Thursday, May 22, 2008

Video: Jack and Diane

Here's a music video from the early days of MTV. It features a song by John Mellencamp (although back then he went by the name John Cougar). If you're not familiar with this artist, my husband once described him as who Bruce Springsteen might have been had he been raised in rural Indiana.

More to the point, look for a brief three swat spanking beginning around 2:12. It's not particularly effective, but one is left with the impression that Diane is neither unfamiliar nor totally opposed to this sort of play. Also, the clapping throughout brings to a spanko's mind another sort of impact.

Lest there be any doubt about John Mellencamp's proclivities, he had a second song around the same time entitled "Hurts So Good." The corresponding video had a biker theme and featured young women with black leotards, stockings, and riding crops. But it was the fun little spanking in Jack and Diane that always captured my imagination.


Lori said...

Bonnie, I watched MTV all the time and somehow never saw this video. Even now when I hear the song "hurts so good", it never occurred to me to think the words had any relation to spanking. Hmmm! You do find the coolest videos to share.

Indiana said...

I'd never seen the video before, but I remember the song well. It came out the summer I turned 17, so I always thought it was funny, as I couldn't see any reason at all to be 16 forever!

Can't disagree with your interpretation, Bonnie! :-)

Gwen said...

Bonnie, I remember being glued to MTV, waiting for this video to be replayed! I *loved* those three swats. Then he came out with 'Hurts So Good' - remember that song?

Hurt so good, come on baby make it hurt so good, sometimes love don't feel like it should, you make it hurt so good.

Wow. If there were any doubt in my mind before, that song settled it. He was as kinky as I was. :)

Hermione said...

I have always thought Hurt So Good was about spanking. It's "our song"!

That clapping (spanking) in the background seems to be a recurring feature in his music.


Paul said...

Bonnie, both videos were good, never heard then before, thanks,
Warm hugs,

Terpsichore said...

Though I did not really watch MTV much I do remember seeing the video once, though honestly I did not notice the three swats back to see it now... :-)

Terpsichore said...
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A.S.S. said...

"Dribble off the Bobby Brooks, let me do as I please"... lol, now we know what would please Jack!

Todd & Suzy

Michael said...

Thanks, Bonnie, I do remember that video from the eighties, and also 'Hurts So Good.' Reminds me of another song of that era which I took for a spanko theme, Nick Lowe's 'Cruel To Be Kind.'


YankeeFilmmaker said...

"cruel to be kind, in the right measure" ....good reference...I had forgotten that one

Belle said...

Wow. I've always loved this song, but I've never seen the video. Too cool...

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