Sunday, May 03, 2009

Recap: MBS Spanko Brunch for May 3

Our topic this week was techniques for keeping alive a couple’s spanking interest. Here are your thoughts.

Daisy: Simple really. We keep breathing...

Cookie: We do a lot of things to keep our interest alive. We attend spanking parties. We do videos for our blogs. We also practice domestic discipline and we always try to find time to play somehow. I like Daisy’s answer. We pretty much don't have to do more than be alive and be ourselves since it is so much a part of who we are.

Jean Marie: Our interest in spanking is hard-wired into each of us. There is a strong submissive interest in me and a wonderfully dominant interest in my lover. This is who we are. It is this reality that keeps our vibrant sex life so full and fun.

Todd and Suzy: We spend a good deal of our free time together doing different spanking-related things. These activities include talking with friends, going to parties, reading and writing stories, posting on our own blog, and reading and commenting on other blogs.

Probably the most important thing we do to keep our spanking interest alive though... is just *spending time together*. We're both interested in spanking (it's one of the things that brought us together). So just being together keeps that spark burning. It does help to do 'spanko-related' things though.

Anon #1: This is an odd question in my opinion. Spanking is a fun thing to do. I do it because it’s fun. If, for some reason, it ever loses its charm, I'll just develop some other inane fetish and move on.

It’s an interest. It works to sustain me. Not the other way around.

Hermione: We set aside some time to indulge in it regularly, and make this a high priority in our lives. We also try to make each encounter unique in some way. The combination of implements, position and timing is never exactly the same. At other times, we often laugh and joke about spanking, and that keeps the spark alive.

Looking at everyday life from the perspective of possible spanko subjects to blog about keeps spanking on my mind a good deal of the time. Reading blogs ensures that I won't soon run out of new ideas to share with Ron and possibly try together.

Bogey and Becall: I was going to post a wise-ass, but true, comment, but Daisy beat me to it. So I will just say that every day above ground, spanking is on my mind.

Meow: Practice, practice, practice!

Anon #2: We never get bored or go with the same routine. We both like the spankings too much. My Master knows how much it gets me hot. Whether it is for punishment, as foreplay, or just playing around, it all works for us. He loves it just as much as I do.

This morning as we both just rolled over, I asked for a good spanking. He was very surprised, but eager. What a great way to start your day! He will probably read this later and add his own opinion.

K: I don't know that we do anything to keep the spanking spark alive. We flirt and enjoy random suggestive swats. We enjoy spanking with sex. Less often, I am treated to a long, leisurely, fully erotic spanking. But we don't actively work to maintain the interest in spanking. It's more like the spanking is used as one of many ways to maintain our blissful enjoyment of each other and keep our marriage healthy, vibrant, and full of sparks.

Oh, and when I get the urge for a spanking, I just ask for one.

Anon #3: Frequent spanking is the key for us. When I'm aroused, I want to get spanked. When I get spanked, I get aroused. Feeling tender from being spanked arouses me. When I'm aroused, I want to get spanked. When I get spanked, I get aroused. Feeling tender from being spanked arouses me. When I'm aroused, I want to get spanked. When I get spanked, I get aroused. Feeling tender from being spanked arouses me... Ad infinitum. :)

I've been interested in it since I was a child, but I was not spanked then. We never attended spanking parties or clubs. It's just a part of our romance. I feel safe and loved with a red bottom. It's erotic and fun for us and not a punishment.

Spanking has been a part of our lives since we dated and still is after being married 35 years. We both love our parts. There are always playful spanks throughout the day. We started today with spanking and making love, as we do many mornings. I can feel it sitting here now and like the feeling.

We still make love almost every day and he spanks me a little or a lot daily and I love it. We are happy and sexy after 35 years together, in part, because of the spanking. There have been times over the years when it wasn't a daily occurrence for various reasons, but spanking and sex keep us very relaxed.

That definitely sounds like a winning formula!

Anon VII: As in the case of the last person to post, we've been together for many years, and our interest has never flagged. She still knows how to cut those big, green eyes at me like a cat on the prowl. We also exchange little pats, usually multiple times each day. Another of her favorites is to give me a pinch you-know-where or a thump on the nose, or make an off-color remark and then, with the foxiest naughty-girl look I've ever seen, bend over for a pop with my hand. That almost invariably leads to the long paddle and fantastic love-making before the night's over.

Anon #4: My partner already responded. She got spanked this morning when she woke up (at her request). I just got spanked (NOT at my request), but it was a lot of fun. Now we are just finishing some sweets before cuddling in bed and drifting off to sleep. She hopes to fall asleep before my snoring kicks in... Grin

Anon #5: I am hoping to use this blog to help our interest stay alive. I always have interest and my husband is trying to accommodate. He mostly just likes how turned-on it makes me and so therefore will go for a spanking. I would like more spankings that do not immediately lead to sex and more with a plot. I am trying to get him to spend a little time with the spankings described here. If he will, I think it will really help.

I think spanking, like lovemaking, works best when it’s something you enjoy together for your mutual benefit. The better you are able to meet his needs, the more likely he will be to expand his spanking repertoire.

Bonnie: I asked Randy this question, just to get his take. He chuckled and said, “Uh, spanking?” I guess that covers it, at least from the male viewpoint.

I think our interest in spanking is pretty much a permanent feature of our identities. The issue is not so much one of keeping the flame alive as it is finding the time and energy to truly enjoy the fire. For this reason, we schedule time for play and grab those serendipitous moments as we can.

I know that I am calmer, more focused, and better able to cope with life’s challenges after a good bottom-warming (and lovemaking) session with Randy. We also feel closer as a couple. This alone provides plenty of motivation.

Blogging, when I get time, and reading other spanko blogs definitely helps to keep the ideas percolating. We also leave little hints, like a thong over the knob of a dresser or a hairbrush on the night stand, that serve as reminders (or provocations, depending upon your perspective). Either way, our spanking flame remains very much ablaze.

Thank you all for joining in our spanko brunch. I hope you’ll be with us again next week. Until then, may all your spankings be good ones!

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I was so glad to find your blog was still here after the years I've been asunder. Your blog was one of the first that really made me feel comfortable and less "freakish".

Still welcoming us newbies...
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