Sunday, July 05, 2009

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for July 5

Our topic of the week was diet spankings. Here are your reactions.

Todd: I have used spanking to help motivate diet efforts with Suzy and a few close spankee friends... and have found quite a bit of success. I've also seen friends have success in our Diet Group (both on the blog and the Yahoo Group). I know two people who lost one hundred pounds and several more who lost fifty... and kept it off.

I think that starting with an established "vanilla" diet plan and then using spanking to motivate sticking to that plan is a good start. Staying consistent is a big key, so picking something that will work long term is important. It’s worthwhile to take some time and figure out exactly how spankings will work (there are several options). I steer well clear of spankings/scoldings that might touch on body issues. Breaking a rule is what earns a spanking... and *not* being overweight.

It's certainly not for everyone though. Weight comes with lots of emotional baggage which can impact the spanker or spankee. I've seen enough success though that I do think it's worth trying for those that are motivated by discipline spankings elsewhere in their life (or strongly suspect they would be). It can also do things to help a spanker (who doesn't get spanked) too.

Hermione: We haven't tried it, but I think being spanked would be a great reward for having stuck to a sensible eating plan all week. Maybe I could get extra swats for each time I chose carrots instead of chips?

This could be fun!

Meow: So far, we've used spanking to punish the breaking of diet and exercise rules, but not for lack of progress at weigh-in time. We need to be more consistent, me with reporting and Lash with punishment. As with anything, consistency is the key!

Missy H: Only indirectly. When I'm sorely tempted by some rich dessert, I try to picture how that tiramisu might show up on my body the next time one of those wonderfully forgiving flowy, swirly skirts is flung over my head.

Curtis: I’m not much into punishment and discipline spankings, but I would use sensual spankings as a reward for good behavior – diet or otherwise.

Greenwoman: Nope. I've never tried it, though I’m with Hermione. It could be a fun way to reward for a lot of things that require discipline, not just healthy eating.

Jay: Well I definitely don't need to lose weight, so on that side it’s a no. However, my weight is an issue and therefore my Dom is helping me to put on weight. One of my rules now is that I have to eat at least three meals a day with a view to reach the target goal of 10 stone by Christmas.

I have asked my Dom to help me with this, and actually as I write this, he is downstairs waiting to punish me for not eating breakfast five times this week and lunch only three times. Yikes.

It is scary, but it helps to know that I have consequences should I not eat. I won’t be punished for losing weight, but we will look at my daily diet and see if there is anything we can do to fix it.

PK: I came out to Nick by asking him to help me with my diet through spanking. It has evolved over the years. I never thought of him spanking as a punishment for gaining. Sometimes, though, it is as discipline for not sticking to a healthy diet and blowing off the gym.
But more and more, I realize that when he loses interesting in my diet, I do too. His being involved and knowing I might be spanked if I didn't work hard fed my imagination and kept me wanting to work to get to a healthier weight. When he doesn't ask about whether I've gained or lost each week and when I gain for several weeks and he seems to ignore it, then the diet becomes just drudgery.

So whether we use it as discipline when I fall off the diet wagon, or as motivation to work harder, or to reward a job well done doesn’t really matter. Just having him involved – asking, caring, spanking – has kept me either losing or maintaining for three years.

Sara: Spanking is used in our relationship to remind me that making unhealthy choices is not acceptable. It's never been linked directly to the scale, but definitely to food choices, failure to exercise, missing taking vitamins, etc. I have lost quite a bit of weight in the past four years since we started DD in our marriage, and I am sure the focus and discipline is a big part of that.

Anon #1: As a reward, yes. The chant was, "Trade sex for food." The spanking was absolutely meant as a prelude. This was a powerful motivator. Combined with sensible eating and long walks, it worked.

Padme: I was a part of Todd and Suzy's diet group a few years ago and didn't find that it worked very well for me. I'm too much of a spanko and enjoy it too much for it to be discipline for me. I would often lose a pound or two and then would gain it back.

