Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dueling Top Tens: Leather versus Wood

Leather or wood? Which material makes for better spanking implements? Here's your chance to decide for yourself.

Why Leather is Better
  1. Greater variety of sensations
  2. Less chance of bruising
  3. Distinctive CRACK sound
  4. That great smell!
  5. More sensual
  6. Lightweight, travels well
  7. Creates a warm glow
  8. Sound of a belt sliding through belt loops
  9. Pirate floggings! Arrr!
  10. You can't wear wooden toys
Why Wood is Better
  1. Feel the burn
  2. Lasting after-effects
  3. Traditional classroom scenes
  4. Very effective persuasion
  5. Solid feeling of contact
  6. More form factors and sizes
  7. Cool, smooth sensations beforehand
  8. Usually less expensive
  9. Many pervertable objects
  10. Easier to construct


foxthatsspanked said...

I vote wood. Leather is for wimps. Or more accurately, when you are feeling wimpy. But then there is that belt loop thing....

Anonymous said...

Leather by all means. Although wood has its place, historically, leather was there first. At LTC we can duplicate almost any shape, size, thickness (from unbendable to wet dish cloth) of leather implement desired. So we prefer leather as well as for your reasons too.

Thomas said...

Excellent discussion topic, Bonnie. This shall be one of the great debates of our time. My votes for wood, because I love that "pop" sound when it hits a denim-clad backside.

Paul said...

Bonnie dear girl, possibly if Mel and I had been brought up in the
U S wood might have been our choice.
In the U K when I was young apart from the cane and the birch, leather was most widely used.
Neither the cane or the birch are solid implements, plenty of give.
We never used the birch and the cane only for serious punishment.
Mel adored the feel and smell of leather, it can be used to give a gentle warmth to a severe whipping, used correctly it never cut and rarely bruised, it was eminently portable, from my belt to my slipper, there was always something available when a spanking was needed.
This Dom votes hands down for leather and on this Mel would agree with me.
Another great question Bonnie, thanks.
Warm hugs,

Pagan said...

Oh, I'm a leather girl. All the way. :)

Wood has it's place, of course, and we do have wooden toys (CB, VBB, wooden spoons and other pervertables, a couple of 'real' wooden paddles). I much prefer leather though.

I have a bit of a substance abuse problem with leather paddles. Just opened a new one in the mail today. I'm sure that brings us up to a dozen (to go with the riding crops, flogger and a strap or two). lol

Paige Tyler said...

I have to say, I love them both! However, I usually will go for the London Tanner leather boudoir paddle or London Tanner spanking strop most of the time!

Paige (Tigger)

Greenwoman said...

*looks a bit sheepish* Well I guess that I can't make an informed choice about this one...I've never had a wooden implement spank this bottom...

I love that leather one tho! *grins*

dixiedarling said...

I have to admit to being middle ground on this one since either wood or leather can be a nasty little booger depending on how it is used. For the longest wood was reserved for only punishment so of course i loved to see the leather come out instead. But now that wood has made the transition into play (unfortunately it does bruise up quicker and especially at the level that i like to build to in play) I don't get it as often or as much as i would like. So guess I'm one of the grass is greener on the other side. Right now i'm really wanting to expand play with the wood because it is the thing i am lacking most right now....but sure as it tilts the scale to more wood than leather i'll be wanting the leather again. hehe leave it to me.

Anon VII said...

While I'd never exclude leather, especially if the lady were to so request or imply, my preference is for wood, but with some important caveats. First, it mustn't be too thick. I take a bit of pride in being able to give a nice burn with no nasty bruising, plus the sound is better - more leather-like, if you will - when the wood is hard, dense, and glossy-finished but fairly thin (ideally slightly under 0.5 inch). Second, the end and edges MUST be completely rounded to avoid both bruising and cutting. For me, holes, even those with beveled edges, are out, period. Finally, I believe in taking great care the first time a new implement is used, especially if it's either on undies or "on the bare." Building up in increments is both easy for the one using the wood and considerate of the one on the receiving end. Backing off after letting fly too hard the first time can be too little too late. My goal is always to delight, not to hurt for hurting's sake.

