Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Keyword Chaos Re-Ignited

Like the circle of life, there's a circle of laughs that takes place right here on this blog. Generous readers type in all sorts of oddball search strings that ultimately lead them to MBS. I collect these phrases and derive from them great amusement. Today, I complete the cycle by returning some of my favorites, in all their bizarre hilarity, to you, my dear readers. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!
  • spanking your girlfriends - If your girlfriends find out about each other, they may come looking for you!

  • professional disciplinarian - This is not the sort of thing where you want to rely upon an amateur

  • cheerleaders punished for going wild - The coach bought the video

  • reasons for spanking a grown woman - Number one: She enjoys it!

  • pantie museum - Here we have a pair that Lady Godiva absolutely detested

  • spanking with sex - Two great tastes that taste great together

  • my husband is wearing my girdle - I've decided he can keep it

  • Bonnie has panty lines - Oh, horrors! Not that!

  • my bottom hurts blog - Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

  • thong spankings - We can add this to the all time list of ineffective spanking implements

  • sore bottom spanking - Is there another kind?

  • pirate wood paddle - It's the plank for ye, wench! Arrrr...

  • mature self-spankings - As opposed to immature self-spankings?

  • spanking my mother stories - OK, that's a little different

  • spanking lessons - Now, pull your arm all the way back and then let it fly...

  • as kindred spirits, metal pieces - Huh?

  • fictional memories of punishing spankings - Is it fictional or are they memories?

  • arse ass bottom buttocks guts - One of these things is not like the others

  • performance spankings - For the modern gal in a hurry

  • wool pantyhose diaper - I'm having trouble picturing this

  • romantic anal evening - White wine, red roses, candlelight, soft music, and lots of lubricant

  • Bonnie wears pantyhose - Sometimes I can't avoid it

  • burning pleated skirt - If you really dislike that skirt, why not just give it away?

  • please spank my wife - Don't be a wimp. Spank her yourself!

  • why does my wife want to spank me? - Maybe she thinks you're a pain in the butt

  • spanking illustrated - I can't wait for the swimsuit issue

  • do you like a vibrator up the bum during sex? - That's kind of a personal question, don't you think? I guess it depends upon how I'm feeling at that moment

  • pizzle ass spank - I try to do my pizzling beforehand

  • spanking parade - You should have seen the cheerleaders' float!

  • my first spanking in the church dungeon - Are you sure this isn't a cult?

  • wood paddle bruises - That's a definite possibility

  • tasteful spanking - He spanked me with the chef's ladle

  • old fashioned teen daughters discipline - How old fashioned can a teen be?

  • no panties found on bare butts - That would figure

  • my worst spanking panties - They were florescent red and my husband tried to match the hue

  • how can I heighten my libido? - If you figure that out, let's patent it!

  • wood diving board - Not every large, flat wooden object is appropriate for use as a spanking implement

  • bubble butt with wide hips - Smile when you say that!

  • naked bottom in white panty - OK, so was she naked or did she wear panties?

  • aunties panties - It's time again for the poetry corner

  • spank exchange - Spanking futures shot up today after reports of brattiness throughout the broader markets

  • fully naked lily munster - Herman, do you feel a draft? Herman? Herman!

  • dildo party - I don't think I'm going to vote for any of those candidates

  • apple inserted in butt - I just don't understand why they say it keeps the doctor away...

  • spanking royalty - What a great idea! I could charge Randy royalties for the use of my bottom.

  • wearing buttplugs - I think that more than one at a time is a bad idea

  • reasons to have a girlfriend - If you can't think of any, you're probably better off by yourself

  • oops, I lost my tits - We were riding along in the convertible when they just popped out!

  • spank griddle - Clank!

  • spanking nasties - That'll teach those nasties!

  • cookie monster butt plug - Something tells me that this might not be an officially licensed product

  • luke spank - Turn to the backside, Luke!


Edward said...

luke spank - Turn to the backside, Luke!

I have and it's all your fault.I'm ruined for any woman that won't turn a cheek to me!The dark side is just to strong!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god... oh, I can't stand it. I am laughing so hard right now, I think I'm scaring my neighbors. Bonnie! How do you do this? Every time I think I've read the worst one, I read on and find one even worse than that. And your comments!!

Oh, my stomach hurts... thank you! -- Erica

Paul said...

Bonnie, how can I heighten my libido? Try the Empire State or perhaps Mount Everest!!! *G*
A chuckle a minute Bonnie, thanks.
Warm hugs,

Paige Tyler said...

LOL funny, Bonnie!!!

Paige (Tigger)

Emmy_Doll said...


I LOVE keyword chaos days. I think they're hilarious.

I was just curious if you knew what a pizzle was.

It is actually a dried up and elongated bulls penis.

And it its a very effective spanking implement.


Just thought you might like that little bit of pointless information!


Bonnie said...

Edward - Well then, it's quite fortunate that you have just such a woman living at your house!

Erica - Randy and I go through these together. For the most part, he doesn't care about the blog. But when it comes to Keyword Chaos, he's always ready to jump in and add some wisecracks.

I'm glad you enjoyed this feature. We definitely laugh a lot too.

Paul - I wonder if that would explain the whole mile high club phenomenon. :D

Paige - Thanks!

Emmy - No, I had no idea. Perhaps I don't want to know how you learned this interesting piece of trivia... :D

Emmy_Doll said...

Well Bonnie...

A friend of mine in Texas has about every implement known to man.

Seriously, he has two very gigantic suitcases full, and long box for canes and such.... and in this case, a pizzle!


Reesa Roberts said...

WOW there's so many this time! LOVE them! Thanks, Bonnie.

Marcus said...

Keyword chaos always has me laughing, but this time, I was in tears. Thanks Bonnie. I love your comments, some that are snide, some that are just cute.

Keep up the work. As always, your blog is a delight to read.

Dave said...

Between the odd-ball mail you receive and the wickid' bizah' keywords that folks are typing in, the blogosphere seems curioser and curioser everyday. . .



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