Sunday, October 08, 2006

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for October 8

Our brunch question this week dealt with favorite positions. Here are your contributions:

Jean Marie: My all-time favorite position for playful spanking is buck-naked over my lover's naked lap, so that when the spanking is done and I'm contrite and my butt is hot and my sex is hotter, we can segue right to making love.

Now for my unusual suggestion of positioning. We call it the wheel-barrow. Instead of laying cross-ways over Kyle's knee, I straddle his lap with my legs parted and on each side of him on the couch seat. I rest my upper torso on my elbows on the floor. This position offers my lover access to my wet sex and parted anus during the spanking. I highly recommend this variation. I've nearly blacked-out from multiple orgasms while assuming it for punishment/pleasuring.

And our favorite for disciplinary punishments is standing in the middle of the floor bent over at the waist with legs straight and lower back dipped. I love taking a hard strapping or moderate caning in this pose. It lets me prove my mettle. My posture proclaims my inner discipline during his disciplinary efforts. My exposed bottom proffered completely, as laid bare as my misbehaviors, as needy as my soul is for correction.

Paqster: I’ve got to say that my favorite position is nekkid OTK. My second favorite is bottom bared OTK.

I've recently begun to love the diaper position when I'm spanking my lady. There is just something exposed and you can look at her in the eyes. It’s so sexy.

Joseki: I have to say my favorite (F/M) is with me inserted. I can't remember the term it’s French. We started during pregnancy. A sideways position with my top leg over her far leg can be very intense.

Todd and Suzy: Over the lap works best for us, as far as comfort goes. It's probably "the best." But our favorite is OTK, using a big soft chair with padded arm-rests.

Suzy, when she spanks another female, prefers that she lay face down across a bed, or perhaps draped over the edge of the bed/chair/couch.

Mary: Wow. Well, above all, I like bare bottomed over his lap with my torso resting on the couch. I like to feel him against me, especially when I know that this position is just the start for a very serious correction spanking.

I hate the middle of the room bent over with hands on ankles or floor. I feel exposed. The position takes concentration, and is uncomfortable even before he canes or straps me. I also feel alone in my misbehavior, even though he is obviously in the room. The position is so formal that it leaves me realizing that I messed up.

I like being bent over the couch, kind of. It’s somewhat comfortable, but I know my bottom is way up and my sex exposed. I anticipate the spanking to come, but the couch is supportive, so I can focus on the sensation of being spanked. This can be a mixed bag of feelings. Pain melds into pleasure more readily in this position.

The diaper position always makes me feel the sting of humiliation with my spanking and that sting can be sexy as I know that I am completely exposed and my glistening wetness betrays the sincerity of my protests. I guess what I like most of all is that there are multiple positions to play with in any given situation.

Bethie: Two of my favorite positions are on the bed, over his lap while he sits on the bed or lying across the bed draped over pillows so my bottom is propped up for maximum spanking and exposure.

I like long spankings so we often start with me over his lap and then I'll go over the pillows later. Not only are these positions comfortable, they're intimate because they involve our bed. No matter how the spankings start, they always end up with us in bed after. ;-)

I pretty much like any position that gives Dan the ability to use a variety of toys. We have this great sofa with cushioned arms. If I lie over the arm of the sofa with a big pillow to put my upper body on, it's a great position, too. I'm comfy and there's room for Dan to swing the longer toys.

I also really like it when he spontaneously grabs me and flips me over his knee for a quickie. The position is exciting because it's the traditional spanking pose and the oldest of my spanking fantasies, but it's only good for me if a spanking is going to be quick.

You know what, Bonnie? I can't pick a favorite! LOL

Cuddlybum: This one’s easy. My favourite is over his lap, with one of his arms around my waist or on my back, keeping me safe and warm and happy.

For thrill factor? That would be when he puts his knee up on the chair/table/couch/bed, grabs me and bends me over it. This isn't safe or warm, but its hard and fast!

There are lots more, but the first one is the reconnection one. And it always gets followed with hugs and snuggles.

Kayley: Wow! I have so many. It really depends on my mood!

I always liked it over his lap, whether my feet down or my head down, or both hanging. If I can't touch the floor, that’s even better. So that brings me to another favorite, where I balance on his knee and he wraps his hand around me. I like the 'wrapping hand' around my waist. It keeps me in position.

The last one I like is over the arm of the couch, but only for the belt. So if I see a couch, I know what to relate it to.

Eva: Favorite? I couldn't even begin to pick a favorite. I like being on all fours on our bed. I like the stinging swift ones over the jeans when I'm working in the kitchen (standing). I like being over one of his knees with the top half of my body resting on the bed where he uses his other leg to lock my legs in place. He used to haul me down to the basement when our kids were asleep on the 2nd floor. He'd strip me naked and bend me over the washer. Now there's one I do not like and I'm glad we haven't had to use that one for a while!

Bella: My favorite would have to be on the spanking bench. It's essentially the same position as on all fours, but there is support along the torso. It also prevents movement like jumping across the bed and out of range. *grin*

Rose: Favorite position? Hmm… That's a tough one. I'd say that I love the OTK and don't get enough of that. For my favorite spankings with the cat or cane, it would have to be over the arm of the couch or lying on the bed/floor so that I am totally relaxed as TND spanks me. That puts me so far into sub-space and I can take a long spanking. Mmmm, it’s time to wake TND! ;-)

Paul: The positions we used depended on the type of spanking being given.

