Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Top Ten: Randyisms

My dear husband claims I have a way with words. OK, I do make my living as a writer. But he's the clever one in this house. No kidding!

To give you an example of his twisted wit, here's a list of ten lines he's unleashed while I was positioned face down over his lap.
  1. Just for that, you get the wedgie!

  2. Spanking therapy is very important for maintaining healthy buttocks

  3. This is going to hurt you a lot more than it hurts some random stranger

  4. I like to smack this spot right HERE

  5. Honey, I think red is definitely your color

  6. All right, this may sting a little...

  7. I like how the paddle just kind of bounces off

  8. Why, you're blushing!

  9. So round, so firm, so fully packed!

  10. Wow, your cup runneth over

See what I mean?


New Beginnings said...

'All right, this may sting a little...' That is just great! I love it!


Amber said...

My husband J. makes jokes a lot of times, too, as I am being spanked. More implicit ones, though. Mainly by overplaying - you can sense a shade of irony in his telling me off because, for example, he will speak in a way that is way too formal, and it's funny.

Haron said...

The "random stranger" comment had me giggling - though I bet it had *you* a little worried!

Spanky said...

Very funny! The man is a true poet. You sure come up with innovative and interesting ideas to blog about!

Pagan said...

My hubby does this too, sometimes.

Some of the things that have made me laugh (or my stomach curl appreciatively):

1) This is going to be VERY therauptic. For me.

2) I'm going to take out a little frustration. RIGHT (insert swat) HERE.

3) I'm going to spank you for awhile...then I'm going to fuck you...and then I'm going to spank you some more (my heart still races fast at that one)

4) I love watching you jiggle (DID HE JUST CALL ME FAT?)

5) Nice and toasty. Told you we didn't need to turn the furnace up.

They think they're comedians. lol

Anonymous said...

Very cute, Bonnie!!! Isn't it fun when your hubby comes up with all those witty things while you're over his knee?!!! LOL!!!


Paul said...

Bonnie, very witty, your Randy, I did mean witty, I think. WEG
Warm hugs,

opb said...

Very funny Bonnie, your man is a true comedian. I loved the post.


MaggieDear said...

"...more than some random stranger." Gee, that's good to know! Don't you fell better about that now? lol That was funny!


Persephone said...

Those are so great!!! I think red is definitely my color as well :) Great post!

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