Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ask Bonnie

As the title suggests, Ask Bonnie is where I take reader questions and attempt to answer them as best I can. As you shall see, some are practical, some are fun, some are frivolous, and some are simply bizarre. Let's take a peek...

Question: Are you still a naughty little girl who needs the odd caning?

Response: In truth, I’m nice a lot more than I’m naughty and I am decades removed from being a little girl. With that said, if I am to be caned, I would prefer that it be even.

Question: Will you link my blog?

Response: I’ve been over this one before, but it’s a common question, so we can run through it again. I try to include all spanking-related blogs, except those that are (a) primarily commercial, (b) offensive or exploitative (based upon my definition), (c) spam blogs, (d) lacking meaningful content, or (e) depicting or advocating the spanking of children or any non-consenting person.

I generally delete links to blogs that have been dormant for two months or immediately if they go dark.

Question: You stated in your [July 4th] post that you used your freedom to "choose to be submissive". That statement stopped me dead in my tracks. I do not feel as though I made a choice. Yielding to the desire to be submissive in a spanking relationship seems to be more an inherent part of who I am than a choice I made. Am I reading too much into this?

Response: I agree we have relatively little control over our urges and preferences. However, we choose which of those we express and indulge. Were I not comfortable with myself and with my husband, my submissive side might have remained repressed.

Question: I had left a comment on your latest brunch, but you didn't post it. I was just wondering why...

Response: I reserve the right to edit brunch comments for brevity and relevance. In this case, however, I never saw this devoted reader’s comment. She encountered an intermittent problem with Blogger where comments are, for whatever reason, not posted. My advice to everyone who leaves comments in Blogger is (1) login before you enter comments, and (2) check to ensure your comment was actually posted. It really bothers me when people take the time to leave a comment, it gets lost, and then they wonder whether I was snubbing them. Believe me, folks, I am pleased to have you as readers and I welcome your feedback.

Question: Are you a women?

Response: I am female, but there’s just one of me.

Question: Your influence in the blogging world is amazing.

Response: Thank you. I enjoy helping people and making friends in our little corner of the blogosphere. But this community is an amazing collection of talented and inspired individuals (who just happen to be fascinated with adult spanking). I am proud to count myself among them.

Statement: I Love Your Profile Picture

Response: Thanks. I hope you will enjoy my blog as well.

Question: uhave a great ass, what si ur id in msn or yahoo mesenger

Response: My “ass” doesn’t know how to instant message.

Exclamation: HI WEB SITE

Response: I guess some people may think of me as being synonymous with my blog, but I actually go many places without it.

Question: what is ur yahoo or msn messenger id

Response: What ever happened to “Hello?”

Comment: Sexy jeans and what's inside it

Response: I don’t believe I’ve showed what’s inside to anyone on the Internet, but thanks anyway.

Comment: I don't spank jeans!

Response: I never tell readers who or what they should spank.

Comment: I just had to tell you what a beautiful, spankable bottom you have.

Response: Thanks.

Question: I’ll bet Randy uses a buttplug on you all the time right?

Response: We do own one and it does get used, but it’s more of a special occasion sort of toy.

Question: Do you have any advice for apartment spankers? We're in a house with paper thin walls.

Response: We did a brunch on the topic of low noise spankings. I hope you will find the suggestions to be useful. If not, please write back and we can try some other ideas.

Greeting?: Sexy ass baby

Response: Anyone who has ever spent any time with a baby knows that sexy they are not.

Question: Hey, how are you?

Response: Hey, I'm fine.

Question: I'm confused about domestic discipline. I don't think either of us (my husband and me) would be happy in this type of arrangement. Getting spanked really arouses me, and I wouldn't want it for anything else.

Response: I don't think you are confused at all. At least what you said makes perfect sense to me. If you know that DD and/or punishment won't work for you or doesn't interest you, then by all means, don't do it.

