Friday, November 21, 2008

Keyword Chaos: Reignited

It's been two months since we last explored Keyword Chaos. I believe we're overdue.

For those new to this game, Keyword Chaos starts with a select group of unusual search terms that people have used to find this blog. Then Randy and I add our own perspective to each phrase. I hope you enjoy the results as much as we enjoy assembling them.

  • kiss me kate, frontier gal, McLintock, otk - You're expecting a lot from one query

  • google adult ladies bare bottoms - Hey, that tickles!

  • spank your partner - Allemande left and a do-si-do, spank your partner where the sun don't show

  • why is spanking sexually arousing? - Does it matter?

  • best spanking implement - The answer probably depends upon which end you consult

  • I love my round rump plump thick bubble ass - Next month, I'm renting it out as billboard space

  • sexey underware - Awfull speling two

  • spank-exchange - Amagamated Paddles was up seven points in heavy trading today

  • spanking is fun - I'm glad Sherlock Holmes is on the case

  • spanking skirt never bare - In my experience, spanking skirts are always flipped eventually

  • butt plug in my - Fireplace?

  • double fabric crotch - It's good to know the Panty Patrol is still out there

  • he spanks me humiliating lubricant - Never humilate the lubricant; it has an important job

  • hi my name is Bonnie today fucked ass - I am so not wearing that name tag

  • I enjoy it wrists ankles fiction - Do you really enjoy it, or is that just fiction?

  • I still get spanked uniform - Everyone loves a spanko in uniform

  • knotted towel sex - I wonder how that works... Wait, please don't tell me

  • spanked by boyfriend or spanked my husband or spanked my finance - Well, as long as someone is getting it good

  • adult spanking whippy whackings - Yes, Mister Fudd, your woom is weady

  • bare bottom spanking panties sore dinner belt - Dinner belt? I'll bet that brings 'em in on time

  • bare bottom spanking panties yelled exposed butt plug - Incoming!

  • beautiful women with bare bottom - Here's a secret: All beautiful women have bare bottoms

  • best spanking panties in the world - If these panties work that well, they probably spend a lot of time around someone's ankles

  • best way to spank a wife - Step one, convince wife she actually wants to be spanked...

  • birthday mba spank - Oh joy! Spank the accountant is even better than a pinata!

  • Bonnie likes to be spanked - What was your first hint?

  • captain lightfoot spanking clip - I had a feeling that Edmund Fitzgerald gig wasn't going to work out

  • cheerleader spanked in gold panties - Clank!

  • dad spanked her big bottom - Meanwhile, her little bottom remained unblemished

  • does spanking help o d d? - Unfortunately, there is no known cure for the odd

  • dult spanking - The question is whether the dult will even notice

  • feather paddles spank - Now there's a dopey concept

  • flexible to get the ass in the air doggie style - This might be easier without the trapeze

  • foxtail but plug - For autumn, we have this new Davy Crockett model

  • free cheerleader spanking in panties blogs - Huh?

  • granny dungeon bottom spank - There's more to being a granny than baking cookies

  • how to paddle your wife instructional guide - Now available on DVD or Blue-Ray

  • how to take a spanking - Try to lie still, relax as much as you can, and think of England

  • I am divorced and need to be spanked and fucked - Forget search engines and try a personal ad instead

  • I was told to spank myself - And if Billy told you to jump off of a building, would you do that too?

  • let's spank her story - Later, we can go upstairs and have a second story spanking

  • name to call partner when getting spanked - How about SIR?

  • neighbor in my underwear drawer - Never mind that, how are going to get him out of there?

  • office spanking parties - First Avon, and now this!

  • real lesbian spanking partners - No synthetic lesbians need apply

  • reality sex spanking - There's one show I would definitely watch!

  • retro rockabilly spankings - Look, it's Lil Abner!

  • sleeping butt plug - Shhhhh. There no telling what it might do if awakened suddenly

  • spank the weather lady - That really won't stop the rain

  • spanking ass index - That last impact registered 7.3 on the spankter scale

  • spanking girls bare fanny's - That's five yards for illegal use of apostrophes

  • spanking is a good thing - Right up there with chocolate

  • spanking life - Is that like Second Life, but for spanking enthusiasts?

  • spanking paddle blueprints - Dude, we're not talking about a nuclear reactor here

  • spanko wood filler - Say what?

  • wet spanking in shower - That seems like the ideal locale

  • what is the purpose of the different spanking implements - To warm someone's bottom

  • what's in my panty drawer - uh, panties?

  • where do spankings happen the most? - On the bottom

  • who invented the spanking? - It was a Roman by the name of Flagellus Maximus

  • why do I feel like I want a old fashion spanking? - Nostalgia perhaps?

  • why women like erotic spanking? - I think you just answered your own question

  • wrong to fantasize spanking? - It's not wrong, but living the fantasy is even better


Paul said...

Bonnie, a nice chuckle, thanks.
Warm hugs,

Hermione said...

I had a feeling that Edmund Fitzgerald gig wasn't going to work out - I really need to share that one with Ron.

They were all wonderful! Thanks for sharing. You get the nuttiest keywords.


Anonymous said...

Hi; I missed the LOL day, I am mostly a lurker but I have posted maybe 2 or 3 times to the brunches.

Still wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for work on this site, on behalf of those of us who are unable to get any satisfaction for our 'kink' in real life (like when your husband isn't even remotely interested...even in sex let alone spanking...not that that's my problem or anything, ha ha). If it wasn't for wonderful people like you there would be no way for us to know that these relationships can really exist and not be totally S&M slave off-the-deep-end stuff. Your stories are wonderful, your posts are wonderful, you seem like you have a good soul, and thanks for giving me and those in hopeless situations like me - hope!

And your keyword chaos' are a riot, very creative and funny.

Best wishes!!!!


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