Sunday, January 04, 2009

MBS Spanko Brunch #155

It's time to begin another year of spanko brunches. But let's not end the celebration just yet. This week's topic offers an opportunity to share some recent holiday fun.

Did you give or receive any notable spanking-related gifts this holiday season? Were there any presents you wanted to receive but didn't? Are there any special gifts you have yet to deliver or collect?

If you would like to join our conversation, you can enter a comment below. Once everyone has spoken, I will post an edited summary of the proceedings.


Matt said...

Our anniversary is mid-December, so it wasn't really a Christmas present, but my I bought my wife a wooden paddle brush from a beauty supply store. She says it is still not quite right though, she gets significant vibration through it when she uses it on my bottom which helps to wear out her hand. I guess we will have to keep looking.

She suggested getting a real paddle so we will start looking for those. I like the symbolism of the hairbrush though, so I hope I can find one she likes.

So we are just getting started currently we have the paddle brush and her right hand :-).

Tiggs said...

I did give spanking good gifts, but not to my beloved Dante! In fact, I not only shopped for a cheap spanking implement (that doubles as a useful gift) but I passed along a spanking good toy that we'd never used, and honestly we would break it on the first swat if Dante ever had used it). Plus, I did manage to send a couple other spanking things to friends.

Dante and I have enough spanking toys to fill a huge box, way more than we use. Plus, in giving a spanking gift to him, it would really be "for" me, and it would also imply the "demand" to be spanked. I'm not imposing that sort of pressure on either of us this year!

And the best part is that it truly is much better to give then to receive!!!! The toys haven't been used yet (by my friends) but when they are, it will be delightful indeed! It makes me smile inside just thinking about it!


Daisychain said...

The only people I "know" who spank are my online friends, and of course, there are no addresses or indeed real names, so I have no-one to send gifts to! Of course, Davey and I being in different countries makes it impossible to send gifts to each other, it would be expensive, and embarrasssing to list the contents on a customs form! However, I have the promise of a belated christmas spanking (and birthday spanking, and easter spanking, and.. and.. and..!) to look forward to collecting when we meet up in a few months time! :)
Hugs, xxx

Dr. Ken said...

Well, I would have liked to receive a girlfriend to spank in the New Year, but last time I looked under the tree, there was still nothing there....

Dr. Ken

Paul said...

Bonnie, I received a wonderful packet from a special friend, it contained a paddle, a hairbrush and a tawse, my girl is a little apprehensive about them.
Before that I had sent my girl a nice hairbrush as part of her Christmas present.
Such presents add a little spice to her life. Chuckle.
Warm hugs,

Jflame said...

Hi Bonnie, yes I got a spankable for christmas. A hairbrush. Sir has a cruel sense of humour.
And my lovley couz has sent my Dom a hairbrush, Tawse, and Paddle.
I think my butt is in trouble.
Hugs, Jay

Hermione said...


I gave Ron a black wooden cane with a silver handle, and a long shoehorn to match. Both were made in Italy and are quite elegant. The cane is actually a walking stick and too heavy for play, but the shoehorn has definite possibilities. Maybe I'll find out on Twelfth Night.


ronnie said...

Hello Bonnie,
We have quite a collection of toys, more than we actually use (P has his favourites).
I did receive an early present of a maplewood paddle shipped from the US, it had a jovial spanking santa on it which gave it a friendly appearance but believe me it was a wolf in sheeps clothing.


BigBear said...

Unfortunatly for my dear Penfold, she recieved a new gift, not as part of the holidays, but as an addition to our growing collection . . . a cane

we just had to test it immediatly ;-)

we'll have to see how that goes through the year.have got some ideas brewing! :-)

thanks again Bon


Julie said...

Since I am still hoping to transform my fantasies into reality in the future and technically am single as well, I did not give nor receive any spanking implements. However, I drew a kinky Christmas card for a special person I came to know over the internet, and I dearly wish it were possible for him to be my lover and disciplinarian. So I was happy I could surprise him with said card on which I drew the "Merry Christmas" made out of several implements we would like to experiment with. :-)
Also, with this being my first comment, I want to thank you for helping me to embrace my kinkiness through this amazing blog.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Nothing new here, in fact we have been giving away toys for the last three years.


No didn't give or receive one kinky present (damn my luck). Did pick up two books, Over the knee by Fiona Locke and A Slave in Time by Josephine Scott in the Christmas sales (buy one get the other half price type of thing) maybe that counts as a present to self.

Would have liked to have a kinky partner to exchange gifts with though.


Anonymous said...

My christmas and or New Years gift would be for my son to be able to move. Thin walls and a son that's 25 living here puts a definite kink in my kinkiness so to speak. Keep your fingers crossed for me!! He may move out someday. I'd have to shovel snow myself but that would be a small price to pay. And my toasted hiney would keep me warm.

Doc said...

This is a sad question for me... I gave a fun spanko gift this year, but it will never be used on me as, days after giving it I had to leave the person I gave it to...

It was a cricket bat, and full cricket set actually. The bat was the lightest one we could find. The whole set was going to be used in a scene wherein I wore a tartan skirt. My Dom liked to do erotic photos and a scene with a full compelation of props was something I knew he'd like.

I got the cricket bat in England, perhaps not the most amusing gift if you're from that country, but I thought of it as a very suitable surprise coming from a sub who has just been travelling.

Danielle said...

While we were on vacation I bought three identical gifts. One crossed the ocean on its way to a dear friend. The second went to our closest friends when we visited them just before Christmas and the third... was for us.
Of course, I have used that one already many times on my husband's backside. What it is? A smaller version of an Irish (and American?) hurling stick. Not a true spanking tool yet but it does a great job although it looks quite innocent. It is easy to swing and looks nice as well. Our's is called Miss Hurley.

padme amidala said...

I received a brand new long suede flogger from a good friend of mine for Christmas. It's wonderful and I really enjoy playing with it! I also got a new wooden spoon in my stocking too from Santa. We have yet to use it though and I'm looking forward to a spanking from it! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie,

Stumbled over your blog a few days ago and find it quite nice.

Yes, I gave my sweetie a new, long handled bath brush. While I haven't been on the receiving end yet, she immediately picked up on its dual uses.

mthc said...

yep..i gave David a bathbrush that he makes use of every waking moment..

Impish1 said...

Nope, I put a pretty hand-shaped leather spanking paddle on my Christmas list, and showed him where to buy it, but we don't always get what's on our lists, and I didn't get it. He's never bought a spanking implement so it was really a little too hopeful anyway..

Ann said...

I gave a paddle to my fiancee. We haven't tried it out yet, but I think it's just a matter of time before it's used. :)

Bonnie said...

We bought a new toy together this year. It isn’t an implement and its use is not limited to spanking. It’s a wedge pillow. We had something similar several years ago, but this model is far superior. The wedge has been a lot of fun and we’re just getting started.

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