If you enjoy spankings, then you should practice them. Anything else you choose to add into the mix should enhance your experience. If it doesn't, then you can move on and try something different. The only two people whose opinions matter are you and your husband. If it works for you, then it's right!

Question: When are you going to show us another pic w visible panty lines?

Response: I will see what I can do.

Question: Which are your top ten spanking blogs?

Response: I probably have several different top ten lists. There are my ten favorite bloggers, the ten most successful blogs, the ten best for original fiction, ten best for real life blogging, etc. There are so many great ones that naming just ten would be an injustice to many more I didn't name.

Question: Does lotion applied to the bottom help to protect it?

Response: Yes, I believe it does. It helps the skin stay moisturized and elastic. Besides, when one's lover does the application, it frequently leads to other forms of recreation!

Question: when are we going to chat? I have been waiting to chat with you. Please send me a message?

Response: I recognize that you said “please” and I appreciate that. But this request sounds a whole lot like a order. You'll get a more receptive response if you speak like a gentleman.

Statement: What a Great Picture....Would like to exchane emails with you.

Response: Thanks. If you want me to write back, please tell me a little something about yourself and/or why you want to converse with me.

Question: How often do you and Randy play hard?

Response: That's hard to say really. There is a continuum between love pats and scorchers. Different spankings fall all along that line. Friday evening is our regularly scheduled play night and that's usually our best session of the week. But even then, the spankings can vary a lot in style, intensity, and tone.

I guess that's about it for this time. Stay tuned for more spanko blogging.


Tiggs said...

Oh my gosh, Bonnie!!!! I don't know what made me laugh harder or longer... some of the questions or most of your answers!

I'm still trying not to pee myself cause I've been laughing so hard!

Gotta go... and I mean, I REALLY gotta go... NOW!


Hermione said...


Thanks for some excellent examples of how to handle those personal questions. I get asked some strange things too, and now I'll feel more comfortable answering (or not).


Keagen said...

*huge grin* Bonnie, you definitely made me laugh! Thanks for the insight into your brain. . . . . I loved your response to the IM "question". . . . "My "ass" doesn't know how to IM." That is one I've popped off a few times myself. . . . . assuming people, or vulgar people, often rub me the totally wrong way.

Wonderful post!


sixofthebest said...

Bonnie, I'm pleased that you are caned. I hope that you receieve six, twelve, or twenty-five of the very best strokes of the cane on your bare bottom, from your ever loving husband.

Handsdown said...

Absoltuely hilarious. Great answers, Bonnie. AND, you do have a fine bottom--at least as far as can be determined from the picture you provided.

Hugs at you

Daisychain said...

LOL, Bonnie, I love the witty way you answer some tough (and rude?) questions. Hugs, XXXXXXXXXX

ronnie said...

Oh Bonnie, very good, I love the way you answer questions.


Bonnie said...

Tiggs - I'm glad you enjoyed Ask Bonnie and sorry if it caused any difficulties.

Hermione - "Or not" is often the option I choose.

Keagen - I have to believe that you get more than your share of bizarre e-mail. Making fun of them publcly does nothing to stem the tide, but it sure is fun!

SOTB - Yes and no. As Americans, we don't have quite the emotional connection to canes that many British and other European people do. Nevertheless, we recognize an effective implement when we see (and feel) one. It's seldom the main event, but canes are a part of our repertoire.

HD - Randy is biased, but he says that too (and he has the up-close and personal view).

Daisy - I think we have to laugh because the alternative isn't nearly this much fun.

Ronnie - Thanks. I'm glad you enjoy this bit of Q&A frivolity.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bonnie. I've been reading your blog for a long time, but have never commented. I missed this topic, but I am hoping you end up seeing this and answering anyway.

At what point in your relationship did you two (you and your husband) find out you each had a spanking fetish?

Bonnie said...

Anon - Hello, and welcome. I'm glad you delurked.

This story tells the tale.

Please feel free to join in the conversation any place you feel comfortable doing so.

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