Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Top 25: Frivolous Reasons for a Spanking

As I mentioned during a recent brunch, my dear husband, Randy, feels that every spanking should have a reason. It doesn't have to be a good reason, or even a plausible reason. But there must be a reason.

Here are some favorites:
  1. It'll be fun

  2. It’s the weekend

  3. He thinks I need a little color in my cheeks

  4. I'm wearing thong-style underwear

  5. He forgets how a certain implement works

  6. My bottom looks nice

  7. He loves how my pants fit in back

  8. It’s been too long

  9. He's actually part baboon

  10. We have some time to kill

  11. We're in a hurry

  12. He wants to practice his aim

  13. He says pale is boring

  14. We’re going somewhere

  15. We’re staying home

  16. We completed a difficult or lengthy task

  17. We're taking a break

  18. The power went out

  19. We have a new spanking implement

  20. It’s a milestone for the blog

  21. A reader said I needed a spanking

  22. I look as though I need it

  23. The holidays are coming

  24. He wants to make love

  25. He thinks red is my color

Whether faulty logic or no logic at all, who am I to argue? Besides, it doesn't hurt nearly as much when you're laughing!


Paul said...

Bonnie, Mel used to say the same thing, you must be right.
Warm hugs,

A.S.S. said...

Love reason #20... :) That's certainly been a frivolous reason in these parts a few times.

Todd & Suzy

Girl said...

these are all exceptionally grand reasons.

Anonymous said...

#9: "He's actually part baboon." Now that's hilarious!

cookie said...

lol they always come up with something don't they. That baboon one was funny though I never heard that one before lol.

Anonymous said...

But Bonnie... you forgot "Because." :-) -- Erica

Hermione said...

These are all perfectly valid reason, and Erica stole my addition! I like "The power went out." A spanking is so much nicer by candlelight.

It's refreshing to note that none of the reasons are disciplinary. That makes them all so much better.

Keep laughing!

Daisy said...

Its certainly a tightrope we walk..... mine are either for being a good girl, or being bad; too noisy or too quiet....winning at pool or losing at get the picture? I mean, SOMEONE has to sink the black, right? lol xxxxxxxxx (luckily, I love them all....hahaha!)

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