Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Implement Stories #7: Longing for More

As we continue our tour of readers' favorite spanking implements, we come next to Longing for More. Here is his tale.

There is a simple implement in our bedroom that frankly begs to be used on my bottom, but my wife is not a spanker. I often ask, cajole, hope, and talk up the possibility of a playful spanking. She hears me and laughs or simply rolls her eyes when I go on too long about my desire. She just does not get it. Taking on a dominant role and giving a spanking is just not a part of her sexual psyche. She even has a most spankable bottom. It practically begs to have a nice shade of pink lovingly applied, but being on the receiving end probably excites her even less.

I have long admired strong sensual women, but I have never mustered the gumption to make my desire known... until now. My poor wife, who does not possess a cell in her being with a dominant gene, will on occasion playfully say or do something that sets my desire to be punished burning. She might let the words "You need to be punished" slip from her lips if I don’t remember to buy half and half for her coffee or put her laundry away. It is a playful moment and she might even smack my ass with her hand through my jeans or I may bare my cheeks and bend over for a few quick, playful slaps from her soft hand.... But she just does not get it.

Even with this playful attitude, she cannot make the leap to me kneeling in the comfy chair that sits in the corner of our bedroom, with my ass bare, as I wait excitedly for a scolding and punishment for something as silly as not picking her panties up and putting them in the hamper for her. She loves me dearly and knows I desire to have her administer loving and playful discipline. Yet this wooden spoon sits in our bedroom and is used only to apply lotion to my back after I am out of the shower. Every time I see it on the night stand, bed or wherever, I long for it to be in her loving hand. I long for her to be dominant and to use the spoon to bring the sweet, loving, and humiliating chastening I desire and need.

Thank you, LFM, for sharing your long-handled wooden spoon. I hope you someday find the burn you seek.


Hermione said...

And wooden spoons DO burn, I really hope you get it in the end.

Thanks for sharing your longing with us. We understand.


Terpsichore said...

Thank-you for sharing. I do hope you get your wish someday. I know my husband is very comfortable with playful spanking but is not yet comfortable with anything more intense...so I am keeping the communication open until he is ready...and then I keep hoping - I have a hairbrush with pretty roses on it I bought in December and every time I see it... :-)

Paul said...

Bonnie, I also feel for this poor fellow.
I wonder if he has thought about finding a professional Dom/me, with his wife's knowledge, to at least quench some of his desire.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...


Jessica said...

It is so hard to sublimate those feelings! I am so glad that my husband was willing to give spanking a try! I hope you get the spanking you are looking for.

Anonymous said...

LFM - Have you thought about giving your wife a copy of Spanking the Male Mind, available on www.CreativeCoachingConcepts.blogspot.com (Miss Francy blog).

I just read it and intend on sharing with my wife, and I'm really impressed with this publication. I really think it will do much of the talking/explaining for you, and if she already knows your wishes to some degree, there isn't much risk.

Indiana said...

Thanks for sharing this with us, LFM, and good luck! (That spoon looks pretty wicked to me!)


Ollie said...

Thanks for sharing that with us LFM,

I feel for you as I am in exactly the same position as yourself. Our dear vanillas may not be converted it seems.

It's not a nice situation to be in, particularly when we see our cyber friends enjoying our kink, and we know we cannot.

Love4her said...

Well..... I GOT IT!

It was not as firm as I would have liked but it was in a playful and loving nature. I was asked to recount my naughty missdeeds of the day and smacked with the spoon for each. There was also the talk of what kind if hairbrush would be good!

She loves me..... and wants to please me... just has a hard time understanding.

I am still longing for more but I have a pretty good idea I will get it!

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