Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yes, It's Keyword Chaos

Faster than a speeding bonnet. More powerful than a Lomotil. Able to leap tall bedding in a single bound. It's a nerd! It's pain! No, it's Keyword Chaos.

  • spanking prosthesis - Forget the hook, make mine a flogger!

  • spanked humor - When the cane broke, the tip flew out of the open window

  • butt plug panty girdle bra - Packing for a trip to latex hell?

  • dogging stories - Honey, have you seen my bat?

  • Texas spanko - I wonder if the bottoms are bigger too?

  • bratting and cyber spanks - I'll tell you a secret about cyber-spanks: They don't hurt!

  • bikini girls spanking each other - Now available for a limited time on two DVDs

  • serious spanking - Leave the rubber chicken at home

  • spanking cotton panties - It works better if you put the woman inside first

  • oatmeal spanking - I thought Quakers were non-violent

  • doggy style position tutorial - C'mon, how hard can it be? Dogs do it!

  • spank married - No pre-marital spanking here, this is the Bible belt!

  • best spanking position - One where the spankee's bottom is exposed

  • butt blush - Commonly applied with a butt brush

  • a well disciplined wife kisses her husband's ass - I'm not very well disciplined

  • spanking bolgs - As in battle of the bolgs?

  • look how funny bonnies face looks - Hey, I can't help it. That paddle hurts!

  • appointment spreading my butt cheeks apart - What are you doing with that calendar?

  • do you experience penis numbing after a long distance cycle ride - Nope. Never.

  • top ten ways to prevent getting a spanking - You won't find any here, at least not any that work

  • spanked by magical paddle - Next thing I knew, I was transported to a strange land where everything was made of leather

  • the beverly hillbillies spanking episodes - That durn Jethro et up all the vittles agin!

  • unusual spanking situations - I'm a member of the mile-high spanko club!

  • undressing my wife tutorial - Step one: unbutton her blouse...

  • sock bondage - That argyle isn't going anywhere

  • snow torture bare bottom - Brrrrrr!

  • small waist, wide hips, big bubble butt - You rang?

  • ritualistic spankings - Well, dear, what shall we sacrifice tonight?

  • paddle wedgie pictures - That's about as far up as it's going to go

  • orange barrels spanking story - How many times do I have to tell you not to speed through the construction zone?

  • naughty girdle gals - Something I never aspired to be

  • my tube spankings - I Tube, You Tube, He, She, It Tubes...

  • my husband prefers anal sex chat - My husband prefers to skip the chat

  • misty blue wedgie - It's the new drink sensation!

  • intercourse + dating - I believe it works better if you do them in the opposite order

  • instant spankings - Just add leather

  • I love panty lines - Who says people don't support causes any more?

  • how to make love to a female bottom - You'll improve your chances considerably if you start by talking with the bottom's owner

  • homemade spanking - Just like mama used to give

  • her grateful spanking - Administered by those far-out hippies, the spankheads

  • have you seen a spanking? - Why? Is there one missing?

  • gluteus maximus cream enhancements - I call it ICE CREAM!

  • free bare ass bottom stockings nylon flogging - Free range spanko?

  • fine bottom licking spanking - Tastes just like chicken...

  • cuckoo caning video - I'm cuckoo for caning!

  • charity spanking - C'mon, hon, it's for a good cause!


edward said...

paddle wedgie pictures - That's about as far up as it's going to go

Oh I don't know,bet I could get it to go farther!Yes I know thats evil,but it's Lisa's fault she has poisoned me!

Anonymous said...

Very very funny, It added a chuckle to the start of my day. Thanks Bonnie.


Anonymous said...

ROTLF, Bonnie!!!


Paul said...

Very funny Bonnie, thanks.
Warm hugs,

MaggieDear said...

Absolutely amazing! lol How do people come up with this stuff? Too funny :)


Grizzly Bear said...

I have always loved keyword chaos. I have been thinking about doing something similar for my blog, would you have any objections?

Bonnie said...

Edward - You and Randy seem to think a lot alike. As for blaming dear Lisa, I know better...

OPB - You're quite welcome. I think we need a little silliness around here every so often.

Tigger - Thanks!

Paul - I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Maggie - I often wonder that myself. What were they thinking? I guess we'll never know, but it's fun to speculate.

Griz - Please help yourself. I'll bet you and gg have some excellent search words!

Kallisto said...

Hilarious as usual, Bonnie! I especially loved this one-- "gluteus maximus cream enhancements - I call it ICE CREAM!"------what a hoot.

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