Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The 2009 Spanking Tube Challenge

Many MBS readers tell me that they love watching spanking videos. If you are a spanko videophile, then Richard Windsor has a special treat. He recently began a competition known as the Spanking Tube Challenge. The basic idea is that couples (or individuals) produce their own amateur spanking videos and then visitors to Richard's blog select their favorites in a head-to-head elimination format.

Even if video is not your favorite medium, the hard work that went into these filmed sessions is quite evident. I encourage you to stop by and demonstrate your support by voting!


ronnie said...

Thanks Bonnie, will pop over.


Rebecca said...

Wow what a fabulous idea - if only I wasn't quite so shy ;-)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog. Sorry but I"m not sure where to find the videos that you mentioned. Can you post the e link please??


Dante d'Amore said...

That's a great idea. After everyone gets done producing great content for his blog, maybe they'll do it again for mine, lol.

Thanks for the link Bonnie. I'll have to check it out.

Bonnie said...

Ronnie - You're welcome. Enjoy!

Rebecca - You could totally be a star!

Anon - Just click on the name Richard Windsor.

Dante - Just let me know when you're ready and I'll plug your film festival too!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered 'Spanking Tube' last month. I was looking for an alternative to YouTube which is getting arbitrarily puritanical about 'objectionable content'.

A few weeks ago YouTube abruptly removed a video that merely showed an OTK hand spanking by one fully dressed (jeans & sweater) woman to another. There's was no bad language or anything. Yet they retained another clip of a foul-mouthed guy (I swear he drops at least 20 F bombs in a three minute clip) spanking a 'cheerleader' in a thong. What's up with that?


Bonnie said...

Missy - I have no idea. One big problem with imposing moral standards on others is that no two people can agree upon what is objectionable. A US Supreme Court justice once defined obscenity by saying, "I know it when I see it."

As a mother and grandmother, I'm not deaf to concerns about protecting children from harmful material. But that responsibility has to start at home.

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