Sunday, September 27, 2009

MBS Spanko Brunch #193

Thank you to everyone who send their blogaversary wishes. Your steadfast support, both public and private, makes me smile and inspires me to continue. That brings us to our topic this week.

Milestones in life provide us with an opportunity to ponder the scenery that has passed and wonder about the road ahead. After four years of blogging, I've quite frankly used most of my best ideas (and some of them, multiple times). So in my quest to blog on, I find myself turning to that most reliable of sources: You, my faithful readers!

Can My Bottom Smarts, or any single topic blog, continue to deliver quality content indefinitely? Should I broaden the subjects covered, invite more guest posts, highlight favorite posts from other blogs, or just somehow find more time to write?

Am I missing a great topic that I should have covered a long time ago? Or is there an old topic I could improve?

Should I take on a partner in hopes of adding a new spark to this old blog? Is it perhaps time for MBS to morph into something else? These are the questions I think about while lying awake in bed late at night. I'd love to hear your thoughts. I always appreciate kind words, but your straight talk is probably more valuable right now.

I hope you'll leave me a comment and share your ideas. I won't necessarily post a summary this time. I just want to hear what you think.


S.N.M. said...

I think a blog can indeed provide quality content indefinitely. The best way to do this is to mix things up and avoid stagnation.

What I would do is start some new columns. If you've exhausted your ideas for sunday brunch, start a new weekly series of some kind. Maybe writing prompts for stories? Guest-of-the-week? Spanko news columns? More of your hilarious short stories and faux-advertisements?

A new series of some kind to replace an exhausted one could be great.

Curtis said...

Basically, I think your blog is great. It's one I check almost every day. Might invite others to tell their stories, but I'd be happy if you didn't change a thing, provided you're still enjoying.

Hermione said...
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Hermione said...

My first reaction to your question was yes, find more time to write. But that inspiration can only come from within, and life has a habit of intervening, so it may not be possible or feasible from your perspective.

MBS is famous for its brunches; they are a popular weekly feature, judging from the number of responses you get each week. I would hope they continue for a long time. Many of your readers discovered your blog fairly recently, and would be more than happy with reworked brunch topics.

Your blog has always had the distinction of being unique. Rather than adopt ideas that other bloggers are already using, I hope MBS will continue to be a bit different, while staying on the topic of spanking, that is. Seeing the wide variety of post topics in your fourth blogaversary post shows just how widespread your talents are. More along any of those lines would be fun. There's always room for another limerick in the world!

Dialogue with other bloggers sounds great, as do guest posts from spanking enthusiasts who may not have blogs of their own. If you ever need a partner in crime, you can count on me, and I wouldn't need a passport for cross-border blogging.

I know you get a large amount of mail from readers. Why not a spinoff from the Bonnie's Mailbag feature called Ask Bonnie, in which you print a reader's question and then supply the answer, suggestion or reply. Many readers have the same concerns and questions, so you would be helping more than just the reader who asked the question. You even have the graphic for those posts - your Ask Bonnie button. I believe that would be a very popular feature; you'd soon be more famous than Ann Landers!

As for a topic that you haven't covered, what about how spanking changes as couples age? It probably isn't the same for a couple in their 20s as it is for one in their 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s. There's a five-part series for you.


Sara said...

Bonnie, I think MBS is such a corner stone of the spanko-blogging community. For so many of us a first read, first place to comment, a place to find links, and an inspiration to blog. I also feel you have always maintained a wide vision and provided a place for spankos of all types to come together to read and converse. Thank you for all of that.

I agree with Hermione that an "Ask Bonnie" series would be very popular. I started "Ask Sara" because of the many questions I get, and it seemed redundant to repeat myself in private emails. Frankly, I was quite surprised at how that took off, how many hits it gets, and how many questions I get weekly. It showed me that there is really a need for a safe place to ask and get answers about DD.

You are the Queen of spanking as far as I am concerned. ;) I suspect people would use and appreciate a place where they could ask and get answers, and read the answers to questions already asked and posted. Because you have a great deal of experience, are well read and exposed to so many resources and perspectives, and because you are so solid and straight forward, I think it would be well received and useful to many. Me, I like your personal accounts the best, but I assume you write those as often as the spirit moves you. As long as MBS stays open, I'm happy!

Muffin said...

I like Hermione's suggestions, and I'd be happy to contribute in any way I can, in lieu of starting my own blog any time soon. It might be a way of mentoring potential bloggers to get them started out on the right foot. (Blogs are a new concept for me.)

Love the brunches, though!


Lurvspanking said...

