Monday, March 03, 2008

The Spanko Files: D

D is a new friend and she has kindly volunteered to tell us her story.

My husband and I have been married for ten years and together for fifteen. For all of those years, I kept my desire to be spanked a secret. I felt somewhat ashamed of this desire. Even though we always had a wonderful relationship and marriage, I still felt uncomfortable bringing up the subject of spanking because I was afraid he would be turned off by it. So I suffered in silence.

Fast forward to two or three months ago. Even though we have a great marriage, intimacy in the bedroom was never there for us. We never had that passion or tried anything new, thus leading to very boring, predictable lovemaking. It started to take a toll on our marriage and we even discussed separating.

Finally, one day my husband said that we are going to set aside time each week where the kids go to bed earlier. We would light candles, have some wine, and in this way, gain more intimacy. I'm happy to report that it worked! So from there, we started communicating a lot more, and learned from each other what we liked or would like to try to rev up our sex life.

This is the time that I found My Bottom Smarts on the computer. When I read the stories, the comments, and everything, I thought, "This is what I want." It gave me the courage to tell my husband that I wanted to be spanked. He said he always wanted to try it, but didn't think I would go for it! From there, we incorporated spanking into our lovemaking. It was the first time ever I did not need any lubrication and I had my first ever orgasm! I felt so fulfilled for the first time in my life!

Now spanking is a part of our intimacy, and we have also started role playing, again, thanks to Bonnie's blog! I never realized intimacy could be so much fun and so intriguing! We went from having sex one night a week to four or five nights! It has also helped in our lives in general. I am definitely more affectionate and attentive to my husband than before and I know it's because I feel complete as a woman and wife. Sure, it takes work to keep the intimacy going, but it is a commitment we are going to keep. We have two small kids, ages 6 and 7 1/2, and our 7 1/2 year old has high functioning autism. Life can be crazy around here and it's easy to get caught up in the kids and ignore each other. But we don't do that anymore. We don't take ourselves off of the list of priorities anymore and I think that is the most important thing. We certainly don't ignore our kids, but we do make our marriage a priority just as much as our kids.

Two things have led to our improved intimacy: communication and Bonnie's Blog. My husband read the articles too and he thought they were great!

So that is my story. I'm sure just the beginning of many wonderful spankings, role playing, and great sex!

D, thank you for sharing your experiences. It's a real pleasure to have the opportunity to play a small part in your success. May your happiness grow with each passing day.


Paul said...

Bonnie, thanks for posting this.

D, what a great story, like Bonnie, I wish you both continued happiness.

The couple that spanks together, stay together.

Thanks for sharing.
Warm hugs,

Jessica said...

Bonnie - Another success story! It sounds like you have a calling in unique marriage reconcilation strategies.

D - Congratulations!


Hermione said...

Congratulations, D, on coming out both to your husband and to us. I'm glad to hear your husband reads blogs too. He'll take what is meaningful to him from them. Thank you for sharing.

Bonnie, I agree with Jess. We should call you Doctor Bonnie, Spankologist Extraordinaire.


dg_uk said...

What a great and heart warming story. Congratulations, and so lovely to hear that you are communicating so well, as well as enjoying the intimacy.

Warm wishes


New Beginnings said...

I am so happy for you! This is a lot like the changes my husband and I went through when I found Bonnie. To be honest I just didn't think it was really going to last but I am so happy to say that we are going on 2 years of our new lives. And you seem to have realized too that the very best thing you for your children is to assure that their parents have a happy marriage!

Hope to see you around often!


Terpsichore said...

Hi! That is so wonderful. I am so happy for the two of you. Truly a great success story. Thank-you for sharing with us. And thanks Bonnie for being such a support to us all... :-)

Indiana said...

Such a wonderful story, D! I hope it just keeps getting better and better!


Mary said...

This is beautiful. I am so glad you found the courage to share and that is so fulfilling. Most important I am for your marriage - as a strong marriage is the best gift you can give your kids.

Anonymous said...

Lovely and uplifting. Thanks so much for sharing.

Todd & Suzy

Jim said...

Lovely story! May your bottom never grow cold!

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