Sunday, October 22, 2006

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for October 22

Today's brunch topic was bottom-related activities beyond spanking. Here are your thoughtful responses:

Eva: Funny you should ask that this morning. Just 20 minutes ago, Adam had to leave. I had told him to make sure I was up when he left because I have to leave 90 minutes after him and was afraid I'd sleep through it. When I came downstairs with nothing but a big t-shirt on he reached up under it and started rubbing my butt very lightly. I stood really still except that I was still asleep and kind of wobbled around a bit. I have NO idea how long this went on and was hardly aware of it until Adam said, "I like this when you're still half asleep. You'll let me do anything I want." He does whatever he wants when he's awake and he did realize that and corrected himself. Anyhow, the point is, I just love it when he touches it whether softly or forcefully. It doesn't matter.

You know how Paul talks about how he used to love spooning with Mel's warmed bottom pressed against him? Yup. That's us too. I can't get to sleep without some part of Adam touching my rump. There are really no toys I like there. Just Adam's skin, any part of him.

Bbobb: Personally, I love rubbing and squeezing Kasey's bottom. During spankings, I'll usually stop several times to do some rubbing and when it's accessible during sex, I love to knead her bottom.

Just in terms of sensations, there's the obvious turn on of the sight of her bottom after it's been spanked. The contrast between her light skin and darker bottom is a big turn-on.

Mary: I love it when my bottom is kissed, caressed, kneaded, and played with too. It all feels oh so nice.

Anne Elizabeth: Oh My Goodness, yes! I love having my bottom kissed, rubbed, stroked, and all the anal sex stuff... Just all that lovely attention... My ass is such a center of pleasure, so receptive! Even more so than my breasts, I have to admit.

Tigger: I love having my bottom rubbed and gently squeezed and, of course, kissed! Oh, and I absolutely love when my hubby massages my bottom with KY Warming Massage Oil, especially after a spanking! Yummy!

Jean Marie: Ditto to all the above, but this anal-erotic nymph loves even more. A dildo playing at the backdoor is a frequent diversion, enema play occasionally, anal intercourse every once in a while, and a lubricated finger a lot before, during, or after spanking. We love it all!

Paul: Tell me any spanko that doesn't like playing with their beloved’s butt.

Mel loved having her bottom nibbled as a prelude to a good girl spanking. She also loved being rimmed and all sorts of anal play before and after the good girl spankings. But the absolute topper after the spanking, the playing, and the loving, when we were both nicely tired and ready to sleep was her warm butt nestled into my tummy. I don't think you'll need too many guesses as to the condition I was in the morning, much to Mel's surprise. WEG

Doc: My partner and I are still so new at this, but I found this question really applied to us. She still quails at the thought of possibly hurting me, but knowing my bottom is an erogenous zone has made it quite the target for naughty behavior. She's loves squeezing, pinching, slapping over clothes, and generally fondling it. It helps that I give indignant squeaks most of the time. Something new is a fascination with kissing it when it's clothed, and biting it just at the top where it meets my hip. I'm unsure as to how that developed, but I don't mind.

cuddlybum: Mmmm. I love it when the beloved strokes or very, very lightly spanks my bum, rubbing it, grabbing it, touching it - even if he pats it while we're out in the shops it sends me nuts!

We do try a bit of anal play as well sometimes, but just now we're concentrating on loving each other so that's eased off a bit. I don't find it easy, but I do enjoy it!

When he tells me I have to wear the butt plug all day, well, I swoon! It’s never yet lasted the day as the blessed thing never manages to stay in during other activities! LOL

As for HIS bum, well, I could sit there and play with it all day! Kissing, stroking, nibbling...

He's just left me for another week at work. You're a bad, bad woman to be giving me these thoughts on a Sunday night, Bonnie! I suppose I could just not read, but then I'd miss out on all the fun!

Spanked Minx: Yup, my spanked butt is given lots of attention after a spanking. It’s often examined in minute detail, with every line traced and noted. Then it gets parked right where it should be for the night, keeping EH warm from the spanking heat. Sometimes I get a photo of it the next day as a reminder, but during unspanked times, it's often grabbed, pulled, pinched and kissed, all with my knickers down on a regular basis.

Curtis: I always rub a bottom I'm spanking and enjoy being rubbed myself when I'm in that position. If the person I'm spanking is an intimate, then I'm likely to go beyond rubbing to kissing, caressing and, if really intimate, manual sexual stimulation towards orgasm.

Spike: I simply love playing with my wife's bottom. A squeeze, a pat, a rub... It doesn't matter if she's got on pants, skirt, jeans, panties (or best yet!) NOTHING! ;) I've told her many times that I love the sight and feel of her bottom. She's told me she loves how it makes her feel to know she affects me that way.

While loving (and aside from the spanks), I do tend to knead, squeeze, nibble, and lick her bottom. She's not into anal but there are times she does seem to like it when I lick up and around THAT spot.

Bonnie: I married a butt man. There’s just no other way to say it. Randy’s hands are on my bottom at every opportunity. He pats, rubs, squeezes, and gently swats. And that’s in public!

When we’re alone, there’s plenty of kissing, licking, biting, and rubbing of the very best kind. He loves to touch my bottom and I love feeling his sensuous attention. Erotic spanking may be the centerpiece of our play, but there are plenty of other fun activities.

I’m not a huge fan of anal penetration, but Randy enjoys taking me in that most intimate fashion. After a spanking, when I’m feeling especially submissive, it’s not too difficult for him to convince me to willingly participate. He has a small vibrator that he uses to stimulate me as well as a plug. Usually once we start, I enjoy this play as well.

Elis: I love to have his hands on my butt. Anytime he is willing, be it public, private, or anywhere! I don't sleep in anything these days and he will reach over several times during the night to rub and I love it.

I am just discovering that anal sex is not something to be feared, but to be explored occasionally.

Bethie: This is a great topic! In fact, I liked it so much that my answer was too long for a comment so I answered you on my blog. :-)

Caryagal: The answer for us is YES! In fact, it was through bottom play that I discovered that I enjoyed spanking. I have always been most aroused by my husband touching, rubbing, massaging, and even tickling my bottom. I love back rubs to relax me that go beyond the back and onto the bottom. It was one of these times that some light slaps started and aroused me further. It wasn't much longer before we discovered that spanking was something I really enjoyed.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this week's brunch. I hope to see you all here next Sunday!

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Great reading!!!


Anonymous said...

I tried to post this comment before but I guess it got eaten. If anyone is interested, my honey has devised a simple DIY "harness" so one can wear a plug for long periods of time. I can personally attest to its efficacy! With Bonnie's permission, I could post directions.

Bonnie said...

Miss Kitty - The stage is yours...

Bonnie said...

Tigger - Thanks!

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i love to have my bottom kissed, licked, swatted. in general love being grabbed on my bottom. anal sex is going very slow. sometimes it feels great and other times hurts too much. my love told me the other day that the reason he wants me to enter a place before him is so he can watch my bottom.jammin33333

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