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Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Dec 9

Our brunch topic this week dealt with the sounds we spankees make when our bottoms are set ablaze. Based upon the fabulous response, this is clearly a subject of great interest to MBS readers. Here are your thoughts.

Natty: A. tells me I tend to say "ouch" a lot. I often feel like I'm grunting, squealing, and whimpering, but apparently he doesn't hear much of that. I do have a bad habit of groaning when told how many strokes I'm going to get, which then gets me more strokes. But I suppose that's before the spanking rather than during. ::grin::

When I first started getting spanked, I was probably a bit too stoic and didn't make much noise at all, as if making noise would be impolite. I know that has unnerved at least one top. I suppose in some ways, making noise during a spanking is something I'm still working on.

Bethie: I'm a noisy spankee! I yelp, whimper, squeal, complain, beg, moan, giggle, and all manner of vocal expression.

It doesn't matter how much fun I'm having (erotic spankings) or not having (disciplinary ones), I have to let it all out. Spankings hurt, even when it's that good hurt, and I let him know just how much or how good.

I wasn't always this vocal. Before Dan, I used to grit my teeth and take it with hardly a whimper. Dan likes hearing me though, so I've learned to let go. I like it better this way because I can really get into the whole experience when I can vocalize how I feel.

Spankings around here can be pretty noisy! I'm often surprised by how much, but I like it.

Sleepy Girl: I got my first real spanking the other day (Someday I'll have to tell you, Bonnie, what a blessing and a help it was to find your blog!). I didn't know what to expect out of myself, especially since we have to be kind of quiet around here. I emitted gasps, whimpers, low guttural groans... a whole litany of little sounds, well muffled into the pillow, of course.

Ach! I can't wait to see what I might sound like if Beloved and I ever get some time alone!

Hi, Sleepy Girl, and welcome to you!

Paul: There were a whole gamut of noises during an erotic spanking including giggles, groans, moans, and sighs. On the few occasions when Mel would orgasm, she would generate screams, laughter and tears.

Punishments were quieter. She would say “ouch,” suck in of breath, and usually end in tears. But as I've said before, after the early years, punishments were rare. During scenes, Mel would act well, counting if requested and saying “oh sir.” If she was playing a school girl, she would sob, scream quietly, and love every minute.

The sounds certainly added to the fun.

Lori: This certainly depends on the type of spanking, but whether erotic or punishment, there are the usual “AHHH”, “oww,” and “ugh.” For some reason, I don't cry. But most of the sounds I make are crying sounds that would make you think I had tears running down my face. This is usually accompanied by or alternated with heavy breathing. There have been times of screaming and pleading, only to be told to get back in place or there will be extra.

Luna: The amount of noise I make depends on the reason for the spanking. I'm more stoic during a punishment spanking than an erotic one. I am normally a noisy person when in a scene or during sex. I'm either entertaining to the neighbors or really, really annoying. Yet I still can look them in the eye when I see them outside.

For an erotic spanking, I generally do a lot of moaning and groaning, sighs, and hissing. I know that my sounds really turn Master on so I probably have learned to make even more noise than I usually would on my own. When the pain of the spanking starts stirring my endorphins, I generally change my sounds to quieter moans and groans. I have periods where I don't make any sounds at all. When the pain/pleasure combo gets ramped up, I get really loud again, sometimes cussing and screaming, wiggling and jiggling my ass as the strikes are laid down. When things are going really well, I start giggling and can laugh and laugh-snort pretty regularly. (I hate it when I snort... I laugh even more when I do.)

For a punishment spanking, which is always a caning, I'm completely silent and try to be reposed. I take the caning with silence no matter how bad it hurts. I hate the cane. It's not meant to be pleasant, so I don't want to confuse the punishment with moans or hisses. I do swallow pretty hard between each one.

The implements used will bring out different sounds too. Hard wood paddles generally get the grunts and groans and deeper sounding noises. Hand spanking gets the most varied noises. Any reaction can happen from sighs to yelps, but the most common is always the moan/groan.

I used to be mortified when I'd start giggling during play. I couldn't stop myself from doing it, but I thought that Master would think I'm mocking his methods or something. It turns out that's a natural reaction to the endorphins for some people. So, I'm a giggler. In fact, the giggles also turn to outright silliness when I come down from that high.

sally4lvp: It usually starts out pretty quiet and moves to the “ouch,” “ow” thing, then a little begging with “it hurts so much” and “please stop.” As he heats up for the finish, the screams into the bedding will start along with some kicking. This stage can last a while depending on how many I am in need of. I tend to not want to get too vocal because I don't want to scare him into stopping to early. We are still getting adjusted to what I can really take or need. I tend to not cry, but at times, if it is intense enough, I have gotten tears in my eyes. But the learning process can be fun!

