Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Shower Power

Have you ever tried spanking while in the shower? If not, you might enjoy it.

Randy and I shared a shower spanking the other evening and it was definitely good, clean fun. On his way home from work, he called me and told me to strip and lie on the bed. This instruction made me think I was in for one of his spanko-bondage frolics. When he arrived a few minutes later, I was in the designated position and state of nudity.

I was a little surprised, but certainly not dismayed, when he removed his clothing as well. Once he was as naked as I was, he knelt down, kissed my cheek, and whispered in my ear, “Shower time.” I leapt from the bed with enthusiasm. This was a game we both enjoy and we hadn’t played this way in ages.

It was a bit tight with two people sharing a shower designed for one. But closeness was definitely part of the attraction. We embraced and kissed passionately as the warm water flowed around and between us, caressing our glistening skin. His hands became reacquainted with my rounded landscape. My hands stroked his handsome face as I stared once again into those captivating eyes. We recognized one another as partners, as traveling companions through life, and as lovers. As he squeezed me tightly, I rededicated myself to him with head, heart, body, spirit, and soul.

We next took turns washing and rinsing one another. This was fun. We laughed as the suds went all over. It turned out that some areas required considerably more lathering than others.

Once we were thoroughly clean, he began to spank me with his stiff right palm. His pace was leisurely at first, but gained momentum as he progressed. His left arm still encircled my waist. He pulled me in close, even as he struck my wet bottom again and again. It hurt, to be sure, but it was such a sweet sting that I could only pant my approval.

Again he kissed me as our tongues danced and darted. Then, as if one body, we pivoted together and turned so that the water jet was running directly down my back. Randy paused the spanking long enough to adjust the temperature of the shower. It was now much warmer than before. Likewise, the spanking intensified after he retrieved a wooden bath brush from the adjacent countertop. The sound produced by the impact of this hardwood implement against my wet skin was nearly as shocking as the swat itself. The loud CRACK reverberated around our bathroom as if it were an echo chamber.

Randy now spanked in earnest employing short, quick strokes. I clung tightly to him as he continued to light up my bottom. By the time he decided I had accepted enough, I was dancing from the sheer intensity of the burn he had administered.

When we emerged from the shower, our bathroom was positively fogbound. This poor visibility didn’t prevent me from wiping down the mirror in hopes of gaining a peek at the condition of my punished posterior. I could discern that it was quite red, a bright crimson hue in fact. The combination of powerful strokes and hot water had brought a vivid color to my skin.

Before I could consider what Randy intended to do next, he led me out into the bedroom and onto our bed. He positioned me on all fours atop the comforter. “Stay right there,” he declared. I was mentally preparing myself for more spanking, but my lover had a different idea. As I stared at the far wall, I saw a bright flash originating behind me. He took my picture!

“I want to remember you just like this,” Randy said with a smirk.

I started to raise an objection, but he countered by rolling me onto my back and delivering the kind of oral pleasure that could redress any grievance. Using a technique he knows so well, he kneaded my throbbing cheeks as he lapped at my love nub. My climax came suddenly and with great force. He left me woozy and nearly breathless.

A short while later, it was his turn. We moved under the covers where we enjoyed a deliciously slow coital coupling. As I felt my man above me and within me, I knew that all was as it should be. I was content, satisfied, and recharged. I couldn’t help but smile.

So, have you tried a shower spanking?

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Brat said...

yum :)

Yay! I am a big fan of the shower spanking.

mthc said...

Damn..i just love your blog! Shower.lotion ,baby oil..their all great!

Anonymous said...

Holy moly. I need a COLD shower, after that! :-) -- Erica

jeanmarie said...

First, YES! I huge fan of shower spankings. Who would've thought that good, clean fun could get so dirty
Second, Paul you sweet man, thank you for your kind words.
Jean Marie

wind walker said...

that was a very erotic spanking...

i have never wanted a shower with storm more....

New Beginnings said...

Well I sure want to now!! We have done some but I think we need more practice!


Paul said...

Bonnie, O yes, I remember them well, trouble is that's all it is, a memory.
Wow, you and Randy have got it together so well, thanks for sharing this paradisaical coming together, it gave new life to my memories.
Warm hugs,

Paige Tyler said...

Yummy story, Bonnie! My hubby spanks me in the shower too, and it's totally hot!

Paige (Tigger)

MaggieDear said...

Not yet, but you can be damn sure it's now on my list of things to do! *g*


Pixiepie said...

never really thought of it before...but now...well I have to have one!

Reesa Roberts said...

Great story, Bonnie!

Southern Angel said...

Very sexy! We have done shower spankings but our shower is pretty small. Thanks for sharing. :)

Mary said...

Ahhh Marital blis!

Bonnie said...


Brat - I figured you'd be a shower spanking enthusiast. After all, what's not to love?

MTHC - Thank you!

Jean Marie - I'm definitely a believer!

Wind - Mmmmm. That sounds like fun!

PK - Practice makes perfect!

Paul - It's quite literally my pleasure.

Paige - Thanks. I so agree.

Maggie - I think you'll love it!

PixiePie - Great! I hope you have a wonderful warm shower.

Reesa - Thank you.

Angel - How better to promote closeness, right?

Mary - It was certainly a lot of fun!

Don said...

We are having a severe drough and water is being rationed. So no wet fun for us until the rains resume. But the rest of you ENJOY!

Bonnie said...

Don - Oh drat! I'm sorry to hear that.

I guess there's always baby oil...

Muffin said...

Very sexy, Bonnie! I love it when Mr.D. and I get to shower together, and we find that there are some areas that need more lathering, too! LOL. He almost always comes into the bathroom when I'm alone in the shower and gives me a smack or two on my behind, and a couple of times he has discovered spankable offences for which I've been "punished" in the shower, but I don't think he's ever spanked me when we were in the shower together. Cool! Something new to try! Thanks for the suggestion!


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