Saturday, January 13, 2007

Top Ten Plus Ten: Now or Later

There are times in the lives of most spankos when a spanking in inevitable. It needs to happen and it will happen. It will definitely hurt, but afterward, the benefits will have been worth the discomfort.

Getting out of a well-deserved spanking is out of the question, but sometimes the timing can be somewhat negotiable. All it takes to postpone a spanking is a line like, "Honey, I really need to pick up your dry cleaning before they close." There are many other permutations, but acceptable excuses abound so long as you don't abuse the privilege.

This brings us to the today's topic. Is it better to just bend over and take your medicine or to wait for an optimal moment? Let's examine both sides of the question:

Get Spanked NowGet Spanked Later
  1. You know you deserve it
  1. Procratination is a time honored tradition
  1. There's no sense in waiting
  1. Absence make the heart grow fonder, right?
  1. Ah, lovemaking...
  1. It'll be even better later
  1. A good bottom warming will improve your mood for the rest of the day
  1. Enjoy sitting while you can
  1. C'mon, it'll be fun
  1. Hey, spankings hurt!
  1. He'll spank harder if he thinks you're stalling
  1. If you're going to be spanked regardless, he might as well have a reason
  1. If you bring him the implement, he might not choose something far nastier
  1. Given adequate preparation time, you could dress up for him
  1. It's the submissive thing to do
  1. You need more time to heal from the last session
  1. There are many worse things than a red, sore, hot bottom
  1. So maybe you wanna be a brat
  1. You crave the physical contact
  1. Perhaps he's bluffing


Kallisto said...

Hi Bonnie--good question! I personally say, how about now and later???!! Great post, and I loved the range of ideas!

Doc said...

Being a member of procrastinators annon, I lean towards the 2nd colom. My spanko side says otherwise though! Oh the deliberation!

Paul said...

Bonnie because I worked from from it was mainly possible to get spankings done immediately, which we preferred.
Mel got very nervous when she had to wait.
BTW not erotic spankings.
Warm hugs,

CIN-D-GIRL said...

Hi Bonnie ... great post! I agree with Kallisto ... I'm a little of both! I think ... I sorta need both! Loved the post!

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh at number 10,, I don't think he's bluffing and I don't think you would want him too. As usual loved lurking your post.


Mary said...

Nice list - it is imposible to descide what is worse - taking it now or taking the anticipation of knowing it is coming. You must know by now that "He is never bluffing" - that one is only wishful thinking.

Spanky said...

As soon as I saw this post, I decided to comment and say "How about both?" Then I saw that Kallisto had beaten me to it with the exact same comment! Good to know we're still on the same page.

Bonnie said...

Kallisto - Now that's an option I hadn't considered, and a good option at that!

Doc - Decisions, decisions. I suppose we could always let the spanker choose...

Paul - That would also be Randy's preference most of the time.

Cindy - Let's make that two votes for now AND later.

C - #10 was meant to be humorous. Of course he's not bluffing! I wanted to illustrate how we can rationalize almost anything if we work at it. No one rationalizes like a procrastinator.

Mary - Precisely!

Spanky - Yes, I believe you two would opt for the third alternative (and love every minute of both spankings!).

dwcmike said...

The two sides of the spanking question are humorously well delineated. It is easy to ask for a spanking in the future, but less easy if it will immediately be given. Soemtimes, however, the stress of knowing you will be spanked quite significantly sometime soon makes it hard to wait. Better to get it over and move on to the love-making and fun things in life.
bottoms up

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