Saturday, January 03, 2009

Bonnie's Mailbag - Part Three

OK, this is the last installment for now. I need to make a New Year's resolution to not let the mail get so backed up!

Question: I'm a 21 year old male. I have never been spanked but it has always been curious about it. Recently i have been looking online for a domestic disciplinarian to give me my first spanking but haven't had any success finding someone in my area. do you have any suggestions?

Response: I don't claim to be an expert on this topic, but I am aware of several techniques that seem to have worked for people in your situation.
  1. Contact a local or regional spanking or other kink-oriented group. They probably have a Web site or discussion group you can find via Google. If they don't offer what you seek, they might be able to refer you elsewhere.

  2. Try an advertisement in your local alternative newspaper.

  3. Post a listing on Craigslist or a similar service.

  4. See if there is a local or regional club that caters to a kinky crowd. That may provide an opportunity to meet new people.

  5. Search blogs/MySpace/Facebook/FetLife and discussion groups for kinky folk in your area. Again, if they cannot help you, they might be able to direct you to someone who can.

As you meet people, please be sure to be respectful and polite. If you want them to do you a favor, a little gratitude goes a long way.

Question: Do you think all women have a desire to be spanked, either for fun, or discipline, & i know you can't speak for all ladies , but as a man i could give close insite to you if you were to ask me a question concerning men's thoughts, & thats all i'm asking for from you.

I actually have spanked her once for loosing a large amount of money, that she could have controlled if she had been more careful & there was not much resistance from her. Now if she makes any serious mistakes or if i smack her bottom she acts as if its not wanted, & works very hard to get out of it if i suggest it for wrong doing's. How would you interpet this from her?

Response: I don't believe all women (or all men for that matter) possess an innate desire to be spanked. I am quite certain that there are lots of women who, for various reasons, have no interest whatsoever.

I can't tell you what's in your woman's head. Rather than asking me, you should be asking her. There's just no substitute for basic communication.

Who knows? You might be surprised!

Comment: I wonder if you like spankings as much as I do...

Response: How much do I love spankings? Enough to write over 1,000 posts on the subject!

Comment: I Luv that Bootty

Response: Can you tell that we’re into the MySpace messages now?

Comment: HAY YOU!!

Response: Straw is cheaper. Grass is free. Buy a farm, you get all three.

Question: how much experience do you have being spanked by another woman?

The reason I ask is a lot of the women I've met over the years and throughout the country are now seeking out other ladies to spank them. And although, many of them have admitted to me that women are more merciless and less tolerant of a man, the want the matriarchal type of spanking.

Response: Zero. That is outside my experience.

Question, sort of: enjoyed ur site, so took the chance on a friend request, thanks for taking the chance back! Names, ____, Originally from _____, but have been here in ____ about 7 years. anyways, just stopping in to introduce myself and say hi, and wish u a good day/week/weekend. just an fyi, i have the irish blood in me, so cocktails on me at happy hour, any takers?? hint hint. lol

Response: Hello. I’d better skip the drink.

Question: Hav u ever participated in receptive anal intercourse?

Response: Uh huh.

Comment: You and my sub both have great bottoms

Response: Two more and we can start a singing group.

Question: hi i would like to be you freind i like sexy older women with a nice ass.

Response: Do those sexy older women have to share one nice ass? That must be terribly inconvenient.

Comment: saw your profile qould lik to your friend. love to give you a spanking and make your bun sore

Response: Qould lik? Really?

Question: can i see the face

Response: I have to keep some secrets, don’t I?


Response: Shhhhhh. I’m right here. Please lower your voice.

I recall that Erica got a visit from mister “yes or know” as well. He wants me to send him a new message. It would be a lot more fun to forward a bunch of my old ones. You know, the ones from other people who don’t know about the caps lock key…

Question: I just love your blog. I just found it recently and I am amazed to find there are other women like me. I thought for the longest time that I was the only one who craved spankings.

Response: Thank you. There are actually quite a few of us.

Question(s): i have heard that lady's do not say what they really want, & of course she would be apprehensive to just say i need spanked, but i am also reluctant to ask "hey do you like for me to spank you when you have messed up" dose no, said not firmly mean yes?

Response: I believe there needs to be some honest communication before you get to the point of spanking. Without that open channel, there is too much opportunity for misunderstanding and hurt.

We women may not always say what we want, but "no" must mean no. Unless you have some agreement to the contrary, such as a safeword, you cannot run through that stoplight without violating her trust and potentially damaging your relationship.

Comment: that’s one fine fat butt!

Response : Gee, thanks.

Question: Do you know of a site that offers pictures, videos, or stories about mature ladies (60+) who are interested in spanking, either giving or taking.

Response: I am not aware of any such site, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Solicitation: I am interested in either buying (one-time fee or monthly fee) or exchanging links with you (we have a large network of sites, so it would not be a direct link exchange). Please let me know if you are interested in this.

Response: No, thank you. Readers don’t come here to see irrelevant advertising.

Question: Hi Bonnie nice spankable ass can i spank it.

Response: Nope. I have a guy who takes care of that.

Question: How long should a spanking be? I'v never been really sure about it

Response: Here’s a related brunch and two tutorials that may help.

Question: should i spank my wife if she does something wrong and if so should i use a belt

Response: I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have thoroughly discussed the subject first. If you strike someone without their consent, it’s considered assault. That’s not a place you want to go. I encourage you to talk with her and, please, listen to what she says.

Good marriages are built on understanding, shared values, and trust. If you want to add something to your relationship, this is the foundation upon which you should build it.

Question: May I recommend my own blog for “In with the New?”

Response: Yes, absolutely.

Question: What’s it like to have such a beautiful butt?

Response: I don’t know. This is the only bottom I’ve had.

Question: When you’re lying over Randy’s lap and he’s spanking you hard with the paddle, does he ever pull your panties up between your butt cheeks so your bottom is bare and it hurts more?

Response: Yes, sometimes.

That's all, folks!


Hermione said...


"Buy the farm" - that's priceless! You're right up there with Erica on those snappy comebacks.


Daisychain said...

yes, bonnie, I loved that comment, it really got me giggling. Gosh, you really get some questions from people who are umm...special....don't you?
Hugs, and bless you for your

Daisychain said...

Oops...should have left my caplock on, lol, I didn't start with a capital, nor give your name one! Sorry, Bonnie! xxxx

Anonymous said...

You are a saint to take the time to answer these questions. Bonnie, the patron saint of spanking.
Jean Marie

Paul said...

Bonnie, I bet that's a relief.
Great answers, loved the farm answer.
Warm hugs,

Bonnie said...

Hermione - Erica's crown remains intact. I wouldn't presume to match her zingers.

Daisy - Special... Yes, that's a fine word. I have images of a short school bus.

Jean Marie - I'm not a saint by any definition. But I do like to take a run at these questions that fill my mailbox.

Paul - Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't know, Bonnie. Your zingers are damn good. I still think we should write a book together someday. Whaddaya say, hay? :-D -- Erica

Bonnie said...

Erica - Count me in!

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