Friday, June 01, 2007

Something New: The Spanking Bench

It's my pleasure to direct your attention to a brand spanking new blog called The Spanking Bench. It was created by Cody, the host of the excellent Colorado Spankers site. As the name suggests, this blog is dedicated to furniture, vanilla and otherwise, that aids in the administration of spankings.

I'm not certain whether I've ever admitted this here, but I have long been smitten with the idea of owning a real spanking bench. The concept appeals to me in so many ways. Let's count them...
  1. I love being strapped down for a spanking. It feeds my submission to essentially volunteer for whatever unspeakable delights my husband's twisted mind might concoct.

  2. I think it would be really cool to own a piece of furniture whose one and only purpose in the world was to facilitate spankings. It would be sort of like saying, "Yes, we're dedicated spankos right down to our very core and this is the place where we celebrate that fact."

  3. It would undoubtedly be more comfortable than some of Randy's alternative bondage rigs.

  4. The bench would allow us to enjoy more prolonged sessions including all sorts of inventive play.

  5. We could quickly set up for a spanking in any room of the house.

  6. It makes a perfect birthday gift.
Well, I digress. Check out The Spanking Bench!


Kallisto said...

Of course you need a spanking bench, Bonnie! I loved all your reasons!

Reesa Roberts said...

Cool blog, Bonnie, thanks! I actually have something like one of his, the blue thing on the bed, but ours is supposed to be a TV seat for the floor, LOL.


Paul said...

Bonnie I have a lovely Ottoman which combined with a foot stool makes a perfect spanking bench.
I still have it and every time I see it I am reminded of a certain lovely pink bottom raised high.
Warm hugs,

ZED & ginger said...

I would love to have a spanking horse. A spanking bench tells me that I'd be kneeling, and that's not something I can do for very long. It hurts my knees. But a spanking horse, the kind that looks like a gym horse, I would LOVE to be strapped down to!!

Dave said...

Hm, well I must admit I'm not completely intrigued with spanking-centric furniture. Any old straight-backed chair, or comfy coach or what-not will do, in my view :-))

Keep up the great bloggin' Bonnie,

Anonymous said...

Of course you need a spanking bench Bonnie. I am amazed that you don't already own one. Go out and get one at once, it is for our benefit as well you know!



Anonymous said...

WE agree with Zed & Ginger;the spanking bench looks uncomfortable, and would also be awkward for any apres spank games. The spanking horse made by Metalbound is much more adaptable, and only needs four simple cuffs to hold the spankee firmly over it; it can also be used length wise, with S straddling it.I made something very like the one in Paula Russell's drawing, which presents S's bottom to perfection for me to have my wicked way with, and she loves the feeling of being totaly unable to squirm her ripe bottom away from the smarting whacks.The horse can also be folded, and put away from curious eyes ! D & S,

Bonnie said...

Kallisto - Randy found those reasons compelling as well, so it might just happen.

Reesa - Now we're talking! It's a stealth spanking platform.

Paul - We do something similar with our vanilla furniture. In fact, we have several permutations. However, we've never owned a bench or similar platform designed expressly for this purpose. I am intrigued by this possibility.

Ginger - The picture doesn't really depict what I want. I'm looking for a longer bench that could support my entire torso with separate, adjustable, and padded platforms to which forearms and calves could be strapped.

I hadn't really considered the horse, but it too is an interesting option. Thanks for your suggestion!

Dave - True enough, but it sure is fun to change things up sometimes!

OPB - I'll see what I can do.

D & S - I have seen pictures of adjustable benches that appear to support all parts of the body such that no undue stress is concentrated anywhere (other than the bottom, of course). If we buy one, it will likely be of that sort.

I will look into Metalbound. Thank you for sharing your experience and your recommendation!

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