Saturday, February 10, 2007

Implement Stories #8: Carye

Carye is a longtime friend of MBS. Despite an incredibly busy life, she finds the energy to add her wisdom to many of our discussions. That's why I am delighted to present a trio of effective spanking implements recommended by Carye and her Papa Shrek.

We own three implements :-) The first one we got was a dogging bat. I enjoy this one. It has a nice sting with a little something extra. It is leather with a metal piece inside. We found it at a farm store. It is normally used for horseback riding. It is noisy though!

Our most fierce paddle, and the one I fear the most, is called the Mistake from the Hanson Paddle Werks. Papa Shrek got this for me after a serious infraction! We've had lots of fun with it. I enjoy it, but it can really pack a wallop! If you go to the link, there is an interesting story of how it came about. It is slightly larger than a Texas prison strap.

My personal favorite is the Hickory Smacker from Spanking Paddles by Walt. For some reason, I really love the wood feel of this paddle. One of the reasons I like it best is because Papa Shrek can be the closest to me while using it. It also packs a great spank. There is something about the cool wood that I really enjoy feeling before and after a spanking. One interesting side note is that we actually came up with Caryagal (Carye) as my blog name because Carya is the biological genus name for hickory!

Thank you, Carye! Those toys look as though they would provide many hours of enjoyment, particularly in the skilled hands of Papa Shrek.

There's still time left if you would like us to feature your "weapons of ass destruction." Simply drop me an e-mail with your stories and/or photos.

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New Beginnings said...

I am so glad that Carye joined the fun! These look like some wicked implements! But Papa Shrek does seem to how to use them for both pleasure and encouraging Carye when she needs motivation!

I always love hearing from Carye. I hope in the future if she has time and PS approval she will be able to create her own blog. Her comments always add a great deal to any post!


That was me above, I just can't spell!

kasey said...

It was CArye that inspired my Hubby to go out a purchase a dogginf bat one fine afternoon. I'm not sure I have forgiven her....well, actually it hasn't been all bad! Kasey

Paul said...

Bonnie, this is an interesting post. Thanks Carye.
Warm hugs,

Alex said...

Lol spanking devices anyways ha I like your pic.

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