Sunday, April 12, 2009

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Apr 12

Our topic this week was spanking implements that might be better hidden. Here are your thoughts.

Jay: Yes! Phil has a clothes brush that I really wish did not exist. I have tried to hide it on the last two spanking dates, but he either finds it or spanks the location out of me.

Grrrr. I hate that bloody brush.

Abby: I'm really not a fan of anything wooden (rattan not counting as wood), so if we were to get rid of anything, it would be everything with a hard-backed surface. That includes the hair brush, clothes brush, bath brush, and paddle. I hate the bath brush the most. Fortunately, I have no idea what became of it. I think I might have hidden it and forgotten where I put it.

Speaking of Easter eggs, my mom used to hide plastic eggs and forget where they were, so we'd find them year round. The same could be said of my house and spanking toys.

That brush is the only implement that really made me angry. Maybe because I love bubble baths and it stung like you know what, and I did not like the blending of the two. Really, though, I am SO glad it's gone.

Daisy: There is no point trying to hide any implement because it just makes Davey all the more determined to use it! And he doesn't look for it, he just tells me to get it, and I dare not disobey!

Texringer: It’s funny you should mention this topic. My partner and I were just discussing such a thing this morning. I threatened to hide away the big leather tawse because that thing HURTS. He reminded me, though, that on the occasions when I need a disciplinary spanking for missing gym workouts, the one I need to have is the one I really hate.

Dave the Rave: I'm sure that regardless what someone tries to hide, they would be forced to 'fess up or get it ten times worse.

Soma: Like Abby, I hate the wooden bathbrush. Unfortunately, I'm not so lucky in that mine has not been misplaced. It sits right under my bed in easy reach. I've contemplated hiding it, but I know that if I do, I'll get it much worse after it's found. I've considered getting rid of it, but I've been informed that if I do, he'll just buy another one. And the new one would be even heavier and thicker. I will very much regret getting rid of the bathbrush. Gulp. I'll just live with it I guess!

Jean Marie: When I first read the question, I immediately thought of that f***ing cane. I've howled beneath that thing so many times. It's definitely the worst implement in our collection.
But then I realized that if it were hidden, I wouldn't see those lovely marks that I enjoy on my bottom for days thereafter.

So I'll stay out of trouble with the boyfriend and not hide anything, and face the music when need-be.

Prefectdt: I have this white synthetic cane that was sold under the name “White Lightning.” I’m not really sure what it is made of, but you can bend it almost to a circle and it will not break (yes, I was trying to break it). It is hell in stick form. It’s only for use for genuine punishment.

Penfold: Bear has a new "toy." Until recently, we used a silly cane from a sex shop. But now he has invested in a proper 3 foot rattan school cane with a proper handle and everything. That thing freaking hurts!

But also, like Jay, we also have a clothes brush that is rather evil too. My sympathies to your poor butt, Jay! I know that feeling well.

Oh, and every time I’m cooking, Bear finds anything he can get his hands on and "plays" with it on my poor peach. MMMMM. I think I will be hiding most of the utensil jar by the cooker!

Her Master: My woman would definitely say the rubber spatula. We have joked that it is truly her punishment tool. She got to feel it in one of her first spankings, when I was trying out different things… and she said right away how she hated it.

I've now made a habit of carefully perusing the kitchen tool aisles, which she thinks is hilarious...

And yes, she finally used it on me yesterday... and it stings like crazy!

S: Jay is right about the clothes brush. It's broad and heavy, and covers a lot of bottom with a really evil sting. After a couple of dozen with that, I really do not want to sit for some time! What's worse, it can sit innocently on the hall table, without attracting attention, except from me, and it seems to gloat at my rear every time I pass it.

Hermione: Our belt is best kept hidden from view when not on the agenda. Its eye-catching colour would attract any visitor's attention. Ron hid the backscratcher after we had experimented with it. I found it two weeks later, hanging on the dining room wall in plain sight. I like the dressage whip to stay out of sight and out of mind, except on very special occasions. It's too extreme for regular use.

Tiggs: The answer is YES! But the specifics of the items in question change depending on Dante's mood. LOL! I've even tried hiding stuff in the past, but it's always come back to haunt me in more ways than one... Still, I try anyway! I guess it's the brat in me!

Cowgirl: There WAS an implement like that. It found its way into the fireplace and is now non-existent.

No, I didn't get in trouble for putting it ablaze. I hated Chase's cherry-wood stick so much that he let me burn it as a graduation gift after I completed my master's degree.

Now, I just hate the cedar paddle that he made, but it’s his favorite so that one will be around for a long time.

Bonnie: The dreaded Mother of All Paddles seems like an obvious choice, but it’s probably too big to burn, bury, or conceal. Besides, Randy has an almost unlimited supply of items that are well suited to the job of reddening my seat. We’ve been collecting them for years.

Futile as it might be, there is one pervertable I wouldn’t mind losing. I have a narrow, solid plastic hairbrush that’s just the right size to fit in a small handbag. It looks a lot like this one:

It’s not very large or scary, but with a swift flick of my lover’s wrist, this brush can become a real terror. Since it’s so small, he sees no reason not to apply it to my bare bottom with great gusto. Those hard, rapid-fire strokes very quickly gain my undivided attention. I’ve been spanked with this brush three of the last four nights and I have developed quite a healthy respect (not to mention a mighty sore posterior). I might just have to accidentally leave it somewhere…

Thank you all for participating in this week’s brunch!


PhilK said...

Well, it's good to know that clothes brush is so memorable - and so effective. Yes, Jay keeps trying to hide it, the poor misguided girl - and my gf Maggie also tries to hide implements she particularly dislikes. But as I explain to them both, with inexorable toppy logic:

"Hiding implements gets you a hiding!"

BrushStrokes said...

Oh no, don't get rid of the brush! that would make me indeed unhappy :)


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