Thursday, February 22, 2007

Implement Stories #12: Ian's Paddle

For our next Implement Stories entry, here is Ian with his custom DIY paddle:

My name is Ian, and I am a faithful lurker. I have posted a couple of comments under the name "anonymous," and really can't believe that I took a picture of my toy to put on the internet. But, I do have a paddle, and a story, and a question that perhaps you and some of your readers with educated bottoms might help me answer.

My wife and I played bondage games in the first 15 years of our marriage. It might be simplistic and dismissive to call her "vanilla," so I will say that her kink-drive is far lower than mine. I have always been grateful that she was willing to play with me, and out of respect for her vanilla tendencies never included pain of any kind in our play.

On the occasion of her 39th birthday, however, I decided that it was time.

I announced that she was to receive her first spanking, and positioned her in front of a mirror, where she could see what I was doing. I then instructed her to count, and to announce every third swat in the form of, "That was three, sir... That was six, sir," etc. She chuckled a bit at the thought of calling me "sir," but did not object. She still had a bit of a chuckle in her voice when she announced number three, but it was mostly gone by the time she got to number 9. Upon reaching number 20, I produced this from my toy bag:

This is a little woodworking project that I had prepared for the occasion. It is 16" long, and made from 1/4" thick oak. The business end is covered on one side with rabbit fur, on the other with medium leather. There is no padding under the leather, it is glued directly to the oak.

I showed her the paddle in the mirror, and rubbed her bottom and thighs with the fur side. When I administered the first blow with the leather side, she inhaled sharply and said, "that was 21, sir."

The spanking continued until we reached the magic number of 39, at which time her bottom was very nicely red, with no other marks. I then held her and hugged her and kissed her, and the evening progressed rather well from there.

In the two years since, the paddle has made two or three more appearances. She has told me that she can enjoy a hand spanking almost any time, but she would prefer the paddle to be a rare occasion.

In the same two years, I have found "My Bottom Smarts," and have read the tutorials, including "spanking 101: implements." If I understand correctly, I may have picked a fairly severe first toy. I don't try to wield it with great force, but I can't help it if I get excited! I enjoy spanking my wife, and I want her to enjoy it as well. We don't do "punishment." They are more like "foreplay spankings."

So my question is, Does anyone have a suggestion for a toy that would be something between my hand, and this paddle in intensity? Should I look for a leather paddle? I am certainly up for experimentation.

Thank you, Ian, for showing us your creation and sharing your story.

I invite readers to join in, but here's my answer. A 1/4" hardwood paddle should be fairly light and deliver lots of sting. Employed in the moderate manner you describe, it's not a terribly severe implement. Had you said it was, say, 3/4" solid oak, I would have advised you to select a different implement to start.

I think wooden implements sometimes gain a bad reputation. Many are very intense, but others can be quite appropriate for playful or erotic spankings.

A small leather paddle is a nice addition to any spanko's collection. The feel is quite different from the paddle you're using. The flexibility of leather reduces the thud and replaces it with a nice, warm burn.

In the end, a lot depends upon the preferences of the participants. A given implement isn't inherently good or bad. What matters is the context, the technique, and the perception of the couple who employ it.

I wish you both continued spanking success and great happiness.

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Paul said...

Ian, my wife loved belts and straps, we had two Tawse, a light two fingered one and a heavier three fingered one, both were excellent for giving good girl spankings.
You might like to try leather for a very different feel.

foxthatsspanked said...

I was going to suggest the same thing Paul did. When Honey and I first started, my preference was for belts. Then he made our own personal leather strap, softer leather than most belts but still "appropriate" and it can be quite fun. Its about 3/4 to one inch wide and his situated in that permanently "folded in half belt" way. It leaves a heck of a red mark, turns Honey on in a big way but is really pretty easy on my "I'm not really in the mood for this" sensibility that pops up sometimes. My usual preference is for some kind of paddle but a girl's taste is subject to change from day to day, week to week, situation to situation, so that is something else to keep in mind. Sometimes I want a really hard spanking and sometimes I want a gentler spanking...even if/when either/both are being used as foreplay (we don't do punishment either).

Pagan said...

Ian, I am a big lover of leather paddles. I keep saying we have enough and I won't buy anymore...and lo and behold, I weaken. I think we're up to ten. ;)

I would recommend a nice oval leather paddle, neither floppy nor heavy. I wouldn't start with a lined one, but the all leather variety.

I'm not sure if it's ok to mention names (Bonnie, I completely understand if you delete this section), but I am very fond of both the Boudoir Paddle from London Tanners, and the Rose Blush paddle from Leather Thorn Paddles. Both are all leather and unlined.

And no...I'm not affiliated with either company. Just a repeat buyer of both. :)

Start light. All but the most intense of toys can be used pleasurably. You can always spank a little harder the next time. You can't undo one that is too hard.

Enjoy! :)

LynLass said...

What I have read, heard and personally experienced, would lead me to start the questioning a bit differently. Since you're into "foreplay" type spankings, try to figure out what turns her on the most: sting, burn or thud. That would then help drive your choice of implement. Me? I do canes for him-but they are really way too stingy (at least the ones he has) to turn me on at all. A nice slow burn with a leather paddle works, most woods are tolerable, but he has a couple that are about the width of a paint stir stick that are almost as bad as canes. I do wider wood paddles much better if preceded with a long slow hand+leather warm-up. It took us a while to figure all this out; I knew what didn't work, but it took me a while to define it enough to be able to explain it to him.

Happy exploring!

Ian said...

Thank you all for your comments,

I think perhaps some leathercraft might be in my future!


Bonnie said...

Paul - Thank you, as always, for your wise counsel.

Fox - I appreciate you adding your valuable experience. Thanks.

Pagan - This segment is all about sharing our knowledge. While I wouldn't want a self-serving plug, a recommedation from a satisfied customer is precisely the kind of informations that readers seek. Your insight is most welcome!

Lyn - I wish I had thought to say that. You make an excellent point. Thank you for weighing in.

Ian - Thank you again for sharing your unusual creation!

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