Sunday, August 31, 2008

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for August 31

Our topic this week was first reactions when one hears the work “spanking” in an unexpected context. Here are your responses.

Daisy: My first thought? "Yes, oh, yes please....!"

Never mind the context in which it was SAID, the word sends a delicious shiver right through me. I couldn't describe it as pure pleasure, nor as dread. It falls somewhere between the two, with a chunk of each. Ha ha. But the feeling is still one of longing... for that special moment to arrive.

Thomas: Regardless of where I hear it, my ears perk up a little and I try to hear more of what's being said. Chances are, unless they're talking about spanking children, I'm going to stick my nose in and make some kind of comment about it. If I'm wearing one of my spanking t-shirts or hat, I may even offer my services to whatever naughty party is being marked as deserving. ;)

Michelle: My ears perk up, and I listen to the conversation. It doesn't matter whether they are talking about Shadow Lane spanking videos or a brand spanking new car, my spine tingles and I start to get excited.

Girl: Oh God, it's always embarrassing. When I think of the top ten words I find most erotic, spanking is the number one. Thus, when I hear terms like "The Roman's spanked the Greeks in that war" (my Social Studies teacher in high school loved to used the word "spanked" for won) or "They spanked the opposition" to be more general, I get a little flushed. I would simply never use the word outside of innuendo and sexual context. My partner and I both tend to get a smirk when spanking is brought up. Toying with the vanillas who know what we do can be terribly amusing. But overall, I just perk up. Who knows? If they're talking about spanking, the person in question might just make a new friend!

Heather: Typically, I don't think a whole lot about it. I know that's not the response you're looking for, but that's how it is for me.

Lucy: I'm convinced that I've "outed" myself to strangers this way. When I hear the word in any context, my face goes bright red and a delicious shiver runs through my spine. I'm always afraid that people can tell I'm aroused by the word. I definitely have to agree with Girl. It's not a word that I tend to use in day to day conversations because it is so sexually charged in my mind.

Stacy: My first thought is usually a mix between a "Oh yes, please!" and a "When and where?" thought. This is usually followed by butterflies or shivers, or a smirk, or a leap of the heart.

Naomi: I don't even know. My reaction is somewhere behind the locked door of my subconscious, so trying to pin a special word or description on it is hopeless, and would probably end up being false.

However, I can tell you that my stomach gets a tickle in it and I get nervous. This is especially true when it's a family member saying the word. I automatically assume they know that Scott spanks me, at least for a split second, and then I go back to reality, take a deep breath and go on, unfathomed.

It's a pretty strange experience, actually. I'd rather not have people say the word 'spanking' around me. LOL. Even when Scott says the word 'spanking' I get nervous. I don't think it's in fear. It's more in an anxious sort of embarrassed way.

I'm so used to being secretive and ashamed of my spanking desires that even the word being said brings me back to those days.

Dr. Ken: If a female uses the word "spanking" in some way, my inevitable thought is, "Yeah, I'd like to give YOU a spanking." If it's a male using the word, I usually wind up thinking, "I wish I had somebody at home to spank..."

Paul: Being a widower Dom my feeling is one of gentle regret.

Hermione: My first thought is usually "Did I really hear that?" But thinking happens a long time after all of the uncontrollable physical responses that immediately occur. Like several others who have responded, my face flushes, my heart rate and breathing speed up, and I become sexually aroused. If I hear the word at work, I try not to react further, but if I'm at home and hear it on the radio or television, then it's safe to laugh or comment. In either case, I listen carefully because I hope to hear more.

Prefectdt: Nearly twenty years of living a very secretive life, even from most other spankos, has left me with a knee jerk reaction of "run and hide." I have to fight this off, as I am now trying to be as out as possible, even with my vanilla friends, without freaking them out about it.

Now, as long as the conversation is not about kids or my mother is there, I try to use the situation to be a little more honest about myself than I used to be with people.

Frank Spanko: When I hear the work "spanking" uttered, I usually think of, well, spankings.

Mike: One of the first thoughts that comes to mind is whether the person who said it is into spanking or not?

Kate: I think of my Master's hands on my rosy bottom!

