Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Poll: Spanking Events

Have you ever attended a spanking-related gathering?

Yes, and I definitely plan to go again!
Yes, and I might return
Yes, but once was enough for me
No, but I'm interested
No, that's just not me


CindysDave said...

While I haven't myself, this is actually how Cindy and I met in a roundabout way.

I had met and played with a woman who was very active in the midwest scene, but always just a private get together. She however, went to a regular spanking weekend, and met Cindy who attended out of curiosity.

About a week or two later she emailed us both and suggested we contact each other ... and the rest is history. Thank goodness for formal spanking parties!

Cindy and I have discussed, and will eventually attend one together when logistics allow. There will be MANY rules! But I am looking forward to watching her spanked by others.

BTW, she and I have both been spanked by this friend who introduced us, with the other one present of course!!!!!!!


CIN-D-GIRL said...

Hi Bonnie ... and btw, I loved the Randyisms! The wedgie one had me cracking up, but I couldn't comment at that post for some reason.
I've been to one spanking party, and it was ... interesting meeting so many 'like me' people! The dynamics are incredible, especially going in knowing only one or two others!
As Dave mentioned, we'd like to attend one together someday ... but one thing ... at the party I went too, there was a young man, probably all of 21. A shy guy, who was probably at his first party too, and he was standing out in the hallway between the two rooms the party was set up in. He was holding a cane, and really was trying to interact with everyone. The party was with a group who gets together often ... so there was very much a sense of being 'new' if you were!
Anyway ... this 'kid' who really wasn't a kid just, I've never forgotten him. He and I talked a little bit, but out of site of him, people were making comments about him ... 'did he really think they would let him spank with that thing???' ... stuff like that.
My heart went out to him, and I've wished more than once since that I had approached him. But I was real nervous and shy myself!
Anyway ... I've told Dave about it, and given that spanko's often think they're more understaning, less judgemental and things like that ... I think often what it would have meant to him if a spanker had approached him, and offered the bottom of his companion to the young man ... and then offered to help him. To learn how to spank, just ... all of it.
So ... yes, I hope to attend one again, with Dave! They can be great fun.
And one more thing ... standing in the lobby as we were waiting to check in, it was a LOT of fun looking around us and trying to guess who among the crowd were fellow spankers!
Then the name tags we wore left no guessing among the other guests as to what we were up too! It was great fun, and maybe I'll write a post about it, cause this is getting way too long!
Anyway ... great question!

Anonymous said...

My hubby and I are actually going to a spanking party next year!!! We haven't ever been, and we're excited about it!!! That being said, though, we've already decided that if we do any spanking in public, we'll play exclusively with each other!!! It's what we're both comfortable with!!!


Doc said...

I want to go to one, they sound very interesting.

Persephone said...

Im not sure about going to a spanking party. It does peak my interests but when it comes to getting my spanking, I really and truly only want my Ari to do it. The thought of having anyone else do it really does nothing for me... It would be a turn on to watch others though..

Anonymous said...

One of these days.


tom said...

We have visited several spanking parties. You know you're among friends. Playing in public is not difficult. People know it's not only the hot chocolate you come for.On the ones we visted there was no nudity. Only the appropriate
parts were mostly bared. Of course you're free if you want to play with an other partner by consensus.
In that case it's polite to ask the others partner for permission to avoid friction. He (or she) will mostly accept under the condition not OTK and no hand on bare skin.

A.S.S. said...

Not yet, but we certainly will. The issues we've had, is there is nothing here in the local area... and while traveling isn't an issue, being a total stranger at our first 'party' might be a little strange.

We've started a 'meetings' area on our blog... and perhaps can meet some fellow spankos. Get to know them, to the point we're not strangers... and then perhaps attend a party (small or large). Maybe even one day get a local spanking party group started here in the Phoenix metro area.

~Todd & Suzy

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