Thursday, June 14, 2007

Poll: Summer Spanking Settings

Ah, summer! It's the time to luxuriate over a cold glass of lemonade, bask in the abundant sunlight, and capture the heat of the season right where you sit down.

Which of these is your ideal summer spanking location?

Back yard
Tree-lined stream
Country lane
Outdoor concert


Anonymous said...

Has to be the Jacuzzi! The beach would be a good on too though.

~Todd & Suzy

Paul said...

Bonnie, being a dedicated spanko, all of them, except perhaps the outdoor concert.
Mind you, if the band had a good beat going, who knows.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Oh, country lane or by the stream - ideal for cooling off afterwards.


Grizzly Bear said...

I am dissapointed in you Bonnie, I thought you would know that the ideal summer spanking location is anywhere that it is summer.


I voted anyway :P

Paige Tyler said...

I'm a total beach babe, so definitely the beach! And I do get spanked there, though it's under the guise of brushing sand off my bottom! Oh, and we did out up one of those pre-fab sheds from Lowes up in our backyard and my hubby did give me a yummy spanking out there!

Paige (Tigger)

Anonymous said...

LOL -- ever the contrarian, I'm going to say Other. My choice is indoors, in air-conditioned comfort. No sunburn, no sand, no dirt, no bugs!

I know, I know, I'm such a killjoy... -- Erica

Bonnie said...

Todd and Suzy - There is just something about a wet spanking. I love it!

Paul - There are lots of fun possibilities, aren't there?

OPB - I can always count on you for the practical approach!

Griz - OK, but it's a lot more fun when you pick!

Paige - A spanking shed in the back yard? What a great idea!

Erica - The rest of us might feel as you do if we lived in sunny SoCal and enjoyed nice weather all year round. It's a matter of perspective I guess!

Spankoe said...

ooh, lucky me, my backyard does have a beach, tree-lined stream (and pond), woodshed, and it's on a dead end country lane. Just no jaccuzi, no concert... Works for me!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... after seeing the results, I think it would be intersting to have broken the results down into M/F demographics.

love your site,


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