For fun spanking, I would sit on the side of bed with Mel's torso and legs supported by the bed, or I would sit on the bed with my back supported by the headboard and Mel laying across my lap. These were our favourite as this sort of spanking always ended in bed. We also used the couch as we did the bed.

For attitude adjusters and stress busters, Mel would lean over the end of the bed or the arm of the couch. This position allowed for a full arm swing of belt, strap or tawse.

Punishment spankings were much more serious. They were always given in the office. Mel stretched over my cleared desk gripping the opposite edge of the desk and feet about 24" apart.

Depending on circumstances others could be used.

Curtis: As a switch, my favorites are over the lap at the edge of a bed or couch, and in the center of a bed. All of these have the intimacy of OTK, don’t kill the spankee's back, and allow the spankee to concentrate on what's happening to the part that is being dealt with. I also like to spank during sex while the spankee is on top.

There are two more I like, spanking a partner while they are pleasuring you orally with their upraised bottom facing you, and sitting on the spankee's back while the spankee is draped over the edge of a bed (don't try this while flat on the bed or you'll potentially create massive backaches).

Bonnie: If it were up to me (and it isn’t), I would probably choose OTK at the edge of the bed or couch. It’s very intimate and as comfortable as one can be while their bottom is being set ablaze. I love feeling that certain bulge against my belly. That sensation reminds me that Randy is every bit as much a spanko as I am. I know that once he decides that I have been adequately spanked, other pleasures will soon follow.

Randy goes through phases in terms of implements and positions. Right now, he seems to be fond of positioning me on hands and knees on the bed. He likes my knees close to the edge because this allows him a full swing and because he can easily initiate intercourse. The biggest downside for me is that I have to pay attention so that I don’t slip off of the bed!

In the end, it doesn’t much matter which position he chooses (within reason, of course). I desire that his desires will be completely fulfilled. If the result is a sore bottom and lots of hot sex, so much the better.

Tigger: My favorite spanking position is also my hubby's favorite position! He sits on the bed with his back against the headboard and I drape myself over a pillow, which he has placed on his thigh.

It's my favorite for a couple of reasons, one of them being that is the most comfortable. Stretched out on the bed, I can pillow my head on my folded arms or clench the bed sheet in my fingers while he spanks me! I can also wiggle and squirm all I want, and it makes it easy for my hubby to keep me in place by trapping both of my legs with one of his, which is one of my favorite things! Of course, one of the yummiest things about this position is that it's perfect for all the touching and caressing I love!

David: As the spanker, if it is to be a hand spanking, then it must be OTK. I sit on a chair, with Susan bent over my left thigh, head right down, elbows on the floor, and my right leg across the back of hers to stop her wriggling. This places her lovely tight buns in the perfect place for my descending palm. For other implements, I prefer the well-padded arm of our sofa. Susan lays over the arm with knees tucked in, head down on the sofa seat, and hands clasped behind her head. This makes her hollow her back and pull her bottom to full tautness and in just the right place for the swing of a paddle, cane or whatever. Binding her hands behind her makes it difficult for her to bob up. For a sound tanning, she bends over a high bar stool, wrists and knees fixed to its legs with our Velcro straps, and she is also well placed for some après spank sex!

Susan: I agree with David about the first two. They are quite comfortable, so there’s no distraction from what is happening to my bottom. The stool is a bit scary, but I’m sure Bonnie will agree that there is no thrill like being bent over and bound, bottom bared and soundly thrashed, followed by a great shagging from the man you love and trust not to overdo it, as you lie there helpless.

As for 'exotics,' try this: You need a high backed arm chair. Kneel on it facing the back. Then get right up onto the arms, so that you are kneeling on them, with legs spread wide. Bend right forward and down so that your back is against the chair back, your head below the level of your knees. Your bottom pokes up in the air, impossibly tight, and spread to reveal all your inner secrets, and as you look back through your spread legs, you can see the cane or strap swishing down towards its target. Scary again, but a sub’s dream!

Master Fitznicely: OTK is my favourite by far. It's just so intimate and sexy, but brat favours the back of the couch.

When she's taking the cane for punishment, I make sure she's not lying flat as it hurts much more. :)

We've had some good, good times, either with her propped on pillows on the bed or handcuffed to the headboard in various configurations. The most recent featured her lying on her front, legs spread, dildo inserted, and every spanking implement within reach. That was a good one. Mmm...

Theresa: I like the way Grace got it Friday night, over just one knee on the bed. I call it the lazy position because I can hold it long and it is comfy.

Next, I like being over something, pillows or arm of chair etc.

Elis: I like to lie on the bed or on pillows. I can bury my face in the pillows and Nick can move around and alternate what he is using.

Grace: I lay over Bossman’s knee with the top half of my on the bed. It is the most comfortable.

We've tried OTK, but the blood rushes to my head and I end up with a head rush, and not the good kind.

One of the other favorites is completely over his lap while he sits in the middle of the bed. That position makes me think of him as the king, on a throne. With the queen lying over his lap, offering her butt up for whatever pleases him.

Well, he is the king of the house. LOL. Just don't tell him I said that, or it might go to his head.

Anne Elizabeth: I’d have to say during sex sounds good! So that makes it whatever position he can get to my bottom in!

Mija: I think I most like the classic skirt up, panties down, OTK position. It fits my traditional discipline scene.

For canings, I like either the bent over two chairs set back to back as a caning block or bent over, hands on the floor like a naughty school boy.

I've recently lost some weight and become more flexible, so I am fascinated by the diaper position. I suspect a hard caning would take care of that unhealthy interest however.

Fantastic! Thanks, everybody. See you next week!

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