Our question this time was contributed by Carol (who I strongly suspect already has a pretty good answer!).

Do you (or your spankee) ever position, display, or adorn your (their) bottom for the purpose of inviting a spanking? If so, which techniques most consistently produce this result?

Everyone is welcome to join our brunch conversation. Just enter a comment below. At the conclusion, I will post an edited summary of the proceedings.


Kitten said...

I execute unnecessary feline type stretches. I wear panties that frame my backside, or wear no panties with socks and blouse to emphasize that the underpants are missing for a reason.

Lying in a prone position with one foot lazily raised and a hair brush casually dangling between my toes is always good.

Irelynn said...

I think wearing underwear with cheeky or suggestive phrases on it and making sure they're seen usually has the desired effect!

Hermione said...

I wear snug sweatpants and that seems to invite attention. I also get up from the couch very slowly, and gradually straighten up, and sometimes a swat helps me up. A bare bottom gets instant results too.


S.N.M. said...

My last ex was the queen of this.

She was always lying down in front of me and sticking her ass in my face, or dancing in front of me and waving/wiggling it back and forth, or just turning it suggestively in my direction before giggling and fleeing into another room.

She happened to have a huge, round bubble-butt, so flaunting it pretty much always got my attention. She was such a delight to spank...

Anonymous said...

I wear the naughty schoolgirl outfit. Works everytime.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the schoolgirl short, pleated skirt gets my bottom warmed without fail. If I ever wear a thong, either with or without something over it, I'm just asking for a hard spanking from my boyfriend. But if I'm feeling bratty or he's feeling randy, I may even get it by just wearing granny panties!

ronnie said...

Hi Bonnie,

Wearing no pants under a tight fitting skirt and getting P to feel my bottom has a fair chance of working as does my more audacious ploy of walking around the house just wearing one of his shirts with stocking and suspenders framing my bottom and doing lots of overt and unnecessary bending and stretching, I think I deserve a good spanking after that.

I've also lain face down on the bed over a pillow with a paddle or something aside me more than once with quite good results.


R Humphries said...

Hi Guys … Although most of our plays are pre-arranged and choreographed we do also engage in the fine art of spontaneous spanking and gratuitous whops … very often such sessions are provoked by Jojo positioning herself in a manner that is clearly designed to entice old RH into action … we have been together for a long time and have developed a certain telepathy in regard to such matters so hopefully I do manage to interpret the signals correctly … Cheers … RH.

Meg said...

The short, pleated skirt with the fuzzy top and the platform heels are together guaranteed to do it every time, especially if I bend over to pick up something, lean over a counter or table, etc.

Sunflower said...

I find it's more how I act than what I wear. Of course, being new mainly it's still talked about/asked for before given, although the occasional spontaneous swat happens, again more so in response to a behavior than an appearance or positioning thing. Starting a tickle fight works every time!

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