Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Bikini Incident

It’s taken me a week to finish it, but here is the new account I’ve been promising.

There are women who look fantastic in a bikini. There are even a few my age who still outshine the younger gals.

But that’s not me. I gave up the two piece look after our daughter was born and for good reason. I simply wasn’t comfortable with my appearance. I have stretch marks. They’ve faded with the passage of time, but they’ll always be with me. In one way, I carry them like a badge of achievement. We brought a life into the world and she turned out very, very well. I’m proud of our daughter and grateful for the opportunity to have played a major role in her life.

And yet, I wish somehow I could be the smooth skinned, sexy wife that Randy married so long ago.

For the record, Randy has never complained. He loves my body. He always has. Anytime I’m naked, or even partially so, in his presence, his hands are immediately upon me. I love his touch as much as he loves to touch me. Many nights, before we fall asleep, he spoons me and lightly runs his fingertips along the curve of my hip and down onto my thighs. Even if there is no lovemaking, it makes me feel wanted and appreciated in a physical way.

- - - -

After our very successful June Cleaver night, Randy decided to expand the concept. He loved how I took a simple proposal and carried it out to its logical conclusion. He never expected that I would put so much effort into making my costume authentic. About a week after June’s big night, Randy proposed a slightly different arrangement. He wanted to tap into my spanko creativity. For a change, I would pick the setting, mood, implements, and general tone. The guidelines were (a) it should be something he would find original and attractive, (b) it should be a surprise, (c) my spending for it couldn’t exceed $100, and (d) the events had to include him giving me a spanking (and presumably the traditional coupling afterward).

I was immediately intrigued and perplexed. What, I wondered, hadn’t we already done? We figured out once that he has spanked me well over a thousand times. Each occasion was special in its own way, but most tend to follow a relatively few basic themes. My challenge was to conceive and execute a truly unique plan.

It had to be something he would never expect. As you’ve already no doubt guessed, I bought a bikini. I dreaded the whole department store ordeal, but once I started thinking in terms of lingerie and convinced myself that no one other than Randy would ever see the suit, I rather enjoyed trying on different styles. I even got a bit silly all by myself in the dressing room. I craned my neck around to catch a glimpse of my barely covered bottom line as I danced in front of the mirror. “Not so terrible,” I thought.

After I concluded my secret one person fashion show, I selected an off-white bikini bottom that was narrow at the hip and left plenty exposed around back. The matching top was the classic triangle halter style. Both pieces had cute string ties. The fit was nice and snug, but not tight. Yes, I believed this would generate just the reaction I sought.

I was pleased when the young clerk didn’t even bat an eye as she rang up my purchase. If she thought it was an unusual choice for a “mature” customer, she gave no hint. We engaged in a little meaningless small talk and soon enough, I was on my way home.

In the car, I thought, “I own a bikini.” Why, I wondered, did that sentence sound so weird? I practically lived at the pool during the summers of my high school years. I always wore a two piece bathing suit back then. All of us did. Yet, all these years later, it felt as though I was going back to a place where I had vowed not to tread. Ultimately, I determined that it was for a good cause. I knew Randy would enjoy it and we would have a lot of fun.

- - - -

The magic day came on Friday. I arrived home even earlier than usual to ensure that all of my preparations would be in place when my lover returned. I undressed completely and then slipped into my new bikini. I made bows with each of the ties and pulled my long, white terrycloth robe over the top.

Upstairs in the bedroom, I selected a small, round leather paddle as our spanking implement of choice. When vigorous applied, it generates a lovely sting and leaves behind a delicious warm glow. This, I thought would do nicely. I placed the paddle near the edge of the bed such that it would be close at hand when needed. I also set out a vibrating sex toy and some general purpose lubricant. These I arranged on Randy’s bedside table.

I inserted a CD with surf music into our player. What better accompaniment could there be for this occasion?

When I wandered back downstairs, the clock told me I still had 45 minutes to kill. I made some sandwiches for later. Then I checked my e-mail. I had plenty to do, but I was occupied with nervousness and hoping that everything would be perfect. Finally, I ended up playing a silly online Mah Jongg game.

I jumped from my chair when I heard the garage door open. Randy was home and it was time to put my plan into operation. I greeted him in the kitchen as usual.

“What’s with the bathrobe?” He inquired with a smile. He knew this was our special night and that I had planned a surprise. He was about to find out.

I nonchalantly rolled my eyes and said, “I dunno. It’s just comfortable.”

“C’mere…” was all he said before embracing me with a bear-like hug. As he pulled me toward him, his hands explored the outside of the robe. “What have we here?” he asked in a knowing tone.

