Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spanking Threat Levels

Click on the graphic for a larger version


Southern Angel said...

I love this! Now, where can I get this system for my house?

Pagan said...

What a hoot! Cute start to my morning - thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!

padme amidala said...

LOL. I think instead of sports though on our tv it would be star wars is on...brat to your heart's content. sports wouldn't distract him but star wars certainly would.
padme amidala

Anonymous said...

Very cute, Bonnie!!!


Paul said...

Bonnie, very funny, whether the Doms Union would allow it is another matter. *G*
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! I LOVE it!

Is there really a Dom's Union somewhere that I don't know about?!


dwcmike said...

Bonnie: I am shocked! does this mean that you deliberately BRAT just so you can be spanked. I would have never thunk it. Basically, you are spanked whenever you want!!! fun fun fun

Reesa Roberts said...

Too cute! I've printed it out for D!

Ya know, there's actually a bit of truth to this, too!


Puella said...

I honestly can't say that sports have ever saved me...

just delayed the whacking until commercial.

Bonnie said...

Angel - Have you a color printer? If so, please feel free to print the chart, cut it out, and hang it up. One would certainly never want to get her levels mixed up. The consequences could be devastating.

Pagan - You're certainly welcome.

Eva - Thank you!

Padme - We spankos must be adaptable. Star Wars, it is!

Tigger - Thanks!

Paul - This copy was smuggled in by the Underground. Two couriers were caught and spanked en route.

Emilie - We sure wouldn't want to wander into one of those meetings by accident!

Mike - This chart is meant as a helpful guide for all who wish to use it. Bratting is by no means mandatory.

Reesa - Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Puella - Hi, and welcome to MBS! I didn't mean to suggest that sports programs could save you, but they can provide cover for all manner of illicit activities.

Bratty Erin said...

That is great, most of the time the level at Chris's is somewhere between high and severe.

Bonnie said...

Erin - I have no doubt your blog is named as it is for a good reason!

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