Friday, May 11, 2007

Paddleland: The Motion Picture

In a world where justice is dispensed one swat at a time, there comes one man determined to teach them all a lesson.

Paddleland: Hotter than you can imagine...


New Beginnings said...

I want tickets to the premiere!


Daddy's Little Deviant said...

I want tickets for me and Daddy! Pretty please. *winks*


Paul said...

Bonnie, I'm not fussy, I'll take tickets for any showing. Sigh *G*
Warm hugs,

PaulH666 said...

I volunteer to act in the sequel as his side kick for free. No come to think of it I'll pay him.

I'll be called ping-pong boy. Holder of all the spanking impliments.

edward said...

PG-13 ,so there won't be any bare bottom spanking?

Bonnie said...

PK - I've got you down for two!

Deviant - You're in!

Paul - You'll be welcome at any showing you wish to attend.

Paul H - Hi, and welcome to MBS. I just linked you.

As for the role of Toymaster, I'll speak to casting on Monday.

Edward - Without giving away too much, just wait until you see the titanium and leather thongs!

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