“Why don’t you unwrap your present and find out?”

He took a deep breath as he parted the robed. His lips were formed in the shape one would use to make the sound, “Ooooo,” yet he uttered not a word. He slid the robe off of my shoulders, removed it from my arms and placed it over the back of a kitchen chair. He took a half a step back as if to drink in the sight before him.

“Wow, that’s hot. Will you model it for me?”

I thought he’d never ask. I did my best runway strut and wiggle into the living room and then turned to return. Randy’s praise was gushing and genuine. It made me feel terrific. At least I can still be sexy for him!

We kissed passionately for several minutes as roaming hands reacquainted themselves with familiar locales. It soon became clear to me that without immediate intervention stage two might never happen.

“Let’s go upstairs,” I said breathlessly. Randy answered with his feet and up we went. When he spotted the small leather spanking paddle on the bed, my lover picked it up and exclaimed, “Oh yeah. This will be just right.” Without further encouragement, I activated the CD player and then took my position over his lap at the edge of the bed.

Our dreams were fulfilled one solid whack at time. It was a simply splendid spanking. In Randy’s skillful hand, the little paddle ignited a burning, lustful arousal deep within me. He too found great carnal inspiration in swatting and rubbing both the cute little bikini bottom and the curvy flesh that escaped out the sides. Eventually, though, he tired of the suit’s interference and pulled the crotch up my crack thong-style. So efficient was this move, I don’t think he even missed a whack!

Now working against my bare skin, the paddle made a healthy “thwack” sound with each stinging impact. I loved it! Had Randy decided to spank all evening, I don’t believe I would have objected.

When he determined that my skin was the proper hue, he tossed the paddle aside and pulled down my bikini bottom. My man then guided me into a hands and knees position at the edge of the bed. His dancing fingers confirmed my undeniable state of readiness. I shrieked as much with thrill as with surprise when he plunged deep inside me in a single stroke. I cooed and panted as his deep pumping action released both pain and pleasure. Every forward stroke brought his torso in forceful contact with my freshly spanked cheeks. However, this acute discomfort only served to push me closer to my inevitable release. When it arrived, I shook to the point where I could barely support myself. Soon after, Randy too gained satisfaction.

We recovered our wind and our senses lying on the bed in each others’ arms. The first words were his.

“Wow. You’re way hot, bikini girl.”

I rubbed my toasty bottom, smiled, and nodded in agreement. And so I was…

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Anonymous said...

Very hot, perfect summer reading. What a fun idea Randy had to let you set the scene, and you sure did a great job running with it. Randy did a great job finish the idea too.

~Todd & Suzy

wind walker said...

i model things for storm that i would never wear in public...i don't know what's sexier...looking hot in public or feeling like a million bucks when your man is gaping at you....

what an incredible night!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's hear it for "Bikini Girl"


Love Opb

david said...

One big sizzle of a story.


Kathy said...

Hi Bonnie,

I know I rarely make comments on your site but I love reading it. I have to say this. You need to write yourself a romance novel filled with spanking. You are a brilliant writer. I was turned on and am quite often when I read your true life tales.

Second you have an enviable marriage. In the very best way possible I'm pee green with jealously...hehe!!! You should go to the nearest marriage counselor and tell they your spanking secrets and have them incorporate that in their advice. Just think how many marriages could be saved...hehe!!!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful marriage with the cyber world at large.

Kathy :)

Southern Angel said...

You and Randy are just so cute together! I love reading your stories. :)

PS I, too, am bikini-challenged.

Anonymous said...

A Great read. Thank's for sharing!!

Paige Tyler said...

Sexy story, Bonnie!

Paige (Tigger)

Ofia said...

Hot! Hot! Hot!

...and cute too. :D


Paul said...

Bonnie, every time that I think that you cannot get any better, you do!!!
Thanks girl that was both brilliant and hot.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, Physical perfection is in dime stores! Most of you girls are too hard on yourselves! A great mind, personality and creative attitude and it won't matter. Kudo's...Colin

Tim said...


Erus said...

Very hot story, but that is not the reason that I´m commenting. The reason is that I want to compliment Randy on a great idea (harnessing your creative side), it seems to have payed off big time !

To you Bonnie I must say, Randy is a lucky guy to have you.

I Love your blog in general, and it is obvious that you have a talent for writing.

Keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Bonnie!!! It couldn't possibly ever be any better than that!!


Kallisto said...

Wow! Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Caryagal said...

Wow! What an awesome evening!!! I need to read that again in the middle of winter to feel warm and toasty!!!

thanks Bonnie for sharing!



