Sunday, August 10, 2008

MBS Spanko Brunch #134

It's time again to assemble our friendly group of spanking enthusiasts. The brunch provides a forum for discussing various aspects of our favorite subject. This week's topic was suggested by a reader.

Have you a particular story, fable, myth, or movie that resonates with you in terms of spanking? Does it contain the suggestion of spanking, actual spanking, or merely dominant/submissive roles?

To participate in our discussion, all you need to do is enter a comment below. Once everyone has spoken, I will post an edited summary of the proceedings.

Thanks go to Hermione for the delicious zucchini bread!


Ms. Betty said...

The Princess Bride...or the beginning of it, anyway.

I've never been the same since the first time I heard Westley whisper "as you wish".

It still makes my toes tingle...

Fanny said...

I have always wanted to write a different version of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Can you just imagine how it would be for her to be the submissive to SEVEN men? As a psychologist, I realize the story was told in preparing a young woman for what her "duty" was in the world - i.e., a story that illustrates the woman's tasks and learning it in puberty. However, it has always held a deeper meaning for me, and even though spanking is not in the story itself, I'm sure that in answering to seven men, Snow White wasn't always the perfect submissive. She had to be disciplined at some point in her life with them. Ah, the twists and turns a kinky and devious mind can take! Enough to make a girl wilt!

Daisy said...

I love the film "The Iron Maiden, about a steam traction engine which gets damaged by an American lady who acts throughout like a spoiled brat until the very English owner snatches her up and throws her over his knee for a spanking, which shocks the life out of her....needless to say, they eventually fall in love.... but, if I found any other film containing spanking I would love it...unfortunately, I don't get to watch movies very often! The quiet man contains references to spanking, but it never actually happens...disappointing! Little house on the prairie was my intro to spanking, but that was children....when I was a child I was terrified of the thought of spanking, though it fascinated me...My grandad spanked me once when I was about 6/7, and I was mortified! Apparently, True Grit contains spanking, must try to get hold of a copy! Anyone got a list of good films? ;) hugs, xxx

Paul said...

Bonnie, I suppose Goldilocks would have been my first dream of spanking.
If ever a girl was a brat and needed a spanking spanking, it was her.
Warm hugs,

pmduo said...

I've always been fond of the I Love Lucy episodes where Ricky pulls Lucy over his knee & spanks her!

Hermione said...

The movie version of St. Joan, George Bernard Shaw's play about Joan of Arc, had a moment that resonated and has stayed with me. It is the scene where Joan is bound to the stake and the fire is lit. The close-up of Jean Seberg's face, full of anguish and pain, defiance and resignation, struck a chord.

Joan was certainly a dominant and determined young woman, strong enough to lead an army to victory. Yet she was also submissive: to the voices that instructed her, to her king, and to her captors.


Radagast said...

The Gor books by John Norman really get to me in a generally kinky way rather than in a directly thematic one. They are poorly written and full of bizarre and, frankly, misogynistic philosophy, but the notion of someone being taken away from this world and put in another where they are forced to submit sexually is a fantasy. Lots of Victorian erotic fiction has the same theme but the destination is often the "Near East" rather than another planet.

PK said...

Bonnie I have to put my vote in for John Wayne in McClintock. First of who wouldn't have wanted to be spanked by John Wayne? There are two good spanking scenes in the movie but that last one, wow, it does hit all spanking buttons. Aften pushing, and pushing Maureen O'Hara's character realized he is going to whip her butt as soon as he gets his hands on her. Her flight through the town - knowing want is coming is priceless! Something else that add to the movie for me is that later in an interview O'Hara said that in each take it was a real spanking - he was holding nothing back and was enjoying himself immensely!


Terpsichore said...

Only the stories in my head that have been with me since childhood :-)

P.S. - I love the movie Princess Bride...too...a hopeless romantic I am afraid

Take care,
Terpsichore :-)

Anonymous said...

I really like the Secretary because of course There is a lot of spanking and that movie is very hot.
I love the way she was willing to submit to him and even she let him control her eating habits.

D said...

Donovan's Reef. It's one of my top 5 favorite movies with one of my favorite men, John Wayne. To me, he is the definition of a "man's man." I’m a Navy brat and my dad was in WWII – so John Wayne movies were a requirement in our home.

I was born a year before this movie came out (1962) so I can’t tell you the first time I saw it. My guess, 5 or 6. What I do know, is that it influenced me quite a bit. I think it’s my first memory of being aroused sexually.

The romantic interest in the movie is a strong woman character that’s smart and beautiful, but still has a feminine side. I admired her so, and was the type of woman I wanted to be.

And what do I remember most? The spanking scene at the end of course! At the time, I thought it was one of the most romantic, thrilling scenes I had ever witnessed. A strong man, taking in hand a strong woman, as she finally submits to him completely and willingly. I longed for a man to do the same to me. I’m sure my vanilla friends would exclaim… “How could a spanking scene be romantic??” Up ‘till now, I had to keep that little feeling to myself… not any longer!

Thanks Bonnie for another great brunch and Hermione for bringing the bread!

weasel said...

The author who's work most affected me concerning women being submissive (or not, and the consequences they incurred) was Sharon Green in both her "Jalav - Amazon Warrior", and "Terrillian" series where her heroines dealt with offworlders, and dominant men. The "Gor" books were too much, but Sharon's characters portrayed independent women being brought to heel by men from otherworldly male-dominant societies.

