Sunday, June 01, 2008

MBS Spanko Brunch #124

Welcome back, my friends, to another installment of our spanko brunch. Every week, we discuss a different topic related to our favorite aerobic exercise. If you haven't joined in before, I hope you will do so today.

Our question of the week comes from none other than my own husband, Randy!

Do the spankee's panties play any role in your spanking rituals? Is there a particular style, color, or fabric that is associated with spankings? If so, who purchases these panties? Who selects them prior to a spanking? Are panties always pulled down immediately or is revealing the bottom more of a gradual process? Who generally removes them? Are panties ever left in place throughout a spanking session?

To share your answers with the other participants, all you need to do is leave a comment below. Once everyone has had an opportunity to speak, I will post an edited summary of our discussion.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I am a fan of boy shorts. They show off the bottom and protect nothing! Panty shopping has always been a shared experience for us. Becall usually selects her panties and the ones she puts on clue me as to the type of spanking she desires. Sometimes she will just show me her panties and that is my clue to get out the toys. I usually leave the panties in place until near the end of the spanking. Panties and spankings go together.

Thomas_III said...

I don't have any preference for panties, though I do usually have my girls wear thongs if we attend a spanking party. Otherwise, I'm not too particular.

Now, as far as when they come down, it all depends on the situation. For discipline or punishment, they come down almost immediately. At those those times, I want the spanking to be felt in its entirety. If it's for play, then it may depend on my relationship with the bottom, and the scene that we're playing. Generally, though, play spankings are a piece by piece undressing, until bottom is bared. Only rarely are panties left on throughout, with the notable exception of parties. In the case of parties and unfamiliar bottoms, I'll usually wedgie up the panties unless the young lady gives me express permission to bare her. If I see a thong, I automatically assume that she doesn't want to be bared.

Anonymous said...

For a "real" spanking, luvbunny's panties don't really matter very much, but if she wears thongs or boy shorts, her bottom is much more likely to attract a random swat from me pretty much wherever we are, so some days she wears them with the intention of attracting those swats.

Most of the time, luvbunny removes her own panties, although there are times when I pull them down. I cant' really remember a spanking session where her panties were left in place for more than a few swats.

Mary said...

I can't recal a spanking where my panties stayed on the whole time either! Mostly he likes boy short, or fuller panties over thongs (when it comes to spankings that is). If I know I am getting one, the panites are definately chosen carefully. Mostly I choose, but if there is a particular type he is fancying - then he will let me know and I certainly make sure to have them on or else.
He generally takes them down when he decides. Sometimes immediately, sometimes we go through th over the skirt, over the panties, panties pushed up to expse the cheeks, the panites pulled down then eventually off kind of scenario. I have many pretty panties and love the part of the ritual that panties play as much as he does.

Jessica said...

My husband spanks when he wants to and doesn't necessarily take my panty style into consideration. We also have a hard time with privacy issues, so there isn't usually a chance to plan. I have to be sure all of my panties are decent so I am ready at any time! :-)

The panties always come down at some point, but he often leaves them on for the first few minutes. I think he like the drama of escalating the intensity and taking the panties off after the spanking has started.


Anonymous said...

Knickers are a very important part of my Discipline, the rituals of our spankings, and also our connection.

Full cut, cotton, regulation school knickers were introduced to me initially within our relationship to be worn as a punishment for my naughty behaviour or just as a reminder to me of my commitment to my targets and being a well-behaved girl.

As a punishment or a reminder now I am likely to be asked to wear 2 pairs or some other combination of knickers because the regulation school ones have come to represent many other things. I wear them most days now, which helps me to feel connected to my Disciplinarian, connected to my targets and also deliciously connected to my embarrassment at knowing I am walking around in such pants unbeknown to anyone else.

My Disciplinarian always says that such knickers show off a girls bottom properly, and I quite agree! As well as them being very comfortable ( I love the physical sensations of wearing such knickers ) and comforting.

Mostly my Disciplinarian will know what pants I have on each day through him asking me, which I love. And if I am going to be disciplined it is very likely that he will have already specified which knickers I am to wear. It is most often either my Navy, White or Maroon ones although I do have an array of colours! And I do have other different knickers that we both enjoy too ( tennis knickers, dance shorts, high-waisted 1950's style etc. ) but it is the regulation school knickers that are most symbolic of us and seem to have the most effect!

