Friday, April 06, 2007

Jekyll and Hyde

Randy and I spent some time last evening with Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde. As with their fictional namesakes, they are one in the same. In this instance, however, Jekyll and Hyde is the nickname we gave to a rather unusual spanking implement. It’s a black rubber paddle. Depending upon how it’s applied, it can resemble the good doctor or the fiendish freak. Last night I became better acquainted with both.

About the time I was expecting Randy to arrive home from work, the telephone rang. When I saw his cell phone number pop up, I figured he was about to tell me not to prepare any dinner because he was going to be delayed at work. Well, he didn’t mention dinner. He told me instead to go to our bedroom and wait for him on the bed. He was on his way home and would arrive shortly.

“Oh goody,” I thought. “It’s playtime!” I had a spring in my step as I bounded up the stairs. Any residual fatigue from a busy day at work was forgotten. Randy and I haven’t shared nearly enough together time over the past couple of months. While it might not be possible to erase this deficit in one evening, I was willing to try.

After a few frantic moments of straightening up (once a mom, always a mom), I settled down on the bed. I left my clothing on because I didn’t know exactly what he had in mind. In any case, I rationalized, it could be shed quickly should the situation demand it.

When I heard the garage door open, I turned over and pushed my face into the pillow. This is how I wanted my lover to find me – ready for whatever merriment he desired.

A few minutes later, my dear husband appeared in the doorway. He paused for a moment before speaking. “Very good. Very good indeed,” he observed, as if to himself. He gently kissed the back of my neck. I felt the palm of his hand rub and then lightly swat the back of my skirt. But only once did he make contact before heading toward our toy collection. He rummaged through a drawer as though on a mission. He was clearly searching for a specific implement. As you’ve no doubt deduced, it was Jekyll and Hyde.

“This should do quite nicely,” he chortled as he directed my gaze toward the paddle. He smacked his hand as if to remind me of its potential. “It’s specially designed for spanking a woman’s ass and making it hurt. Do you know that’s exactly what’s about to happen to you?”

“Yes,” I acknowledged.

“So, tell me what you want…”

“I want…” I paused, but only briefly. “I want you to spank me.” My voice was hushed yet deliberate.

The paddle slammed against my bottom. I recoiled from the impact, but it was not unpleasant. Again, the flexible toy struck the back of my skirt. Protected as I was by a couple of layers of fabric, this spanking was quite tolerable. It hurt, but in a deliciously warm, stinging sort of way.

The rubber paddle is quite unique as a spanking implement. It has more play than wood, but less than leather. At the same time, it’s heavier than leather, but somewhat less so than wood. The result is plenty of sting, accompanied by a more than adequate dose of ache.

Randy continued to spank as he knelt beside me on the bed. His pace was slow, but the swats were substantial. Within about five minutes, he had lit an impressive flame.

I was already quite enamored by his percussive attention when the game suddenly changed. Randy lifted my skirt and pulled down my pantyhose and underwear. I was fully exposed. Never one to miss an obvious opportunity, my dear husband launched a rapid fire attack against my bare posterior. It was at this moment that Mister Hyde appeared. One of the characteristics of rubber, when used in a spanking implement, is that it is very tough on the skin of one's bottom. It tends to catch and tug in a manner that is very painful for the recipient.

My screaming did little to inhibit Randy’s continued whacking. He didn’t stop until he was convinced that I was completely and utterly spanked. By that time, I was nearly overcome by the blazing discomfort he was inflicting.

After he dropped the paddle on the bed, Randy lay down beside me. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly. I welcomed his comforting touch. He had hurt me, but in such a good way. I was a little disoriented by the sheer intensity of the experience. But in time, I settled into a warm, peaceful place. I nestled my face into his strong chest as his hands soothed and caressed my body.

After a while, Randy removed first my clothes and then his own. We crawled under the covered and made love. This simple, sensual act completed our celebration in a most wonderful fashion. For at least those few minutes, the world’s problems and burdens were gone.

Now all I have to worry about is whether I can sit without betraying my bottom’s very tender condition. Thank you, Randy. I needed that!

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Pagan said...

I have a rubber strap - and this sounds eerily familiar.

I can ALMOST enjoy it when warm or shielded by fabric. But all too often, it leaves behind a memory of its kiss - almost like a handprint in memory foam. That ache you're talking about.

I can't take much with it - you have a tough butt! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bonnie, a lovely story.
Funny you should mention it, I had been thinking of making a rubber implement for use myself, for just the reasons you mention, the extra weight but with flexibility.

Glad you enjoyed it.


Tony said...

Oh my, Bonnie, your stories are always so...shall we say... stimulating! Thanks for sharing and for yet another hot photo to go straight to my "Bonnie" folder! With that perfect, delicious butt of yours I don't see how Randy doesn't keep you over his knee every free moment!

New Beginnings said...

I really love hearing about you and Randy and your realationship! The spanking stories are always fun and informative. But the best part is hearing about a couple really likes each other and know how to have fun thgether!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, just wonderful!!!


Tiggr d'Amore said...

Yeah... reconnections do happen. So there is hope, not only for you two cause I KNEW it would happen eventually, but for those otehrs of us who have not had the planets align perfectly in more than a MONTH! Heaven help us...

Great story, and yes, rubber is a love-hate sensation to be sure... my rather infamopus rubber straps can attest to that and if I try hard, I migh even remember what they actually felt like last time they were applied.

Congrats on your huge milestone, too!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Bonnie!!! *grin*


Greenwoman said...

Lovely story...makes me yearn.

Paul said...

Bonnie, Lovely story, the sting without much thud is what we liked about leather, wonder if Mel would have liked rubber!!
That is so the right way to end a spanking story.
Warm hugs,

Reesa Roberts said...

Thanks for sharing this, Bonnie! We've never tried rubber - maybe I can get D interested in it!


edward said...

Somtimes the simple aproach works best.Although Lisa is not a big fan of it I love the reaction I get when using the rubber strap!

Bonnie said...

Pagan - I've not experienced a rubber strap (nor am I inclined to volunteer), but I imagine it's probably worse than the paddle.

The reason I say this is because a paddle is generally applied with a straight up and down motion perpendicular to the surface being punished. In contrast, a strap tends to strike the skin and then be dragged across it. I suspect this motion greatly intensifies the discomfort. I'm not necessarily recommending a rubber paddle, but in normal use, it may not be quite as painful as your strap.

OPB - Please bear in mind that any rubber implement can be quite severe when applied to bare skin.

Tony - I'm glad you enjoyed it.

PK - Thanks. We do have fun, and I think that makes all the difference.

G - Thanks!

Tiggs - A month? Wow. That's a tough one. Perhaps it's time for dear Dante to relight the inferno.

Tigger - Thank you!

Green - The funny thing is that it makes me yearn too, and I was there!

Paul - Rubber is definitely an acquired taste. I think it's probably a bit harsh for many people, but it does have a place in our toychest.

Reesa - It's a little different. As with any new implement, I suggest starting gradually and working your way up.

Edward - I'll bet you do get a reaction. It hurts!

Pixiepie said...

I I am quite sure I need to find a paddle like this!
Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your encouraging words! Good luck on completing your project...let me know if you need help!

Tony said...

Bonnie- Yes I did,very much, thank you.


caryagal said...

Great Story Bonnie! I just love how your love and understanding of each others needs shines through on your stories!

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