Master Anakin also told me he didn't like me being so focused on the scale each week also. My weight would go up because of my period and then I'd be upset thinking I had gained weight and I hadn't. I've done a better job with keeping my weight consistent through walking and I don't look at the scale all the time now. I know my body well enough to know when I need to walk a bit extra or work more on my diet.

He found it too much work also to be monitoring my diet all the time. I do get disciplined with hard spankings, but not for diet issues anymore.

Saffron: I have an issue whereby I need to lose about five stone (that’s about 65 pounds, I think) Weight is an emotional issue for me, but I was told by my doctor that I need to lose weight. When I told my Dom, he said he already knew this was something I would have to work on, as I am young (27) and it’s a health issue for me. To be honest it also makes me insecure.

After my holiday to Germany (not the best way to start a diet), we will concentrate on this issue of mine. I need to lose weight, and if I don't, my arse will pay. I think this will work because I had my first discipline spanking and caning today. Boy, did it drive home a point. I'm going to need them. And it worked. It’s a different headspace. I think there has been some insecurity in me that he wants me to lose weight because he does not like my looks, but I don't think that is the main issue. My health is, and yes, let’s be honest, my looks will improve!

I'm interested how this pans out. I get rewards if I do well, and get punished if I don't lose. I think I would only have an issue with getting punished for not losing weight if he and I had used every weight loss method we know. Maybe that would mean that we need to step up something. But my Dom is incredible, and not unreasonable.

In Germany, I have committed to lots of exercise. I may ask to have that as a temporary rule, whilst with food, I will have to TRY to be sensible. I will do an hour’s exercise at least every day! Wait until he reads this! (grins) Oh, BTW, no matter what happens in Germany, I am to lose two stone by Christmas. It’s fully doable!

Mija: I'm not supposed to eat very much sugar (it makes me ill), so we have a rule that I can only have sweets if I ask first. When I've been trying to get into a gym routine, he'll enforce that schedule too.

But I'd be very uncomfortable with P monitoring my weight loss progress at the scale with punishments. I suspect it would be a squick for him too.

Still, Todd and Suzy, whatever works!

Prefectdt: Yes, I have used self-administration, which I do not enjoy and do not talk about much, but it does have a certain level of success. I'm in agreement with those here saying that a reward or good boy/girl spanking would be a good thing to try, but the opportunity has never been available for me.

Anon #2: Yes, It started the whole DD in our house with my wife and me. We had always used spanking in the bedroom before that, but never anything else. She had been dieting for six months with some success, but she had been stalled for a while. I decided that I needed to loose weight to get off so many meds. After two weeks of going no place, I searched the net and discovered DD for weight loss at a couple of sites. I sheepishly asked my wife if she could spank to help me with reminders, eating, and exercise. She took to it like a duck to water! That was six months ago. I have lost 52 pounds and learned to cook healthy. I never cooked a day in my life and now do almost every day. My wife has lost 35 pounds since we started. She gives me reminders every week. We have a weekly weigh in and track our weekly goals and progress on a grease board.

Our reward to each other is an eight-day cruise in October. I have not yet been spanked for not reaching a goal although I have not made it many times. I have been told to get out of bed and bend over for not working out or NOT eating enough or forgetting to encourage her to work out. I have received many reward (good boy) spankings and related very hot sexual encounters. Since we have added DD to our whole lifestyle and things could not be better. I am seven pounds from my final goal. This is a commitment to each other.

Zille: There are some ginger cookies which I have simply no control over consuming – they are just too good! So after I'd tried for some months to maintain a healthy relationship with these cookies, I had to ask my Master if we could have a rule that I must ask permission before I can eat one of those wicked ginger cookies.

I've never needed to be punished for breaking the rule (as it's my ass on the line in more than one sense – i.e. that my ass is a reasonable size and doesn't need to get much bigger!) and it has helped me get in control with regards to those cookies. I think I wouldn't even need the rule now, but it's fun to have to ask!