Jeana: Most of the time for me I either moan or say “ouch.” Like Sally, I'm scared to be too dramatic about it because I don't want him to stop and I know he worries. Sometimes, I want to scream though and I'm sure I will eventually. I haven't cried yet, but I think I could if it was a little bit more intense. I did have tears in my eyes on Friday night. That was the first time he spanked me to the point where I actually wanted it to stop. It was great. I’m sore too, which has never really happened before. Anyways, back to answering the question, I hope I will get to a point in the future where I can make more sounds and not worry about him stopping. Until then, I guess I'll just be kind of quiet.

Paige: Though the spankings my hubby gives me are all erotic in nature, they still sting! Usually I say things like "Owwww!" or "Oh!" most of the time, but I also moan a lot too!

Greenwoman: I have not had a spanking for punishment since I was a child. All the spankings I've had have been for emotional balance and for sexual enjoyment. So, there's little talking. Now and then, I am asked how I am doing and I respond, perhaps. Otherwise, it’s the sounds of my breathing and the sound of a moan when I become aroused by the spanking. Perhaps with a playful spanking, there will be giggling and laughing squeals. After the spanking, there may be crying as an emotional release.

Mary: I grunt, yell, giggle, scream, pant, grown, cry “ouch” and “stop,” and all to no avail. If the spanking is for play, I may mouth off and be a brat. But if it’s for punishment, such behavior usually gets me more than I bargained for so, I try to refrain.

Jean Marie: I guess I'm a traditionalist when it comes to the most traditional of chastisements. If it's an erotic spanking, I can't help but sigh, moan, mew, whimper, squeal, and giggle. But if it's punishment, my top doesn't brook any resistance or silliness. I'm expected to stoically take my medicine. Usually my lover will get out the implement of choice and lecture me while he smacks it into his left palm, and then as he gives me the warm-up hand spanking. Even though they may not initially hurt as much as some vigorous playful sessions, punishments almost always bring me to tears quickly. There's just something about getting my butt cheeks thrashed that makes me contrite. The only sound, therefore, is my sniffling.

I've had a recurring fantasy about being punished by a lipstick lesbian who, like some of the tennis stars of today, would grunt as she served up ace after ace across my ass. I find this scenario very arousing for some strange reason. My real-life partner just talks, sometimes admonishing, sometimes praising of how I'm taking my lesson or how prettily my bottom is blushing.

Related to our vocalizations is the topic of sexy sounds. I find the sound of the cane whistling through the air extremely erotic, except when it's my butt awaiting the impact. Watching videos of canings always gets me wet. I once saw a tape of a girl getting it with a big wooden paddle that had holes drilled in it. It shrieked as it cut through the air. The unlucky recipient shrieked, too. Just the sound effects brought me to orgasm as I watched.

I think that sounds are a big part of the turn-on.

Abby: I really enjoy the auditory aspects of spanking, so all types of sound are key for me – from my husband's voice talking to me to the sound of his hand or implement against my skin to the sound I make in response. I know I squeal and cry out "Ah!" a lot. But I am most conscious of saying "ow ow ow ow ow" because I'll realize I'm still saying "ow" after it stops stinging, but I've gotten into saying it.

Our house is very close to the house next door, but we've given up on worrying about it. They still say hi to us on the street even though we've had bouts of me downright screaming with each stroke. So I've become comfortable with my vocalizations, whatever they may be. I think my husband would worry more if I were quiet without him telling me to be. For me, quiet means that I'm not in the right mental place or am upset about something.

I did try an experiment the other day in which I tried to moan rather than make a pained noise during a strapping. It changed the experience completely! It only goes to prove that mind-body connection that we all know exists during a spanking. I'm sure this tactic wouldn't work for all spankings (some just aren't going to feel good no matter what sound you make), but it brought a whole new level of awareness of how I react to them.

Emmy: Compared with other spankees that my Dom spanks on a regular basis, I know I am a very active/noisy spankee. Most of my closer spankee friends are very stoic, but I am the exact opposite.

Depending on the mood of the spanking and my personal mood I can be quite vocal. If my Dom and I are doing a playful spanking, I find myself kicking my feet, saying “ow,” “ouch,” or my favorite line, “what do you think YOU'RE doing back there?”

If we're in a serious scene, I try to be as well behaved as possible, though I still kick my feet up and try to protect my bum, accompanied with phrases like "go easy" or "I really don't want it."

My Dom usually responded by telling me "Feet down" and "Relax."

So I would not consider myself extremely vocal, but I am not stoic by any means. It really does depend upon the atmosphere of the spanking scene and my mood throughout the day.

PK: I am right there with Sally and Jeana. I would love to be more vocal. However, that is totally against my nature, when anything hurts me in any way, I become very quiet. I love the idea of being able to let go and cry, yell, beg him to stop – and have him ignore me! I have no doubt that if I yelled “Oh, stop, owww! That hurts!” he would stop. And who wants that?

I have hope. You never know what the future might bring!

Sara: I posted my response on my blog.

Cassie: When he first started, I used to cuss a blue streak! That didn't last long when he would burn a blister and then inform me that the spanking wouldn't start until I stopped cursing! I am usually pretty vocal though. I tell him to stop, it hurts, he's killing me, in between the laughing and owwwwwing!

