Sunday, May 17, 2009

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for May 17

Our topic this week was hormones and spanking. Here are your thoughts.

Meow: I think hormones affect how erotic I find spanking. Spanking is always intimate, sometimes highly emotional, and occasionally sexual. I used to see it only as a sexual turn-on, but I'm now beginning to differentiate among various aspects. I attribute the ups and downs of spanking’s erotic appeal to my hormones.

Zille Defeu: We always seem to find the time and energy to play the weekend I get my period! It’s annoying, but I've learned to just deal with it. I used to not want to play during my period (not for any reason dealing with blood, just because of general crankiness/emotionality), but now I figure if he doesn't mind, there is no way I can really complain!

Other than that, my only thought is that I otherwise always have randy hormones running through me, and I always want to play!

Morningstar: I am lucky enough to be past the whole hormone thingy... BUT, when I first met Sir, I did have massive overdoses of hormone crap. What usually happened was that Sir would pick up the sweetest, softest flogger in the world, hit me once, and I would be yelping and dancing the subbie jig.

We came to the conclusion that when the hormones were running on high, I was much more sensitive, and I cried more too.

Actually, the first time that I cried, Sir stopped thinking something was terribly wrong. I can still see myself hanging from the chains with tears streaming down my face, shaking my head frantically, and saying, "No, no, don't stop." It was such an amazing stress reliever!

Anon: Sometimes, my life partner will get very tense around the middle of her cycle. We find that a soft, sensuous spanking helps her to relax.

Sarah: For me, hormones definitely play a part in how needy I become. For some reason, towards the END of my period, I'm so eager that my partner almost needs to hold me down or I'll "meet" the spanks too vigorously. I could literally stay in bed getting spanked for 24 hours! If only I could...

Jam: I find that as I come closer to my period, spankings are hard to take. They hurt more. Emotions are right on the surface and everything is like an overload to my senses. But I still want to be spanked, need to be spanked, and have to be spanked...

Hermione: With the onset of menopause, the decrease in some hormones caused others to become predominant, and I experienced a large increase in libido. Since spanking turns me on, my interest in that activity also increased. What provides relief? Why, spanking, of course, and Ron is only too happy to indulge me in my treatment. It's a lot cheaper, safer, and more fun than hormone replacement therapy.

Penfold: We had a similar post last month.

First of all, I quite often end up earning myself domestic discipline just before or during my period. That’s never a good thing. So when it comes to the DD itself, I find that it hurts much, much more than when I’m not hormonal. Bear has often said he thought that I sound like I’m being murdered when he is spanking me.

When we spank for pleasure and I’m due, I still can’t take much of a hard spanking, and we end up cuddling and moving on a lot quicker than when I’m not on my period or due...

Mary: Oh yes, for me, there is a link between hormones and spanking. Right before that time of the month, I feel so on edge. I am fairly lucky as far as PMS goes, but there is this irritability or sensitivity that arrives. A good spanking really helps. I would urge caution though, because the pain sensitivity rises too.

What I like about a spanking at this time is that if I feel overly on edge, then being spanked gives me an excuse to yell, kick, pound my fists into the bed and act out. Luckily for me, my partner allows the acting out as long as I stay put. That physical expenditure relaxes me in the end. Eventually, I just give in to the spanking and feel calm. If I am overly sensitive, tears might come and then the crying and comforting sooth my wounded soul.

Greenwoman: For sure, being a woman is full of angst that a spanking cures. All of that angst gets worse without my spanking... which, just like Hermione, is my cure.

Which technique is effective? Don't take no s#$% from me, just gimmee a spanking and a cuddle afterward. Don't get mad at me about my moods, just take me to the bedroom and take care of me.

I'll be your sweetness again as soon as my butt burns. I swear it!

Bonnie: I too am in that transitional phase of life where every room seems inexplicably warm. Hormones, or perhaps lack thereof, do cause anxiety and tenseness. Fortunately, I haven’t lost my appetite for spankings or sex. A good bottom roasting, followed by some intimate attention, goes a long way toward resetting my emotional compass.

Thank you all for sharing your insights. I hope you will join us again next week.

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