Saturday, February 16, 2008

Catching Up

Wow. I take a day away from the blog and it feels as though I've been gone for months. I know I owe several of you e-mail responses and I will get caught up soon.

I envy bloggers who can effortlessly write a post that wanders all over the pasture, but still seems cohesive and coherent. I tend not to do that, but today will have to be an exception because I have a lot to say.

Randy and I had a lovely V-Day celebration. There were roses. There was chocolate. There was fine dining. There were spankings too. My oh my, there were spankings.

Randy decided it would be "fun" to spank me up before we left for the restaurant. The warm-up, as he called it, involved the repeated application of a small wooden paddle. If this was the warm-up, I thought while lying perpendicular across his lap, the main event was sure to be something fierce.

I was plenty tender as I enjoyed a delicious seafood paella. It seemed as though Randy smiled every time I squirmed in my seat. Still, the gleam in his eye spoke volumes about his love and devotion.

True to his word, Randy stripped me down as soon as we returned home and positioned me on the bed in preparation for another round. As I crouched on the bedspread, I could still feel the after-effects of his previous efforts. Never one to be deterred by such concerns, my lover started right in. The crop made a swishing sound immediately before each stinging impact upon my upturned flesh. It hurt, but not as much as the paddle had.

After a few minutes and a few dozen sharp blows, Randy determined the time had come for other corporeal amusements. He took full advantage of my exposed position and undeniable state of arousal. Our lovemaking was fast and exciting. With a hand firmly gripping each of my hips, my dear husband made the hurt all better. Our mutual desire poured out in the form of pants, groans, and screams of exhilaration.

This was a fine Valentine’s celebration. Have I mentioned that I love spankings?

In other news, I’ve received several excellent submissions for the third season of our Implement Stories series. If you’d like to tell MBS readers about your favorite (or perhaps least favorite) spanking implements, it’s definitely not too late.

During our last Ask Bonnie segment, a reader asked if anyone had plans for building a spanking bench. I didn’t, but I knew you folks would. Here are two suggestions care of the EhBC Canadian BDSM group:

Bondage Bench
Spanking Horse

Thanks to Hermione for finding these!

I hope you’re enjoying a great weekend with all the spanking fun you desire!


Anonymous said...

It sounds as though you had a lovely Valentine's Day! Thanks for posting the plans do you think if I fill them with plants my children will never be the wiser?!

New Beginnings said...

I love your description of your evening - your Randy is quite a fellow.

Now wait - you love spanking? I hear Eva hates winter, why haven't you girls mentioned these things before? I hate being kept in the dark!!


Hermione said...

The graphic is perfect! And I loved your meandering post, too. You brought us up to date on all the news.

SO glad you had a good Valentine's Day celebration.


Paul said...

Bonnie, lovely post, not so different from the way that Mel and I celebrated the day and a lot of others. Mel loved being spanked and what followed. Chuckles!!!
Warm hugs,

Bonnie said...

Elizabeth: I think they would be ideal as plant stands. It's like a pervertable in reverse!

PK: Yes, he is one attentive fellow and I love him for it.

As for loving spankings, I suppose my secret is out. What can I say? :)

Hermione: As I said, I envy those bloggers who can write about everything and nothing in a single post and make it appear seamless. That's not really my style. I tend to have seams that show. Oh well. I shared what needed to be conveyed.

V-Day 2008 was definitely a memorable one at our house.

Paul: Thank you!

Terpsichore said...

Thank-you for sharing your story about your Valentine's Day. I am so glad you had such a nice time together. :-) Waiting for my honey to return from being away so we can celebrate...

Lori said...

So nice to hear another Bonnie and Randy spanking story. I was beginning to wonder if the two of you had given up the sport, LOL. Sounds like a perfect V-day 2008.

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