Dear Bonnie,

Anything that last for four years is worthy of a celebration. While tempting to say don't change a thing, you are different now than then and so is your blog. The only question that matters is are you happy? Yes MBS is the #1 site to meet and greet but what does Bonnie the woman want not Bonnie the blogging Spanko Queen.

I do agree that highlighting your favorite posts from other bloggers would be a simple addition on a monthly basis.


Handsdown said...

I love your blog, and I love the Sunday Brunches. It's your commitment to the non-commercial Spanko life that makes this a very fine place on the net.

Suggestions for topics can be nice. I would enjoy a spanking tales corner where we can all share our favorite spanking experiences. You have posted some great experiences, but just imagine the variety possible if that's left open. That could be very entertaining, but may require some moderation on your part. Perhaps a "submit with approval" type thing.

I think a spanking recipe addition would be amusing. Recipes to get you a great spanking or a dinner that is guaranteed to get you off the hook--or out from under--as it were. LOL

How about a "try this implement" feature?

At any rate, please keep it Spanko. I come here for that, and love this blog as it is. It's your wit and facility with words that keeps me coming back. This is really the best blog on the net for me--just as it is.

Anonymous said...

First, Congrats on 4 years - that is an eternity in blog world and shows both remarkable dedication as well as quality blogging to keep the people (especially the lurkers like me) coming back.
Second: The moment you don't derive pleasure (not talking the occasional funk but when it becomes a chore) from My Bottom Smarts, Quit. We are all grownups here and will understand. It is your life you are working with and people's needs and wants do change - who better than a spanko to know that.. :)
Third: If you really want a change and a partner get that fella you live with to write on a regular basis (once a week- a month - a quarter...)If he says he doesn't like to write set up a scenario - he is the boss, you are the secretary and he is dictating his column to you, etc., etc., etc. Alternatively, invite reader submissions - in the style of MBS to keep the tone consistent and publish the best of them.
Anyway - I love MBS the way it is, but you do what feels right to you

Abby Williams said...

Bonnie, congratulations on four years! Two years ago, yours was the first spanking blog I found that wasn't written by a spanking model (all of whom I adore) or by those who wanted to celebrate said spanking models (love you, Dave at The Cherry Red Report). OK, I'll admit that as soon as I found spanking blogs I spent a weekend checking them all out, so I probably found yours on the same day that I discovered spanking blogs existed. I think I started mine the day after that. Point being, yours was the first I found that celebrated spanking amongst the rest of us. I have a feeling you inspired many a blogger by creating a space where we all feel comfortable sharing our thoughts and experiences without fear of mockery or reproach.

As Niki Flynn has just proved, remaining in this world is not eternal for all of us, no matter how well-written, well-loved, or well-spanked he or she is. I've told Mr. W any number of times that I was done with my own blog. I was wrong each time, but the point is, life was drawing me in another direction. If you need to stop, stop. If you need to take a break, take a break. I can't imagine anyone is going to remove you from their blogroll for inactivity when you have four years worth of amazing posts.

If nothing else, as a reader, I would like to see the Sunday Brunch continue. If we all know that we are responsible for the topic matter, I'm sure you'll get quite a few suggestions weekly. I'm not sure about opening up posts to others consistently - you'll have a lot to read and consider, and that alone could be another site, or really, another career. You also have a certain tone that I wouldn't want to see changed. For example, much as I'd love to see some of my own writing on your site, I'm delving into some darker areas of myself now, and that belongs on my own site, not one that is meant for everyone in the spanking community.

I feel like I'm just going on and on now, so suffice it to say, please keep Sunday Brunch and if you need a co-writer, I second Hermione. :-)


Mary said...

Brunch is still well attended. I think people find it a place to be part of a community. I comment less often, because my life has lass spankings since I no longer have a partner. But I loved having a place to share and I love the open conversations. Keep it please. Of course we all like more stories, but there is way to much to do on my "to do" list I certainly won't add to yours. I absolutley value that this is a commercial free zone. When I am in the mood to read I look for your features on new blogs in order to expand my reading list. The use of drop down lists are a great way to find featurs that I am in the mood to enjoy. Honestly, I think yours is a great blog, and that you have a nitch that no one else fills. As long as you enjoy what you are doing, just keep being Bonnie. Thank you.


The time pressure and inspiration for new ideas are always the hard parts of keeping a blog going and personal life changes means that a blog must change to fit in with it's owners lifestyle or it will become too much pressure and fail. In short a blog must evolve over time, to fit in with the owners life.

I think that there is no problem with revisiting old topics for the Sunday Brunch, as many of us who read now did not even know about your blog four years ago and as you have stated in the past, the commenters have changed over time, so you will get new points of view on older topics.

