Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Equestrian Memories

While sorting through old boxes last weekend, I found a diskette containing some archived spanking stories. Here's a tale of spankings past...

It must have been around 1984 because I recall our daughter being a real toddler terror. My mother volunteered to take her off our hands for half a day. Randy, sweet then as now, planned a fun afternoon for us. As a girl, I always adored horses. I took riding lessons for several years. On this day, Randy had a planned a riding getaway.

No sooner had Randy returned from dropping off our little tyke than he began some amorous overtures. Never one to let an opportunity go to waste, I joined right in. Next thing I knew, I was over his lap getting reintroduced to my wooden hairbrush. He really warmed my tail. It had been quite a long time since I had gotten such a thorough tanning. Spankings were, by necessity, less frequent in those days.

After some torrid afternoon lovemaking, Randy suddenly jumped from the bed. He realized that we were in danger of being late for our ride. Quickly, we donned our clothes and headed out. Thanks to light traffic and his lack of attention to speed limits, we made it.

Upon our arrival, we talked briefly with the proprietor, met the horses, and got saddled up. As soon as my tender bottom touched that saddle, I knew I was in for a long afternoon. With every step, it was as though I was being spanked all over again. Ouch!

We followed a beautiful trail that wound along the banks of a scenic river. We had been there once before, but it was during a different season. On this day, it was glorious springtime. The birds were back and wildflowers were exploding everywhere. The river was brown and swollen from spring rains. But the sun was out and the trail was dry. The horses were gentle and predictable (this was good, because Randy never did quite get the hang of riding). Saddle sore or not, this was a fine day!

We rode for two whole hours. By the time we returned, I felt as though my poor posterior might fall off. I can remember being very sore for days afterward. Did I regret a minute? Not really. Getting spanked was and is part of my life, and a good part at that. That telltale twinge when I sit reminds me of the love we share. On this particular occasion, his love was never in doubt.

We haven't been riding in years. Maybe it's time...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds very yummy, Bonnie!!!


emeraldeyes said...

Lovely story of an 1984 spanking Bonnie, thanks for sharing ;-)
As Tigger said - 'very yummy' indeed!

Have a spanking good day,
Em x

Anonymous said...

Nice story Bonnie,

I once read a vanilla book in which the heroine had at one point to go on a day's riding after a serious bottom strapping. She didn't manage and had to walk, but it made a good story better.


Anonymous said...

You should have ridden side-saddle !

Paul said...

Bonnie, lovely story, Mel loved riding, we rode whenever we had the chance. It was my delight to warm her seat whenever we rode, often leaving the followup until we returned, it made for some interesting rides.
Thanks for the memory.
Warm hugs,

Puella said...


Horse riding has always inflamed by erotic imagenings. I'd take a trip to the tack room over a trip to the woodshed any day.

Bonnie said...

Tigger - Thanks. That's a happy memory. I'm especially pleased because I thought the story had been lost. This is kind of like MBS: The Basement Tapes.

Em - It's my pleasure. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

OPB - I can attest that walking would definitely be an option at that stage.

Anon - Surely you jest.

Paul - I'm sure it was interesting, and then some! :D

Puella - Yum indeed! I definitely agree.

grace said...

Fun story! Isn't it great to look back and find a great memory? Thanks for sharing!

opb, would that book be called the Outlander?


caryagal said...

Wow Bonnie! Another fantastic story! What a great way to spend an afternoon away! Having two toddlers myself I can truely understand the need to have a getaway and what a precious time that is. I am glad you were able to use and enjoy it to its fullest! Sore for days.. how cool!


Anonymous said...


Yes it was. I have enjoyed the whole series greatly.


Bonnie said...

Grace - Yes, I thought I had exhausted my archive. I was positively delighted to find more stories that readers haven't seen yet.

Carye - Thanks. A good sitter can make life so much better. I recall that even one afternoon away alone did wonders for my outlook.

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