Knickers also mark important stages/ anchors within the ritual of the discipline - from having them inspected ( which I find hugely embarrassing but love that someone is that interested in my knickers! ) to going through the stages of having them slowly removed and 'framing' my bottom. This always gives me extra time to reflect on the discipline and feel it more thoroughly. And often the rituals around our knickers extend outside of the disciplinary session - I love it when my Disciplnarian takes me shopping for knickers!

I have had spankings with both my knickers left on and of course completely removed, and I like both and all stages in between. The only time that I had my knickers preserved from being revealed and my tights left up was when I was being spanked in front of someone else, which I was rather grateful for!

It is quite amazing what knickers have come to represent within our relationship and to me personally. A real mixture of embarrassment, formality, playfulness, comfort, connectedness, and intimacy.


Daisy said...

I only possess thongs.....and my darling bf seems to like those since my bottom is then always accessible! He rarely allows them to stay on for a spanking though...even though they would offer no protection, being ordered to remove them sends a shiver down my spine....
So far, we have never shopped together for them, though I am sure that day will come....

Hermione said...

I usually wear a thong on the day a spanking is due. It builds anticipation and keeps me very aware of my bottom and its impending ordeal. Ron can slip his hands under my clothes and feel that his target is ready for him.

Colour doesn't have any significance. I have a very pretty turquoise thong with an interesting embroidered decoration on the back, and a pair of boy shorts in the same colour that can be pulled up tight to reveal my cheeks below. But colour only matters if I am wearing matching lingerie. I have a variety of colours, fabrics and styles and I do all the buying.

Ron definitely prefers to spank a bare bottom. On occasion I have worn a thong, usually along with something interesting on top. He makes sure that nothing stays on too long. He wouldn't even think of starting if my bottom were actually covered. We are both usually undressed before the spanking begins.

After I have been spanked I prefer to put on a pair of comfortable cotton briefs.

Paul said...

Bonnie, knickers played no part in our spankings.
Except for hospital and and doctors visits, Mel wasn't permitted to wear any underwear at all.
If schoolgirl uniform was called for then regulation knickers were worn, but believe me they didn't stay on long.
We played a lot and we both thought that underwear just got in the way.
Warn hugs,

Alice said...

Panties do not stay on for spankings or any sort of play. It is our ritual for Him to tell me disrobe and present myself to Him. He has at times told me to just not wear them at all.

Shel said...

Bonnie, we are relatively new to spanking, although like many, I've craved it for what seems like forever, (by the way, thanks for that, your blog gave me the courage to ask for what I wanted!) So this is my first post, although I've been lurking for quite some time ;)

Interestingly, as soon as we had begun, we went on a shopping trip together where we selected several different styles and I got a whole new panty wardrobe!

We really like boy shorts best so far, which feel young and flirty, but display just the right amount of cheek at all times. Although inevitably most panties are usually removed completely, hubby also likes pulling them up wedgie-style into my crack, which gives me shivers of embarrassment and pleasure as well.

Color and style seem to be personal preference or convenience currently, but I have to say, the surest way for me to brat myself into a desired spanking is to surprise him by wearing a skirt with no panties underneath.

Anon VII said...

Panties, especially in combination with short skirts and cute tops that she fills out well, are very central - well, almost central, anyway - in our sessions. Call me odd-man-out if you want to, but I often find spanking with the panties on to be as arousing as popping her bare bottom. The thought of what's just under them really gets to me. Also, she gets excited very quickly, and seeing the wet spot on the panties, sometimes before I've given even one swat, gets me on the same page with her. The two pair I like best are both high-rise, which let me spank her sweet spots bare without stopping to pull the panties down. One's a tiger-stripe pattern. The other is a leopard skin design. Both go well with her tawny complexion, long honey-blonde hair, and large green eyes.

We don't do discipline. Ours range from the playful through the intensely erotic, with occasional tension-relief. One of her ways of signalling what she wants or needs is through what she wears as well as the position she sometimes assumes without being told and/or the implement she often leaves on my desk or hands me. Leaning slightly forward with a naughty-girl smile when there's no implement means she wants a playful pop, usually with me lifing the skirt. Stretching out over my lap when I have either just my hand or the short paddle means she wants major erotic. Grabbing her ankles when I'm holding the long paddle means she needs serious tension-relief. There are almost countless stages and variations between those three, and she knows that either of my top picks in panties guarantees extra force behind my hand or my best snap of the wrist if I'm wielding a paddle.