I don't know if this idea is any good but let's run it up a flagpole and see who salutes it. Many of the newer bloggers are getting lost in the crowd (the blog roll here shows how many blogs there are now), and I see some with interesting content but stat counters that that show a very low hit rate. I wonder how long many of them will keep going whilst talking to the internet ether. How about inviting guest posts from bloggers who are still in their first six months of blogging. This might create a symbiotic relationship between yourself, getting fresh, new material for your blog and new comers, who need a little attention to get them started.


Loki said...

Well Bonnie, I like the blog as is. It has great links to other sites and is very informative. The brunch allows a lot of real responses to the questions that some people just don't ask and do not feel comfortable asking on other sites.

I say keep going. I have been recommending your blog to many people who are new to the scene and need to find a few answers.
Happy Fourth and a toast to many more.

Daisychain said...

Firstly, congratulations on your four years as Spanko Queen of Blogs! I loved your accounts of spankings; Randy is quite a creative spanker!!
Bring back those! And also, it would be wonderful to get a "side by side" account of a spanking...both you and Randy writing about the same spanking, from your own points of view, showing how male and female feelings differ at each section of the spanking!
I loved the idea of an "agony aunt" section; that would be in line with the ethos of your blog....well done, Hermione!
Also her idea of how a spanking relationship develops over the years sounds great too. Because it will change, evolve, both partners needs will change...there may be health issues to deal with, and work around, also jobs may change, become more/less time consuming/stressful etc.
But please stay! Dont go into retirement. Yours is always the voice of reason, of sense and wisdom and reassurance. We need you! And, we love you. Blog world wouldn't be the same without our Bon!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tiggs said...

Hi Bonnie,

While I find the topic interesting thought fodder, I really can't even suggest what you should or shouldn't do with MBS. You need to follow your own heart and mind and thoughts and feelings... that's the soundest and longest lasting advice you've given to countless other folks out here, and to do anything less would be absolutely wrong (and blogger suicide).

You only "owe" anyone who stops by your blog or takes the time to read or comment or link or linger one thing: yourself, uncensored (except for privacy and security sake) and 100% truthful honesty. That's all we can ask for and all you can ever deliver.

As for the length of time you can continue blogging, well, only you can answer that, too. How long can you deliver what you've been delivering for four years now, and meet those simple standards described above? YOU know how long you can go on, and you will know without question when it is time to stop.

Until then (and hopefully that will be a VERY long time from now), thanks for giving us the very best of yourself in every respect! You are an idol for so many, such a great blogger role model, and so much more!

Love and furry hugs!

Spanky said...

Congratulations on the four year milestone! That is unimaginable to me.

I tend to agree with what Tiggs has just said for the most part. As she said, follow your heart and you won't go wrong. Having said that, I did think that Hermione's suggestion as to an "Ask Bonnie" type feature is something to think about. But I love your blog just the way it is overall.

Thomas_III said...

Congrats on four successful years. I can only hope that my blog has anywhere near the following when I've put in four years. So far, I still have a long way to go.

I can understand that it sometimes becomes hard to keep material new and fresh. After a long line of my "Fantasy Friday" posts, it's become increasingly hard to come up with original ideas for the stories (at least original enough to satisfy my own strict standards). So, this recent break that I've taken to change the feature to "Fantasy *FOOTBALL* Fridays" (to recount the action from Todd and Suzy's Over The Knee fantasy football league, with all-spanko managers) is given me a chance to collect my thoughts for a few months until I'm ready to get the feature back to its previous glory.

I still think, though, that a blogger can continue indefinitely with a single topic, though may have to occasionally think outside of the box to find a fresh idea. With the success of your brunches, though, I think you'll be able to keep people entertained for a long time to come. I keep my own discussion topics going for about a month at a time, and still receive nowhere near as many replies as you get in a single day. That doesn't sound like a blog that's faltering in keeping the public's attention.

However, don't make changes just to keep things different. Only make changes that make you are confident in and will enjoy. The temporary change to fantasy football, instead of spanking fantasies, has been a good one for me. If you feel that a change will be good for you, even if just for a brief period, then give it a shot.

LU said...


your information and messages are invaluable to this community. We also all, i am sure, respect you deeply for the work you have done here. You have helped many of us in our quest to find and understand our own spanking nature! i love your blog, but i am one of the ones that has recently come to read it...only the last 6 months or so. Yours is one i check when i have the time to sit back and read. As far as what you should do with it.....i do believe that has to be up to you. it sounds like you want to keep it going and there have been many great suggestions given above, but, as a writer myself, you will not be happy unless you follow your heart and take this in the direction that will still spark your creativity and desire to write it. I will not give any suggestions as could not think of anything that has not been said. Good Luck! Do not keep us hanging for too long!

