Friday, August 08, 2008

The Spanko Files: Terpsichore (Update)

Since we last heard from our friend Terpsichore, there have been more developments.

Since my first real spanking, we have had another encounter and we shared the best lovemaking of our lives. I asked if we could use toys. Right now, our collection consists of his hairbrush, a pink spatula, and his soft leather belt (I have been wishing for that belt for ages).

At first, he seemed tired and I was afraid he was going to fall asleep before we even got started (it has happened before). But then, all of a sudden, he flipped me over onto my back, held my arms pressed at the side of my head and started to kiss my neck I love having my neck kissed and I love when he is in control, or better yet, when I am out of control. He then explored my body for a while before flipping me onto my stomach.

He started spanking me with his hand and then moved on to the toys. I never wanted it to stop. It was very light, but so enjoyable. At one point, I started to say thank you and roll over, but he stopped me and said he was not finished with me yet. This was music to my ears. I could hear him lift up the belt. Using the belt, he tapped really lightly all over my bottom, back, and upper thighs. It felt great.

I think it will be a long while before he is comfortable using the implements with any force. However, he seems to have no problem applying his hand and sometimes, it is almost too hard. :-) But in a way, I like that we are easing into it as I do not yet know how much force I could or would want to handle... And I certainly was enjoying myself. He touched me all the while he spanked in ways that made me melt and quiver. It was such a nice time. I’m hoping for another night like this one. It was definitely the best lovemaking of my life... tied with a day last fall when I told him my secret. That was also a memorable night. :-) And so my dream has at last come true. But this dream is just beginning.

May your romance blossom as your adventures continue.


Hermione said...

He was just playing possum, making you think he was going to fall asleep. I fall for that trick every time.

It's just getting better and better for you. Isn't the belt great?


A.S.S. said...

Lovely night indeed. Thanks for sharing. Belts are indeed a lot of fun too.

Todd & Suzy

Paul said...

Terps, great news, leather is the best.
May your dream continue getting better and better.
Warm hugs,

Terpsichore said...

Hermione, no actually really he does fall asleep :-) LOL but I am glad he didn't this time :-) And I do hope to experience his belt again... :-)

Todd & Suzy, happy to share and yes belts are quite nice! :-)

Paul, thanks for the wishes...I know our relationship will continue to grow... :-)

Bonnie, thanks for sharing my continuing story :-)

Terpsichore :-)

Indiana said...

Great news, Terpsichore! May the fun continue!


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