Anonymous said...

bonnie, love your real life stories. i'm all worked up so may have to go wake up my lover for some fun. wow. jammin33333

Bonnie said...

Todd and Suzy - What makes this game especially fun is that I know his hot buttons every bit as well as he knows mine. I takes a lot to get a double take from him, but on this occasion, I succeeded.

Wind - Thanks. Even after all these years, it's a thrill to make my man lust after my body.

OPB - Thank you!

David - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Kathy - Hi! It's always good to hear from you.

As a matter of fact, I have a great concept for a stage play. I don't want to give away too much, but it would be semi-autobiographical. All I need is the time and the focus to make it a reality.

Randy and I are very fortunate to be compatible, but we also work at nurturing our relationship every day. I think it's important to stress that what you read here are only the best parts of our busy lives. There are plenty of stresses and disagreements of the sort that most couples experience. I choose not to write about those episodes because they are off-topic for a spanking blog and inconsistent with the positive tone I desire to maintain. I mention this now only because I don't want you or anyone to think that we live in glistening bliss 24/7. It's just not so.

Angel - Thank you. The bikini wasn't as bad as I expected, as long as I don't have to wear it outside the house!

Self - You're welcome.

Paige - Thank you!

Ofia - It was definitely a lot of fun.

Paul - I'm delighted that you enjoyed my story. As you might expect, this one was special to me because I helped to orchestrate it.

Colin - Unfortunately, we females are conditioned from childhood to believe that our worth is linked to our physical appearance. Intellectually, I know that isn't the case. But at a deep emotional level, those lessons remain with us.

Tim - Thanks!

Erus - Thank you. We do have a lot of fun together.

Eva - Oh, I dunno. It's a long summer... :D

I hope you're having a great vacation!

Kallisto - I'm inclined to blame/credit Spanky for any sudden temperature rise in the vicinity of your posterior. I hope you're enjoying that homecoming celebration!

Carye - You're very welcome!

Jammin - Whatever it takes... I say go for it!

Anonymous said...


I could really relate to this blog entry. I didn't even wear bikinis as a teen! Now after three births, there are those stretch marks and a little "dimpling" too. I would NEVER wear a bikini out of the house.

Last night I arranged a special night for my hubby. I am a photographer, but turned my camera over to him for a "modeling shoot." I revealed it to him like the show "Thank God You're Here." I laid out various "costumes" and implements as well as having my camera on a tri-pod with an off-white flannel sheet hanging as a backdrop. When I called him up to the bedroom, (studio), I started right in as "Kitten" the model sent to him by her agent. I told him my agent gave me strict orders to obey his every command because he was the best in the business. Also my agent said that we're not looking for head shots, but good close-ups of skin. Since he was offering to do this for a deep discount I should show my gratitude any way I could.

I had to bite my tongue to keep from composing shots that I thought would work, but to just let him go with it. He took a couple, checked the digital image and got such a priceless smile on his face before saying, "That was a good one." He took over 170 very intimate images. He captured some good cane marks on my bottom and upper thighs as well. And yes, he ended up sleeping with "Kitten". LOL

He adores my body! While I cringe at seeing the finished images, he's grinning from ear to ear! I'll let him enjoy them for a few days before deleting them from the computer. No saving these for posterity!

Thanks for your wonderful blogs! It's a highlight of my day to sit down and read your new entries.

Pamela (aka Kitten)

Bonnie said...

Pamela - Wow! What a great idea. I love it!

I might consider trying something similar with Randy, but there is no way he would ever give up the images. I think he still has a VHS tape containing some rather risque spanking video he shot back in the eighties!

Thanks for sharing your adventurous evening! May the rest of your summer be as much fun.

Janice said...

Dear Bonnie,

Isn't it the best, to have someone who loves you and finds you attractive? You are blessed.

Lovely story!!



Anonymous said...

Yum, yum, YUM! What a great story. And what a great guy you have. :-) -- Erica

Crystal said...

I love your blog! Girl don't trip you are beautiful and Randy is lucky to have I'm sure you are him. Don't worry about what others think. The only people you should worry about pleasing is Randy and yourself. If he points out something that he likes but you don't, hey, go for it. I'm sure everytime he looks at you and gapes, you feel like a million bucks! Maybe you could buy a whole bunch of bikinis and use them as the new lingerie for Randy. (wink wink) You both are blessed to have each other. Have you ever considered putting all this down and writing a book? It would sell great....

Keep it up!

PS-I would like to ask you some questions concerning the site.

1. How do I link my blog to yours?

2. How did you get the designs and stuff, like the crossword and the title in a paddle? I really want to know so I can play around with my design a little.

3. You say you get a lot of stuff in your mailbag....what's your email?

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