Friday, June 15, 2007

Bonnie's Mailbag

Let's check out the contents of my mailbag. It's amazing what readers send me!

Question: Will you read my spanking-related manuscript?

Response: Yes, I will try, but it may take me a while to get to it.

Question: i am a real retro fifties type submissive kindof gur my ideal fantasywould be for joan crawfor to give me a bare bottom hair brush spanking good ol mommy dearest in a tight sweater and capris you get the idea aybe you could spank me in the right direction

Response: I have no idea where Mommy Dearest is lurking these days, but she wants you to be sure to bring along some wire hangers.

Question: How do you [spanko bloggers] all know each other?

Response I don't know that we do all know each other. As with any large collection of people, there are some with whom one feels very close, others who are friendly acquaintances, and a third group with whom we exchange a smile and a greeting.

A big part of the blogging experience is getting to know people with similar interests. We regularly swap comments and e-mails, and sometimes collaborate on projects. I have developed a deep affection and admiration for many of my blogging colleagues, even though we've never met. If we write with a tone of familiarity, this is the reason.

Question: When are u going to wear tight jeans agin?

Response: As a matter of fact, I'm wearing them right now!

Question: Do you make up phrases for keyword chaos?

Response: No. Happily, the readers supply me with all of the wonderfully strange material I could ever want. I don't believe I could write gags as funny and offbeat as the ones that roll in my door for free.

Question: Did you & Randy "ever" play the Cheerleader & Principal?

Response: Yes, I believe we have.

Question: Can I smack you.

Response: "Hello" would be a more conventional greeting.

Statement: I couldn't help but notice the pantie lines on your jeans. I can just imagine taking those jeans down and, after warming up the seat of those panties, taking them down and making your cheeks bright red!!

Response: Ah, yes, the progressive spanking. There's a perennial fan favorite!

Statement: I think that women with big butts that liked to be spanked are extremely sexy and amazing.

Response: That was almost a compliment.

Question: I live in ___. Do you live near here?

Response: No, regrettably, I don't live near ___. According to Randy, I live on the internet.

Question: Where do you get all your ideas?

Response: Ideas are like the air around us. Inspiration is everywhere! We need only open our eyes and set our imaginations free.


mthc said...

That' s funny..your blog always makes me laugh!

Paige Tyler said...

Love your mailbag posts, Bonnie!

Paige (Tigger)

Cumfortable said...

That is very funny...

Paul said...

Bonnie, inspiration actually means breathing in, so the question answers itself.
Still always like your mailbag posts.
Warm hugs,

Reesa Roberts said...

Great replies, Bonnie!

You're witty as always, Paul! LOL


dixiedarling said...

It is always interesting the different samplings of questions and statements one gets in regards to a just go to prove it...thanks for posting


Bonnie said...

MTHC - Thank you!

Paige - I'm glad you enjoyed this mailbag segment.

Cumfortable - Welcome to MBS and thank you for joining our discussion.

Paul - You're right! I hadn't thought of it that way.

Reesa - Thank you!

Dixie - Hi, and welcome to MBS! I'm pleased that you dropped by.

I should tell you that for every oddball message, I get several nice ones. What you see here definitely isn't the entire contents of my mailbag. I highlight the strange stuff because it's entertaining.

Dave said...

Very interesting stuff! Sounds like your emails run the gamut from intelligent and insightful to offbeat to oddball to just plain wacky.


Rock on,

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