Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In with the New: Back to School Edition

Late summer brings the annual harvest of nature's bounty. Happily, we have a bumper crop of eleven young spanking-oriented blogs. I hope you will visit and explore these blogs. If you like what you find, a comment to that effect will be beneficial for the blog, the blogger, and our whole community. I encourage MBS readers to welcome these newcomers and demonstrate our hospitality.

Adult Spanking Scene
Always, Completely, Forever
Amber's World
Communication is the Key
Flaggelant Speaks
Ma'am Yes Ma'am
O n' K
Quest Five
Richard Gets Spanked
The Daily Toast

Welcome to all of you! I hope your blogging experiences will be enlightening and enjoyable.

If anyone knows of any other excellent new blogs that relate to adult spanking and related topics, I would love to hear about them.


Spanky said...

Thanks for the mention and the link too, Bonnie!

Ashley J said...

It's great to see my blog making your list. A little extra exposure and maybe a new reader or two doesn't hurt either.

Thanks for the mention Bonnie.

Nici said...

Bonnie-thanks again.

Hopefully folks will swing by to check out the blogs listed here-I've enjoyed what I've seen so far.

Heartzlady said...

Thank you SOOOO much Bonnie! Our view-count went thru the roof today thanks to your linking us :)

It's hard to be 'new' again, so thank you again for the warm welcome :)

Handsdown said...

Thanks for listing these wonderful new blogs, Bonnie. I love visiting new spanking blogs. AND speical thanks to all of you who take the time from your spankings to write them.

Happy spanking and never spare the rod--I hide 'em.

I sure wish we could convince more tops to blog. I love hearing from the spankers.

Handsdown said...

I had to leave one more comment. I visited most of the blogs Bonnie listed, but I couldn't leave a comment if your site required an e-mail address. That's not something I can do. You'll get more comments from shy people like me if you allow for an anonymous or name witn no URL [What's a URL? (I like leaving things under Handsdown best)]. I'm really upset about the "Communication is the Key" blog. I so wanted to comment on the A/C story and feel very sorry that I couldn't.

ronnie said...

Only just noticed your post Bonnie, seems like my blog roll not updating.

Thanks for the links will pop over and say hello.


Tiggs said...

A huge, furry, hearty welcome to all of you new (and returning) spanko bloggers out here that Bonnie's mentioned!

I've already wandered to some but will make a point of dropping by everyone's place soon as I can!


Hermione said...

Handsdown's remark about needing an email addy is interesting, because Mike of Spanked Hubby recently decided not to allow anonymous comments, and he's had some complaints. It's a security measure, and a way of controlling unwanted remarks from people who only want to cause harm. It's very easy to sign up for an email account under a fake name; you don't need a blog (a URL) to go with it.


Handsdown said...

I appreciate Hermione’s advice on the e-mail issue, but it won't work for me. I won't post comments on sites where I have to leave an e-mail or URL. Thomas III has an interesting way of screening comments on his site. He has to approve them. I'm not a blogger, so it's definitely not for me to tell anyone how to run your sites, but I'm grateful to all you blogger who let us just give a name and don't require a URL or e-mail. It allows me in on the fun.

Anonymous said...

Doonstar WELL worth a visit

Bonnie said...

Spanky - It's great to have you back. You and Kallisto give a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Raise a toast!"

Ashley - I'm pleased to be able to help. You're very welcome.

Nici - This group is a fine addition to our community.

HL - I'm delighted you are new again. I wish you the very best with this blog!

HD - Enjoy!

Ronnie - Hi, and you're welcome. :D

Tiggs - Thanks, as always for your wonderful support!

Hermione - My door is open, but if I experienced a problem with trolls, I would have to reconsider. I think reasonable arguments can be made on all sides, except for the troll's side of course. Thanks for illuminating this point.

HD - Screening comments, as Thomas does, can be a real pain for the blogger. It also cuts down on the spontaneity and exchange among commenters.

This is a question that each blogger must answer for themselves. I doubt there is any single right answer, but every blogger I know wants to encourage readers to participate.

Anon - You bet!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to your posting that lists my Adult Spanking Scene blog, and the link at the wiki page, as well as other sources, total visitors for Saturday 15 August alone shot up to 1,470 total in 24 hours, breaking all previous single day records. I lifted the Comments restriction of first name/scene name and email address, but still moderating Comments - might consider lifting that. I have just expanded the blog with the addition of a free GoBoardz forum for further interaction with readers and for the readers to interact with each other, even allowing space for free personal ads. It is Full Moon Encounters at http://fullmoonforum.goboardz.com/forum.asp and has 12 spanking Categories where members can post and comment on Topics. The addition of a free forum should enhance the blog experience, with things that can be done at the forum that cannot be done at the blog, and things that can be done at the blog that connot be done at the forum. --James aka The Spanking Sage of the Adult Spanking Scene blog

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