Anon VII said...

Bonnie, I'll echo the often-expressed sentiment that MBS is great, and that you should change nothing about its basic format. As one who himself is a writer, I know how much time and thought that takes, so I'll not ask you to write more. I'm sure your schedule is already overflowing. However, I like the idea of guest writers, with the understanding that you will screen everything first and, if you've time, get back to anyone whose effort you turn down with a brief explanation of what, in your opinion, is wrong. You might want to set up a few ground rules first, starting with no stories involving blatant brutality, no tales of compliance other than the voluntary kind, and absolutely no actual or fictitious accounts (including those of adult role-play) involving underage subjects or implications thereof. Some may disagree with me about the role-play, and I know some engage in it in private, which is their business (yes, WE sometimes do), but I think it would be best to avoid putting up stories about it, if for no other reasons then for legal ones.

A. Lurker said...

Hi Bonnie,
Yours was the first spanking blog I ever stumbled on and I have enjoyed visiting here regularly. I have even gone back to the beginning to try and catch up. I love it! I have noticed that your blog has evolved over the years without sacrificing quality. Don’t worry about “indefinitely”, for now and in the foreseeable future you are doing just fine.

All that being said, I like Hermione’s suggestion about how spanking changes as you age. A corollary to that could be an ongoing feature (yours &/or reader’s input) with suggestions about how to handle the various obstacles to spanking like young children waking up just when, older teens who could pop in & out at any hour, bad backs, hormones, etc.

I also agree with Sara that your personal accounts are by far the best. Lately I have also enjoyed your Potpourri features where you cover a few different topics in one post. Brunch is always interesting, too.

In the end what you do with the blog and how long you keep at it is ultimately up to you. I hope you keep at it for a while longer at least and most importantly, when you do throw in the towel, please leave MBS up and public so that we can all come back here to find info, links, and ideas. When you are gone you will be missed.

Looking forward to reading MBS for what is hopefully quite a while,

Radha said...

Congrats Bonnie!!

I really like the things you have already done with your blog. I especially like the way you feature new bloggers on a regular basis. You are such a valuable part of this community and so welcoming and most importantly, a leader in such positive ways. For me, that is enough especially if you are lacking time to do more.

With much love and admiration,

Jane said...

I found your blog a year ago when I gathered up the courage to Google "spanking", I feel I've learned so much from MBS, and enjoy all the features, especially the brunch and stories. I'd love an Ask Bonnie feature; maybe it could be the starting topic for some Sunday Brunches.

My question (in case you decide to do this, I'm getting in line-- Since bringing up my desire for spanking with my partner, he has been willing to try it, but how to get him to do it hard enough? I think he's afraid of hurting me, even though I've told him the hurting is a good part for me.

Not My Original Vows said...

Again, Congratulations on your 4- year blogging Anniversary. I have enjoyed reading the Sunday Brunch question and responses, even when I don't respond. I think the, "Ask Bonnie" is a great idea.


Anonymous said...

As a frequent reader but still anonymous commenter, I hope MBS sticks around. I enjoy the brunch feature- maybe you could reuse some topics? Though I've read many that were posted before I began reading I would enjoy an opportunity to comment on some of them from years past.

Also, I enjoy your personal accounts. I know they're time consuming to write, but I'd imagine you're still receiving lots of "inspiration" so maybe you could try for a brunch and a few personal accounts each month if you feel you have time for only that.

whatever you decide, thanks for four great years of material!

Anonymous said...

Obviously this blog is well-liked and your readers want to keep the old favorites, such as the Sunday Brunch.
You might consider partnering with someone you trust to take some of the routine maintenance off your hands.
Accept some stories from other writers, but maintain editorial control over them to ensure they match the quality and personality of the blog.
That last point is crucial. You have set the tone for the blog and you must make sure that tone doesn't drift off the mark.

Anonymous said...

Just because its a dd blog doesn't mean it has to be dd 24 7. We in the dd community are human and have other interests besides dd. So keep the main focus dd but write about other subjects that interest you as well. I'm new to this blog but I'm sure a lot of people here want to get to know each other, and our common dd interests will only take us so far. So show us more of your personality

Anonymous said...


You have done me a huge service. I am slowly coming out and communicating to my partner my wish to be spanked. The resources you provide with your superb link list, and thoughtful commentary are making things easier for me. I really like your emphasis on fun and loving as key components of a relationship.

You should do in the future what is right for you and Randy, but what you have done here is really special.

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