Greenwoman said...

Morning Bonny and Readers,

I think my mind goes to all the bad girl/character images that were around when I was a kid. Lucy in Peanuts springs to mind rather rapidly. She was sassy to the point of being acerbic and she was mean too. If anyone needed a spanking it was herself. I always thought Catwoman needed a spanking and that even I ached to spank the Roadrunner. He was just so...untouchably irritatingly teasing. *grins*

Little Red Ridinghood comes to mind as one that's full of that D/s erotic interplay between the predator/trickster in the innocuous costume which springs up to consume the innocence of the little girl.

Now I think of it there's alot of potential spanking moments in Gone With The Wind and in The Wizard of Oz.

In more modern times, Secretary has become so popular and I too find it fun to watch. The Smiths, while really rather violent and not at all my idea of reality, there is something appealing in letting all barriers to my aggressive nature out to play...and that movie amuses me in relationship to it. Besides...who doesn't want to watch Brat Pitt and Anelina Jolie roll around in an aggressive prelude to rutting sex? LOL!

Serpent's Embrace said...


I am drawn to the Mord Sith of Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series. To me, they are the epitome of dominance in fantasy, not necessarily reality. At the same time, they submit to their Lord Rahl of Dhara. Their attire is brown, white, or red leather. All of which are worn skin tight. Gloves and boots are also worn as part of the uniform of a Mord Sith. As for their hair, it is long and kept in a single braid down their backs.

Mord Sith are trained with an agiel, a magic red leather rod capable of causing excruciating pain. The agiel is another aspect of submission as its magic is bound to their Lord Rah, who they are sworn to protect at all cost.

Overall, I think that Goodkind weaves dominance and submission into his works fairly well. Although, I do find the torture aspect of the Mord Sith to be disturbing in many ways. Goodkind has an answer for this, though. Richard Rahl abolishes the torture the Mord Sith have to go through to become Mord Sith.

Thank you Bonnie for the opportunity to explore this topic!



As far as fairy tales go it has to be the one called "Cinderfella" that bounces about in my head.

after being systematically abused and beaten by my evil, yet attractive, step mother (who looks surprisingly like the dark haired Veronika, from Punished Brats, in black dresses and dark red lipstick) my fairy god mother turns up and well you know the rest. Except in my version my ugly step brothers get killed in a midnight coach chase (with me driving my pumpkin number 7 racing coach) around narrow mountain roads while we are exchanging shots from those lovely late 18TH early 19TH century smooth bore pistols (well I am a bloke :-) ). And when the princess finally claims me as her own she makes it clear that when she becomes Queen she will be in charge and I will be Prince consort and not king. To make sure that I get the point she introduces me to her well equipped palace punishment room and her darkest dungeon, just so that I know what the consequences will be if I get too big for my boots.

As far as films go the idea of Susannah York as Section Officer Harvey in the film "Battle Of Britain" marching around in her oh so MMMMMMM! RAF uniform, enforcing her authority with a rod of whatever material she wants to use, pushes a lot of my buttons.


Anonymous said...

I remember reading Nancy Friday's book of sexual fantasies, The Secret Garden, as a child and learning that other people had spanking and D/s interests. I stole the book out of my mother's room and it was definately worth it! Recently, I enjoyed The Secretary.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie,
Little Red Riding Hood pushes my submissive buttons. The old woman who lived in a shoe spanking all of her children and sending them to bed captured my attention as a little girl. I now realize I had a fascination with that nursery rhyme. Cinderella is my ultimate fairy tale.

I love the movie version in "Ever After" starring Drew Barrymore. Her character, Danielle, is a wonderfully strong, smart, resourceful submissive. She even gets "a sound lashing" off screen, but we see the bleeding marks on her back. Another scene has her risking a punishment of five days in the stocks if caught dressing like a courtier. Of course she does it for a nobel cause; saving a man from slavery. In the end, she rescues herself from the bad guy, but then her prince is there on bended knee. He loves her for her strength of character and personality. She is no damsel in distress.

I am drawn to really strong characters whose ultimate motivation is a submissive one. Mulan, Belle (from Beauty and the Beast), and Maria from Sound of Music, are among my favorites.

My playful, bratty side appreciates Lilo (from Lilo and Stitch). She is a precious, misunderstood little brat who needs a good spanking, but her heart is pure gold.

Thanks for this discussion, Bonnie. I really enjoy reading the other responses. I hope some more folks weigh in!


cookie said...

I have to agree I like the secretary movie. But I really like the idea someone had about the seven dwarfs. I will never hear that story the same now lol.

Bonnie said...

There are so many influences for me. I’ve discussed a lot of them before, but I truly love Gone with the Wind. How much easier might Scarlett’s life have been had her father, Rhett, Frank, or even wimpy Ashley taken the time to thrash her bottom with a riding crop? OK, I’ll grant you that we would have missed out on some great plot twists, but this to me has always been a great injustice. She so deserved it.

I think my interest in bondage, believe it or not, started with Batgirl. It seemed as though the bad guys managed to tie her up almost every week. Unfortunately, they never managed to do anything with her or to her, but the suggestion was there.

There are probably one hundred more influences and this blog is full of them, so I guess I’ll leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

I liked the Doris Day movies an several of the John Wayne ones. Good old fashioned movies with sometimes very funny spankings

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