The thing I need to get punished for is skipping yoga. If I do yoga two or three times a week, my body and emotional well-being really show the results. But it's just so easy to get caught up with something, put it off and off all day long, and end up saying, "Oh, I'll do it tomorrow." And of course, it's always today, isn't it?! So he and I have been talking about setting up punishments for that. It can only end in happiness either way: either I am lookin' good and feelin' fine or he gets to punish me for a real infraction, which he really, um, gets off on! (And so do I, just not while it's happening!).

Anon VII: What a coincidence that you should post that question! Meg and I began that aspect of our now very long, exclusive relationship back in our college days when she was fretting about being a choc-a-holic who was also into fitness. I teasingly (well, mostly teasingly, but admittedly with a tiny bit of hope) told her that I could keep her in line with my fraternity paddle. To my surprise, she immediately took me up on the offer, then admitted cheating on her diet a couple of evenings later and insisted that I had to do what we'd agreed upon. She was perfectly dressed for the occasion, in a cute short skirt, a blouse with puffy sleeves, heels, and (best of all) panties with the college logo across the seat. She was more than a little surprised at how much the swats stung, but she still pounced on me and took me down afterward, even though I made at least two of her! Soon enough, we were getting out the board of education for no reason except pure fun.

Bonnie: Randy and I don’t employ diet spankings, but probably not for the reason you might think. I don’t do diets. At least for me, the only safe and effective way to attain and maintain a healthy body is through permanent lifestyle choices. Short term changes cannot achieve long term results.

With that said, Randy and I have no shortage of reasons to share a good spanking. He often compliments my “nicely curved posterior.” I want to be attractive for him, especially when we are intimate. So, perhaps in this roundabout manner, spankings do motivate me to watch what I eat.

Angie: This has never been an issue for me (I have plenty of other issues, though...), but I've had quite a few friends who have tried DD to help with their weight loss. What most seem to have found echoes what the others here already wrote. In most cases, they didn't worry so much about X lbs lost per week, but whether basic diet rules and exercise rules have been followed. If not, well, there were unpleasant consequences.

And for those who like spankings as rewards, what they found was to not wait until the end of the week, but to reward frequently, such as when a goal was reached or when she had been good that day.

Katia: We have used spanking when I have cheated on my diet or skipped my exercise. I have never been spanked because of not losing weight. One thing I do is journal what I eat and Luke looks over it. It also makes you think about what you stick in your mouth when the calorie content in staring back at you. There are a few free sites such as, and I use Lose it, which is a free application on my phone.

Val: How about this, diet spanking-wise? After a serious spanking, if all went right, one feels so high floating that appetite for eating anything is just not there. I know this because it happened to me many times. Afterward, when I am all done and still in sub space, I could skip dinner or any food or drink for that matter. The glow is plenty enough for me. Even the next morning, I wouldn't really feel like eating, being still high. So there you go. A good quality spanking before table time will cut down the food appetite, hence a reliable diet aid.

Kyle: How about fiscal responsibility through spankings? My girlfriend doesn't need to diet, but most of her bottom warmings are inspired by her spending habits.

Thanks to everyone who joined in our discussion this week!


Val said...

Greetings, sorry I missed this theme for a timely post.
How about this, diet spanking-wise? After a serious spanking, if all went right, one feels so high floating that appetite for eating anything is just not there. I know this because it happened to me many times: when taken with the opportunity and submitted to my partner, afterwards when all done and still in sub space, I could skip dinner or any food or drink for that matter, the glow is plenty enough for me. Even next morning I wouldn't really feel like eating, being still high. So there you go - good quality spanking before table time will cut down the food appetite, hence a reliable diet aid.

Anonymous said...

How about fiscal responsibility through spankings? My girlfriend doesn't need to diet, but most of her bottom warmings are inspired by her spending habits.

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