Saturday, June 02, 2007

National Erotic Spanking Month

Press Release


For more information, contact:
Rosie B. Hinde
Center for Erotic Spanking
(617) 555-9000

National Erotic Spanking Month begins June 1

CHICAGO, IL -- "Let's set the night ablaze." That was the message delivered today by a host of celebrity speakers at the kickoff luncheon for the 2007 National Erotic Spanking Month. The event, sponsored by the National Coalition for Spanking Romance and the Center for Erotic Spanking, highlighted the many benefits realized by couples in spanking relationships.

"There's simply nothing that stokes my fires like a good bottom warming," said spanking enthusiast Leah West, "and when we're finished, the lovemaking that follows is marvelous." Her husband, Louis, agreed, "Spanking is an intimate exchange we share together. It brings us closer as a couple."

A recent poll suggests that recreational spanking has never been more popular. According to the study, nearly one half of adult women in the US have spanking fantasies and approximately twenty percent have tried erotic spanking. The percentages for men were slightly lower.

According to the National Coalition for Spanking Romance, the West's story is representative of millions of couples who have discovered the joys of erotic spanking. "We find that this type of positive experience is very common," said Dr. Horace Wacker, professor of Human Sexuality at UCLA. "Once people try a little kink, it quickly becomes a part of their regular repertoire."

Spanking-oriented events are scheduled at various locations throughout the month of June. For the complete schedule, consult the Center for Erotic Spanking web site.


Paige Tyler said...

That would be very cool, Bonnie!!!

Paige (Tigger)

Anonymous said...

I can only dream of a spanking month. It would be interesting to hear what unique festivities my go on

Paul said...

Bonnie, if only, I wish, great idea.
Warm Hugs,

LynLass said...

Hmmmmmmm, we have some very Web savvy readers of this column. I say we actually create the Web site, thus making a reality of the idea. I know a couple of really good writers that I would be more than happy to approach to either do articles or provide links to articles on their sites. This sounds like too much fun and too good an opportunity to stop here!

Think of how much good we'd be doing for the rest of the world! And if we had our own month, the rest of the world that has trouble believing that we actually enjoy our activities, would have to believe that it's all ligitimate.

To quote a British friend,"Fucking,bril" or more correctly here, "Spank on!"

Anon VII said...

Great spoof, Bonnie. You actually had me going until I noticed the "Rosie B. Hinde." Would I that your report were true, and that the "kink" (although the number of web sites suggests enough inclination to make that label questionable) were no more feared, disparaged, or seen as symptomatic of a need for psychiatric help than preferences for certain sexual positions.

Anon VII

Dave said...

I love this!

I used to dabble in PR (briefly, thankfully) and that basically looks like the real press releases I used to slave over and dilligently churn out, hunkered down in my cubicle.

Spanktastic job, Bonnie.

In fact, I thought, geez, maybe, wait, hmm, this is real?? Alas, it's not but it should be, and perhaps will be a reality sooner rather than later....

Keep up the great bloggin',

Bonnie said...

Paige - Wouldn't it?

Anon - Do I hear a request? I think perhaps I do. Hmmm...

Paul - I wish too.

LynLass - Hi, and welcome to MBS! As for the web site, I'm up for it.

Anon VII - Thanks. I included a few other clues including the name of the professor, the 555 telephone exchange, and the tag "spanking humor."

Dave - I've written a few press releases in my day as well. That's not my normal role, but I fill in / get conscripted sometimes (let's get Bonnie - she can write...).

Yes, I wish it were real as well. While this exercise is mildly humorous, it is also intended to get the reader to consider a world where our favorite sport is fully mainstream.

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