Friday, January 12, 2007

Happy Birthday, CeeCi!

Today is a special day. It's time to celebrate with our dear friend, CeeCi! I encourage you to stop by and wish her well.


Thank you for making our world a more beautiful place. The calm serenity of your garden is an inspiration to all who visit.

May your every path be lined with comfortable reassurance and unexpected joy. When the rains come, let them nourish. When the birds come, let them entertain. When the winds come, let them set us free.

Have a wonderful day, and a momentous year!


Theresa said...

Well said Bonnie. Happy Birthday CeeCi!


padme said...

I plan to mention ceeci's birthday on my blog too. She's a really special person and I'm glad you did a post saying happy birthday to her too!
Happy birthday ceeci!!

CeeCi said...


Thank you so much for your wonderful wishes! I've been singing "Happy Birthday to ME" this morning and everywhere I go I find another surprise!

Thank you for adding to the joy this day has brought my way!

**Big Hugs**
♥ CeeCi

Paul said...

Lovely post Bonnie, yes CeeCi is very special.
Warm hugs,

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