But if I don't think I should be getting a spanking, I won't give in and I try not to make a sound. I have also learned to keep my mouth shut if he is really annoyed. He lectures and anything I might say just gets him talking and spanking longer!!

Prefectdt: I love to be spanked hard enough to be make to go “arghh” loudly and I would never do that falsely. Unfortunately, practicalities get in the way. Often, play is in a private home, with neighbours, a street outside, and all the other things. In these circumstances, it is still possible to play a bit hard and I usually control my urge to shout out by using deep breathing, so there is usually a lot of huffing and puffing when play is getting good.

Anon VII: Ours tend to run the gamut, but the ones she does most often, and the kind that add to my excitement most, are giggles during playful or lightly erotic spankings and, during more intensely erotic and stress-relief ones, explosive exhalations of breath (sometimes with exclamations like "OH!" or "GOSH!"). When she's torturing me by bending over with hands on knees for the paddle, she often does the rapid heel-drumming on the floor, usually between the first two swats, as I make her wait several seconds after the first one to let the initial shock wear off and the burn to hit. Heel-drumming is often accompanied by a long "OOOH!" or a string of short, reiterated ones. Since we don't do punishment, I don't know what she would do under those circumstances. However, I suspect she'd hiss and snarl like an angry cat, especially since her appearance and manner are both somewhat feral.

Hermione: As a child I learned that it was best to bear pain, any pain, in silence. Any violation of this rule usually resulted in more pain. So I usually approach a spanking with the intention of being brave and stoic. That's how it starts out, anyway.

At the beginning I will just breathe in audibly with each swat to let my husband know that I can feel it. I mean, it seems kind of rude to just lie there. When the strokes become more intense I often moan with the pleasure of the sensations produced when certain implements are used.

When there is a pause in the action, for reflection and rubbing, I'm always startled by how loud and harsh my breathing sounds in the silence. When my breathing returns to normal, the spanking resumes.

When the swats really start to burn or sting, I do yelp, squeal, or cry "Ow!" quite involuntarily. That's happening more frequently now as spankings are increasing in both intensity and duration. We are exploring new implements, especially a certain evil white plastic paddle which produces a serious sting. At this point, I no longer try to control myself vocally. It hurts and it's okay to react in whatever way I need to.

It's up to Ron to decide whether it's time to end a spanking, and my only concern is that if I get too carried away he may stop before I am actually ready for it to be over. But that's something that we will resolve over time. I usually reassure him afterward that it was great, even though (or because) it really hurt.

Elle: Well now, I'm a bit new to all this, and probably a decade or two younger than the other posters.

My first spankings as an adult were with my best friend. He knows me very well, my naughty little girl streak as well as my dominant personality. It started with teasing and raising his hand to me. Then it progressed. These spankings were always public, as in at a party or with a few friends and I'd be "misbehaving" so he'd scoop me over his lap and give me a few slaps. As he's gay and I'm female this was entirely a game. I would squeal, giggle and play-act that I was hurt.

My current boyfriend witnessed this once and he jokingly said he could do better. Later that night I took him up on the offer. Well, I scream and moan and groan. It's like an orgasm (sometimes it IS an orgasm...)

Well that was a bit long, but because I'm new I thought I should explain a bit. Thanks for having me, I've been reading for a little while.

Welcome, Elle! I’m glad you joined our brunch.

Sub Nouveau: I think I would under normal circumstances be very loud, but my living arrangements involve a neighbor who's bedroom is adjacent to mine, and very thin walls. Instead I tend to curse into my arm, blanket, under my breath. I also long to cry, but I can never seem to get it to come out until after the events are over.

Terpsichore: I asked my husband this question and his response was that I am mostly quiet, but that he thinks I "could" probably make a lot of noise. :-) That being said, other than a few playful spanks during lovemaking, I am still awaiting my first real spanking. As a result, whether I am really noisy or not is yet to be determined. Plus, there is the matter of the two little sleeping children nearby whenever we have that rare moment of intimacy, so noise may not be an option for a while. :-)

Bonnie: My reactions can be all over the map depending upon the situation. If I’m into the spanking and enjoying the proceedings, I might coo, giggle, moan, or describe for Randy how I feel. If the intensity of a spanking is a bit more than I feel I want at that moment, I may exclaim ten variants of “Ow!”

If the spanking is intended to be therapeutic, I’m usually pretty quiet. At those times, I’m deep within my own head and concentrating on accepting the pain and making it my own. When it’s foreplay, I tend to pant and moan as the desire washes over me.

One change that I’ve noticed is that Randy and I now talk far more during spankings (and during sex for that matter) than we did in earlier years. He finds it a turn-on when I tell him how it feels for me. At the same time, his words of encouragement help me to graciously accept all the gifts he chooses to bestow.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this great discussion. I hope you will stop by and bring your spanko friends next Sunday when we will be enjoying our 100th spanko brunch.

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