Friday, January 04, 2008

The Spanko Files: Hermione

A number of our MBS readers are skilled writers as well. It's my privilege to allow their voices to be heard.

One Tender Moment
by Hermione

This story is about a spanking, but more than that, it’s about one special moment during the spanking.

It was our date night, and my anticipation had been building all day. We watched TV for a while (at least, I pretended to watch). Finally, my husband said, "It's time." We went up to the bedroom, undressed, and then got into bed. We kissed and cuddled, with special attention being paid to my bottom. Ron turned me over onto my tummy, and I held my breath and watched as he chose the implement for the evening. Oh good, I thought, as he reached for the dogging bat – a long paddle made of two layers of leather that slap together – that hung from the bedpost. It’s my favourite. It has a nice thuddy feel, makes a loud crack, but doesn’t hurt too much.

I gripped the iron rails of the headboard and gave myself over to the sensations as the stiff leather made contact with one cheek and then the other. Each swat was harder and louder than the one before, and it felt good, like a deep massage. Then the swats stopped. Ron rubbed my reddened globes for a while. When he picked up the bat and began again, the strokes were faster and lighter, but stingy. He aimed for the sweet spot just above my thighs.

Then one well placed stroke landed at the base of my left cheek, just above the top of my inner thigh and very close to the cleft. The sensation it produced was completely unexpected. It felt like an electric current, and traveled straight to the place inside me where I feel an orgasm. I gasped, not in pain, but in delight! Now I understood how someone could climax during a spanking, and I definitely wanted more. I wiggled and tried to maneuver my bottom so that the paddle would land in that very sweet spot again, but the rest of the spanks were of the regular, non-electric variety.

The spanking ended and was followed by gentle fingers that brought me quickly to ecstasy. Ron entered me from behind, pressing his cool body against my hot bottom, and had his own happy ending. We held each other close for a while, and I thanked Ron, as I always do. He laughed, embarrassed, the way he always does. Then we dressed, and he went off to watch football while I busied myself with some household tasks that could be done standing up.

I could still feel the sting of that single stroke on my tender flesh the next day, and savoured the memory of the delicious moment. It was something I had never expected to feel, and a promising sign of even better moments to come. Do you think a discrete 'X' drawn with indelible ink would be considered topping from the bottom?

Thank you, Hermione, for sharing that magical moment!

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Susan said...

Oh that was very cute. Thank you indeed. As to your question, I wouldn't call it topping from the bottom so much as hopefully suggesting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! We also have a dogging bat and it's my favorite tool. It can be used as a warmup or as the main event. (and can be purchased quite reasonably from a farm/ ranch store)

miss kitty

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