Greenwoman: I'm all ears...*grins*

I usually look down at my hands immediately so that my expression betrays nothing, but I'm all ears. The next thoughts will go one of two ways, as spankee or spanker... Of course, those thoughts are typical once they get there, so I'm sure you don't need me to say the rest. *winks and smiles*

Anon VII: To me, the word is intertwined inseparably with private, intense personal intimacy between two adults. I'm not into spanking children (many years ago, I gave my now-grown daughter one little pop with my hand on one occasion for spitting in a fit of temper), and Meg and I aren't into punishment, so to me the punitive implications are alien. For that reason, it grates on my nerves to hear it referred to either flippantly or as a threat. Occasionally, I overhear a wife or lady-friend tease her significant other with what's rather clearly an invitation, but to me that's a public display of affection unless I have reason to infer from facial expression, tone of voice, or situational context that it's a taunt, to which I do not care to be privy.

Along with the frankly sexual connotation of the word, there is to me an implication of trust - confidence that the other will not be abusive but will provide the recipient with a high level of pleasure. I'm aware, of course, that I'm reading into that the manner in which Meg and I use the word, and that such does not always apply to everyone. Hence, when I hear the word used in a way that I cannot reconcile with that view, I cringe.

Jujubees: No matter where I am, I do a double take. I can't help it and I always hope no one is onto me.

Anon: Awhile back, my boss made a comment that I had "spanked" him. I think I played it off well, but I also wonder if he can tell.

Maryann: I heard the word just yesterday at the mall and shot a grin at Max. Then I realized a mother was threatening her little girl and it didn't seem fun any more. :(

Our Bottoms Burn: When I hear a female use the word, I quickly give her bottom a glance to see how spankable it is.

Yeah, I know. I am totally without any redeeming graces.

Lee: I perk up, in many different ways. It doesn't affect me that way if a kid is being threatened or punished, BUT if a "spankable" male is talking about his own childhood spankings, it does. After all, I know him NOW, and can only imagine his CURRENT reaction. I hear most of my out-of-context "spanking" this way.

Bonnie: I have a whole lot of different reactions that cascade in rapid sequence when my ears detect that magic word. To answer the question as presented, though, the very first one is “What? Did I just hear what I think I heard?”

Even if I determine that the context is not particularly appealing, the word stays with me and energizes my sexual interest. If the rest of the conversation (or that portion I can manage to overhear) is irrelevant, my mind is off and flying with my own spanking-oriented fantasies. Should, however, the discussion provide fodder for my imagination, so much the better!

As with many things, the moment of reckoning is swift and unavoidable. I ask myself whether I am blushing (probably), whether anyone has noticed (perhaps), and whether I can hide my enthusiastic reaction (doubtful). I next locate some small item in my purse that seems to require my complete and immediate attention. The fact that I don’t conceal my intense interest very effectively doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try, and a valiant try it is. But I can’t help it. It’s my kink.

Thank you again, dear friends, for joining our Sunday get together. I hope you will stop back next week!


Anonymous said...

Can I add my rather late thoughts? It's just...I have an anecdote! lol.

I get a little twinge of excitement and arousal when I hear the word used, unless it's my boyfriend saying it...then it's more than a twinge.

The other day, my best girl friend (who could not be any less kinky, it's amazing how two such close friends can have so little in common...) joked to my boyfriend that I needed a spanking. She knows I'm "a dirty bitch"...but she wasn't prepared for our embarrassed faces. Think she knows a little something more about us?


anni said...

Loved reading this. I can't think of a thing to add exeept that I agree with a zillion of them. : )

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the original posters, but one very frequent context that was not mentioned was describing something as "spanking new." It doesn't even make linguistic sense.

I hear the magic word, all other thought is suspended, I mentally hone in, and then realize they're talking about a lawn mower or a

Unless someone is bent over the trunk of that Kia, do not invoke THE WORD idly or in vain. That's the Spankos third commandment. We're like some coffee drinkers; we take this very seriously.

Love4her said...

When hearing the word "spank" or "spanking" spoken in female voice the first thing to come to mind is "oH yes... Me first please!" I am oft the one to say.... "what does a guy have to do around here to get a spanking!"

About 12 years ago I worked with a two ladies and they often remarked "you need a good spanking young man." At the time I was not a spanko, at least not to the degree I am now, but the idea of being punished by them was exciting to me as one that has always loved dominate women.

If those words were uttered once more I believe I would have to challange them to give me a good one! Nurses.... got to love 'em.

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