Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Poll: Want or Need?

The Role of Spanking in Your Life
Do you consider spanking more a want or a need?

Spanking is something I WANT
Spanking is something I NEED


Sky said...

I wonder if Darwin would have had any thoughts about the evolution of spanking(s)?? I started off wanting and admit to now needing, Bonnie!!


Kayley said...

Can't live without it. Who knows what would happen to my mind if I weren't to get it in time. Actually, some of you realized what's happened to me for the past one month! lol Now take that and make one year... ARGHHH!! They would have me locked in an asylum! lol


bella said...

I'm in the "need" category. Oh, the hours my husband and I have spent on this topic.


Anonymous said...

Definitely a need!!!


Paul said...

Bonnie, my Mel needed her spankings, they didn't have to be very hard, but they had to be regular.
I think it was an addiction, we weren't apart very often, but no spanking for a week or more made Mel so needy, fortunately easily remedied once I got home.
Warm hugs Bonnie,

New Beginnings said...

I always assumed that it was a want. But now, without a doubt, I know that it is a need. I can't believe the change in the way I feel before and after.


Tiggr said...

I've gotta go against the grain here yet again, guys. It's a want for me... oh, sure, it's an addiction and I do understand everyone else's points, including Eva's on her blog.

And a year ago, I'd have sworn it was a "need"... I "need" to be spanked, "you need to spank me," ... WRONG!

Sure, it has helped our marriage, my self-esteeem and helped me realize a lot of important things about myself, life and love... but it is still not a "need," not really and truly. Not even Dante is a "need" but he sure is a "want" of the very greatest and most importnat and longest-lasting variety... kinda like spanking.


Grace said...

Need, need, NEED!

I understand Tigs point of view. I could live without spanking. So if we are talking live and die, of course, I don't need a spanking.

But, if I want to be happy, if I want my marriage to be happy, then I NEED a spanking. So therefore I want a spanking, I need a spanking....sheez, never mind, where's the BOTH button?

This question is too hard. I should never had read Tigs answer.


wellspankedbot said...

I agree with Grace - where's the both button??

Or indeed the 'it depends' button?

In the end I went with need, it was my instinctive answer so I'll stick with it. :-)


Bonnie said...

Everyone - I have to tell you that I thought this was a fairly straight forward question.

For me, it's a need. But then, I need to go to the hair stylist too. Seriously, my life wouldn't be nearly as rich or as fun without our occasional romps.

Sky - Let's see... Spanker males gain an evolutionary advantage because their mates are more satisfied and more inclined to procreate. Spankee females are more successful in an evolutionary sense because the red bottom effectively attracts mates as with baboons. I'm sure Darwin would be fascinated.

Kay - I might not state the case as strongly as you do, but I feel much the same way.

Bella and Tigger - Me too.

Paul - For me, it's not quite as clear cut as you describe. But I do feel neglected after a while.

Elis - Believe me, I completely understand.

Tiggr - We may not need all that we want, but we generally want what we need. Right?

Grace - I purposely omitted the "both" response because I wanted readers to choose one answer or the other. But as I said above, I think that need generally implies want as well.

WSB - That sounds right to me!

Anonymous said...

i like the feel of a hairbrush on my bottom

Anonymous said...

knowing my wife is going to take me over her knees and spank my bare bottom turns me on, at first as the hairbrush stings but i like it, then as the pain builds up i start to say ouch thats enough, it doesnt work she continues until i am crying like little kid. this dd does one thing, i know i wont misbehave on the act i did to upset her it hurts too much.

Anonymous said...

To want a spanking is to need a spanking. This is not true in all cases but in this one I feel that want and need are one in the same. A spanking is a serious thing. Most people develope a reson to be spanked and therefore feel as if they deserve a spanking. If you feel as if you deserve a spanking then you feel you need it. If you feel like you want it, then you need it so that you can stop thinking of the reason you deserve it.

Now, I don't know if this makes sense to anyone besides me or not. When I want a spanking, that feeling doesn't leave me until my wife gives me one, and from our conversations, it doesn't leave her until she recieves what she feels she deserves. So when one developes a want for a spanking, in order to move on with their daily life, a spanking is needed!

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