Anon VII

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with wood -- as long as it's in the fireplace where it freakin' belongs!! Wood is pure pain -- it thuds down to the bone, and there is nothing sensual about it whatsover (in this bottom's opinion).

Leather, baby. Men's belts don't come in wood, do they? Of course they don't. -- Erica

Scout said...

I vote for leather, for its versatility, "heat generation" and great feel. It comes in belts and paddles, which we've tried, crops (which is on order!), and other implements that seem intriguing. Of course, it's all in how anything is used; a recent spanking with a belt was fairly restrained, and one with a lightweight hickory paddle took my breath away and left me bruised. Leather is most fun right now, definitely.

Southern Angel said...

I'm with Pagan! Leather for me to. 0:-)

Anonymous said...

I have a particular take on this one in that for me leather is just too flexible. I haven't tried any LTC "unbendable" implements I must admit.

I love the sensuous nature of leather, the smell, the flexibility with its promise of wrap around, but self-administered it just doesn't work, and so for me it has to be wood, and with a long handle.
There is, of course, no bend in it at all, and so I'm experimenting with implements made out of an old saw blade - metal, but with some flexibility. I can hear all the spankees out there saying "No, No, don't give them ideas".

Good question Bonnie


Emmy_Doll said...

mmmmm. bonnie.

I just have to say.. I'm a leather slut all the way around.

I'm learning to like wood. But leather... it'll always be my baby.


(Still hasn't forgotten about the email, has been working all week)

Tim said...

Wood is good.

Leather is only fair-weather.

Anonymous said...

How do i find a willing lady like you ?????????

Anonymous said...

The bruising , swelling and damage from a heavy wooden paddle can last for weeks. I never ever want to be punished with that paddle again!! I would vote for leather always!!!!

Reesa Roberts said...

I LOVE leather, Bonnie! And, Pirate Floggings?! Sounds like a great way to play out a fantasy, LOL


Bonnie said...

Fox - I know you really enjoy that hard-earned burn one can only get from wood. There's definitely nothing else quite like it.

Anon #1 - Hi, and welcome to MBS! I've heard very positive comments regarding your wares.

Thomas - Pop it is!

Paul - You make a compelling argument!

Pagan - You own what I believe may be the most beautiful leather paddle I've ever seen. It's little wonder you've developed a dependency.

Paige - That sounds like fun to me!

Green - You do know that you like, and that's worth a great deal.

Dixie - Well, good! I was afraid I was the only fence walker here. Both have a place in our bedroom.

Anon VII - That's great advice. Thanks for sharing it!

Erica - Wood is an acquired taste some people simply never acquire. We'll make it leather all the way for you!

Scout - I really believe that a given implement isn't inherently good or evil. I agree that it depends upon how they are used. At the same time, I must admit that there are a few toys that allow the spanker to slip over to the dark side quite easily!

Angel - I've seen why you don't like wood so well. Ow!

OPB - Saw blades? Oh my. Please be careful.

Emmy - You certainly seem to have a good time regardless of the implement du jour! In my mind, that's what counts.

Tim - We have a poet in our midst!

Anon #2 - I regret I have no experience to share in finding ladies. However, we had a brunch on that topic last year. The readers had a number of helpful suggestions.

Anon #3 - I can see why you feel that way. But wood needn't always have to be applied so severely.

Reesa - Arrr! Ye pirate captain finds many uses for a trusty wench!

fabio said...

Leather, for its smell, its texture, its romance. I prefer to spank Charlotte with a particular, stiff leather belt which has not been much used and which seems the perfect blend of flexibility and hardness. It makes a satisfying crack on her buttocks and leaves perfect marks. Charlotte would like me to strap her harder.

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