Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Implement Stories #5: Tom

Here's Tom. He brings us tales of a stinging black rubber hose.

This implement came to us straight out of the… auto repair shop. I had taken my wife's car in to have the brakes done at a local mechanic. It was a shop we often used and when I picked up the car after work that night, I noticed that whoever had done the work had left a length of brake hose on the floor of the passenger side of the front seat. Obviously, I took this for a clear sign and omen. I brought it into the house and found it to be nice, soft, black rubber, about a half inch outside diameter. The hose was very supple and flexible, and conveniently, twenty inches in length. Perfect! I cut a six inch piece of quarter inch dowel and inserted that into one end to make a stiff "handle."

Growing up, I had heard my dad talk about a parochial school he had attended. The principal kept a rubber hose in the desk drawer to be used on wayward boys on occasion. I had often wondered what kind of hose it might be since the garden variety would leave damage for a week or more. My guess is that principal got his from the local high school physics lab since those black tubes we all had for our Bunsen burners are a lot like this length of brake hose.

This has turned out to be a real favorite! It is quite soft and supple so it will not bruise or break the skin no matter how hard you whack. BUT it does sting, leaves nice little purple parallel trolley tracks that last a day or so, and it is incredibly quiet. That last aspect makes it perfect for people living in apartments, for those staying in hotels, and for some serious whacks even when the kids are still awake.

Ours was simply a gift from some mechanic in a hurry to get to the next job. But I would think you could walk into any good auto parts store and ask for two feet of brake hose and get a wonderful implement for less than two dollars. It has a delightful quiet thud, a hot sting and glow, leaves just visible marks, and can be used at some length, thirty or forty licks will generate amazing heat and other things.

Thank you Tom, for opening our eyes to a whole new class of pervertable objects. It's almost enough to get me to look forward to my next trip to the repair shop.

Do you own a spanking implement that you would like to share? If so, I invite you to participate in Implement Stories. Just send me a photograph and/or a descriptive narrative.


Hermione said...

OMG Tom, the looks wicked!

Hmm, maybe I should volunteer to take the car in for servicing next time. Then I could casually look around and see if I can spot one of those, or ask....


spleenal said...

I've got a narrative for you over on my blog.
shame it's all made up.

or is it?

no it is.

or is it?

no it is made up, but you might like it anyway.

Paul said...

Bonnie, wow that looks quite painful, now why did that never occur to me.
Thanks Tom.
Warm hugs,

Jessica said...

Ooo, that gives me shivers!

Terpsichore said...

hmmmm...looks frightful...but quiet is appealing... :-)

Frank Spanko said...

My dearest Bonnie -

Whilst it seems that a rubber hose may make a good spanking implement, I've always found that the best place for it is up ones nose.


Bonnie said...

Hermione - Yes, based upon Tom's description, wicked is probably a good characterization. Ouchie is undoubtedly another.

Spleenal - Unconventional, definitely out there, but actually quite entertaining. Thank you.

Paul - I definitely agree.

Jess - I hear you!

Terpsichore - The world needs quiet and effective implements. But given the choice, I'd just as soon make a little noise.

Frank - Thank you, Mr. Barbarino.

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