Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Video: Retro Spanko Potpourri

OK, this is strange, but I like it!


Anonymous said...

Definitely worth watching all the way through, and not just for the montage of retro-smackage, Bonnie. Yes, it was very bizarre, but also entertaining, especially seeing all those ancient "Krazy Kat" and Betty Boop cartoon characters. Thanks for posting it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Loved the video Bonnie. A bit weird but really fun to. Thanks for posting it.

Indiana said...

Excellent find, Bonnie! I was beginning to fear that there are only about six spanking clips that keep getting re-made over and over again (albeit with new and delightful performers). This is clearly not one of them!


Anonymous said...

It''s... a kinky acid trip! LOL Bizarre, but fun. -- Erica

Dr. Ken said...

I'n not sure "strange" quite begins to cover it....LOL

Dr. Ken

Hermione said...

I liked that chorus line of Greek maidens.

Very bizarre. That tune's going to stay in my head all day.


Paul said...

Bonnie, definitely amusing video, if not new.
Indiana, you'd be amazed at the number of spankings there used to be in films, or would you?
Warm hugs,

Daisy said...

WELL!!!! Funny...weird, cute.....sooooooooo strange...but, yes, Hermione is right...I cant get the tune out my head either...nor the vision of the women being ;)

Jessica said...

Jeez, those guys in Bonanaza were always spanking different women. I don't remember seing that many when I was watching the show!

Dr. Ken said...

Jessica--I remember seeing two spankings on Bonanza, the one with Ben in this clip and another where Adam spanked a senorita in a "Taming of the Shrew" take-off. I also remember Hoss threatening a cute Chinese girl in a battle of wills, but it was never shown. In fact, it never got mentioned again, making me wonder if he really went through with it or if it was all just talk...

Dr. Ken

Anonymous said...

Oooo that's my new favourite video! Trippy, funny, freaky, colourful and kinky... What's not to like?!

Terpsichore said...

very odd...but quite creative... :-)

Ell said...

Oh those strong men in Westerns! Be still my heart!

Thanks for posting the vid - great fun.

Bonnie said...

Anon - Sometimes weird is cool. I think this is one of those times.

Anon 2 - You're very welcome.

Indiana - I would say this clip pretty much defies classification.

Erica - Yes, that's a perfect description. I'm glad you liked it!

Dr. Ken - You're right, of course, but I didn't want to give too much away. :D

Hermione - Isn't all delightfully weird? I particularly liked the guy dancing on the pedestal.

Paul - I thought we needed something a little different around here. What I found, as you see, was a lot different!

Daisy - It is strangely addictive.

Jess - Those boys got their swats in.

Dr. Ken - We should look it up (wherever one looks up such things). I thought there were more.

Elle - You are so right!

Terpsichore - It's definitely out there, but I think it's fun too.

Ell - I totally agree. Those big, rough hands just make my heart leap!

dwcmike said...

really cute... obviously, someone with a spanking fetish on the mind... therefore a definitely great person... but weird, which i definitely like.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bonnie. I've seen this before, but enjoyed watching it again. Did I see a clip from "I Dream of Jeannie" on there? I don't remember her getting spanked on the show and can't find any confirmation for it. Does anyone know for sure?


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite bands (Tones on Tail) and one of my favorite subjects. Nothing strange or odd about it! (Didn't everyone grow up listening to Tones on Tail?!?)

I immediately emailed a link to my spankee friend, who also loves both the band and the subject matter.

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