Anon VII

Anonymous said...

I prefer to wear french knickers - just in general, and I have been told such a style begs for a slap... *grins*


Abby said...

I am very conscious of my panties when preparing for a spanking. White panties, no matter the cut, make me feel ready to be punished, and I tend to wear them more purposefully than other panties. If I'm preparing for a scene that is to be more disciplinary than erotic, I will wear white. There's just something about white that explicitly says "naughty schoolgirl." White panties don't usually but may stay up for a spanking, since they tend to be more disciplinary and less erotic.

Most of my panties are black. For black panty spankings, I prefer to wear a fancier pair, something with an embellishment--lacing up the back, for example, or soft satin with lace trim and a good cut that shows off my backside. These are for more erotic spankings--interestingly, the more "erotic" the spanking, the more intense it tends to be. It's true that sexual arousal lends itself to withstanding pain.

I have a few pairs of plaid panties bought explicity for spankings, though I wear them to be cheeky--pun intended. They are boy-cut, so they show off the underside of my bottom, but still have enough fabric to make the plaid part obvious. Now that spanking is part of my daily life in one way or another, I tend not to wear thongs that much anymore. Self-defense? Or perhaps it's just that having one's bottom revealed feels sexier to me in the long run.

One of my favorite pairs of panties are a pair from the Pink department of Victoria's Secret. They're red, and in white writing on the back demand, "Gimme More Pink." I have many pairs of panties that I think announce, "Spank me," in one way or another, but these are certainly the most demanding!

I could write about panties forever, and then move on to socks, but I'll leave off her with an agreement with Hermione: no matter what was worn for the spanking, cotton briefs afterwards are a must!


Brat V aka TX Spankogirl said...

Panties aren't really that big a deal in our spankings. Sometimes they stay on, but most of the time they come down LOL. Style doesn't seem to matter to J and I have several of each (thongs, boy shorts, cotton) and he likes them all!

Punishments, however, are ALWAYS on the bare so it makes no difference as to what kind of panties I'm wearing. (Luckily those don't happen very often)

Fun/good girl spankings are what I get 95% of the time and they're SOOOO much better! Those spankings (might) start with panties on but they always come down. How else would we enjoy what happens AFTER those spankings??? :D

~Brat V aka TX Spankogirl~

Michelle said...

The panties I wear really have no impact on my spankings. I pretty much pick out my underthings and they are as lacy or not as I choose. My husband really doesn't care much about what I wear.

Since my spankings are purely for fun, never disciplinary, there aren't any hidden meanings in my selections, either.

Whether or not my panties stay on are determined by two things, whether I start with them on and if my husband wants them off. If I'm not wearing anything to begin with then they're off. If I've got them on, most of the time he pulls them down at some point (it's a part of the play I enjoy) but sometimes he leaves them on. When I'm being spanked, he's in charge and decides.

Anonymous said...

Panties, what panties? They are never left on. If they were left on I don't think I would have any pain and the spanking would have no effect on me. They are just in the way. The act of me or J pulling down my underwear prior to a spanking is the only thing that makes panties important at all.

Anonymous said...

Actually my husband prefers me to wear no underwear at any time (and be shaved ). I only wear them for certain situations like going to the doctor or thongs for wearing mini skirts to tease my husband so underwear is not an issue for us

Greenwoman said...

I have some really lovely panties. I enjoy wearing pretty lacy bits of nothing. If I put it on, its really an effort at arousal, the same as I'd put on a sexy dress.

I prefer boy shorts when I wear panties which in summer, is quite rare.

The part they play in spanking is that they leave my husband aroused and thinking of spanking me because they kind I like to wear leaves the rounded part of the buttock exposed and gets him thinking of how fun it would be to see that skin all pink below those pretty panties.

Most of the men in my life would just prefer me not to have any panties on though. They are in the way of fun.

Anonymous said...

What a fun topic! Thank you Randy. It is cool to read from so many tops!

We celebrated my first day of spankings by buying my first pink thong (in honor of Bonnie). I had never worn a thong before, but now I have several. Sailor is still experimenting with rituals about panties on or off and what differents styles mean. He is in charge of my spankings, so we'll see.

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