Thursday, April 19, 2007

Five Senses Worth

This is an open letter to Randy.

Open yourself, please, my love, to this raw corporeal experience we call lovemaking. I want to share it with you, and you with me. Let's indulge all five senses.

  • See how I dress for you
  • Watch my hips rock as you draw me close
  • Observe the lust in my eyes
  • Hear your palm smack against my flesh
  • Drink in the sound of my eager panting
  • Listen as I moan only for you
  • Feel my soft curves beneath your fingertips
  • Make me shiver with your caress
  • Enjoy the warmth of my bottom
  • Draw pleasure from our scented candles
  • Share your manly aroma
  • Breathe in my arousal
  • Kiss me sweetly
  • Savor the nectar of love
  • Let me be your favorite confection

Take me now. Keep me forever. Please?


Janice said...

Very exquisite! Indeed.

Anonymous said...

Randy is the luckiest man alive and I suspect he has only an inkling of how fortunate he is. But thats ok - as a man, I have only an inkling of how fortunate I am -- its a Y chromosome defect.

Good for you Bonnie

Anonymous said...

That made me cry Bonnie.


SmartNnaughty said...


That is so sweet. It is wonderful how much you are in love after being together for many years!


padme amidala said...

That was very sweet, bonnie. :)
padme amidala

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Bonnie!!!


Paul said...

Bonnie, I echo Nancy.
It's great to see how much you two are in love after so long.
The couple that spank together, stay great together.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

i agree with opb this made me tear up. what a wonderful letter to your lover. jammin33333

Southern Angel said...


I thought this post was so hot! I thought your last one (about the horses) was hot too, but this one is erotic in a different way. Very nice :)

AnonVII said...

Very lovely, wee lassie, and that compliment is from a poet-musician, i.e., ol' Yours-Truly here. In a way, what got to me the most was the little "Please?" at the end. Someone mentioned the "Y-chromosome defect." The Y-chromosome EF-fect is a factor for any male reader with a sentimental streak, and that gets a huge boost from what I might call the ingenue effect of your sweet ending.


Pixiepie said... sweet! very, very nice!

Anonymous said...

Short, simple... and very sweet.

~Todd & Suzy

emeraldeyes said...

Hi Bonnie,
That was lovely. Sorry for the simple comment, but everyone else said exactly how I felt about it!
Love reading your blog...
Em x

CindysDave said...


OK, I won't hold TOO much of a grudge, because in exactly one week I can share all these with Cindy.

And I remember each and every one of them from last time .... looking forward to renewing each again.


mthc said...

Now that's what i'm talking about..

Bonnie said...

Janice - Thank you!

Anon - I know I'm pretty lucky too.

OPB - I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Nancy - Yes, it is wonderful indeed. He responded just as I had hoped he would!

Padme - Thank you. Hugs back!

Tigger - Thanks. It was an enjoyable exercise.

Paul - You are so right!

Jammin - Thank you. As I say, Randy's response was fantastic.

Angel - I'm pleased that you enjoyed it. I like to find new avenues to express my love, dedication, and desire.

AnonVII - Wow. Thank you.

Pix - It was nice. Thanks.

Todd and Suzy - I'm delighted to report that my message was received and understood. So was his non-verbal reply!

Em - I appreciate your support. thank you.

Dave - I am quite certain that Cindy appreciates all of your efforts. Romance makes everything better.


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